The Eurovision 2024 Finale Was Basically a Demonic Ritual


from Vigilant Citizen:

Through highly symbolic performances and an overarching narrative that appears to have been scripted, the Eurovision 2024 finale was actually a demonic ritual. Here’s a look at this celebration of degeneracy and the occult elite’s brand of Satanism.

Eurovision is a massive television event that has been held annually since 1956. Throughout the years, the competition has launched some of the world’s best-selling singles and turned numerous artists into global superstars.


Of course, the world elite had to turn this campy music competition into an outlet for indoctrination. And they couldn’t be subtle about it; the entire thing had to become a heavy-handed embodiment of Sodom and Gomorrah. I wish I were exaggerating or being overly dramatic but, as we’ll see, I’m just stating facts.

Eurovision’s gradual shift towards all-out elite lunacy became fully apparent during the 2019 finale. Other than its ever-increasing promotion of degeneracy, the finale culminated in a highly ritualistic performance by Madonna, which appeared to have predicted the coming of COVID-19.

Since then, Eurovision has been making it a point to assault its viewers with elite garbage. For instance, in 2021, Cyprus’ song entry titled El Diablo was so blatantly satanic that the song sparked protests in its home country.

That said, the 2024 edition of the competition was particularly egregious in agenda promotion. In fact, the finale’s overarching narrative turned the show into an all-out mega-ritual.

However, as usual, mass media focused on everything except the competition’s actual content, making sure that people ignored the evil that stared them dead in the eyes.

Indeed, most media coverage of Eurovision 2024 focused on Israel’s controversial participation in the competition. This was not helped by the fact that Eden Golan’s song – initially titled October Rain – was a reference to the October 7th Hamas attacks.

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