Friday, December 1, 2023

Calm before the storm

by Alasdair Macleod, Schiff Gold:

The writing of this market report was at a time of great volatility, due to it coinciding with the speech of the Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah. The drift of it appears to be that Hezbollah will support Hamas. If so, it means an intensification of the Palestinian crisis Which would presumably drive gold and silver prices higher. This market report should be read in this context.

IT’S HERE! Lara Logan Releases Her Exclusive Investigation on RAY EPPS! – With Never-Seen-Before Ray Epps Footage! – VIDEO

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Lara Logan released her much anticipated exclusive investigation Friday on Ray Epps at Truth in Media website.

In today’s video — Lara Logan asks why was Ray Epps treated as victim by the same people who condemned almost everyone around him as a threat?

We try to answer some lingering questions about the one “election-denying-Donald Trump-supporter” the media and the government didn’t seem to hate.

‘Glamour’ Names Transgender Model as ‘2023 Woman of the Year’


by Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart:

Glamour magazine has named a male-born transgender model as one of its 2023 Women of the Year awardees.

The magazine named Philippines model Geena Rocero as one of its seven women of the year picks in its November 1 announcement.

In its retrospective of Rocero’s career, it is revealed that the Filipino model got started when an adult drag queen groomed a then 15-year-old Rocero for a stage career.


from Mark Dice:


The Path To WW3: Yemen’s Houthis Have Joined The War


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Yemen’s Houthis have joined the Israel-Hamas war expanding it and all but ensuring this becomes a global conflagration.  Raging more than 1,000 miles from their seat of power in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, the Houthis declared on October 31st that they had fired drones and missiles at Israel in attacks that highlight the regional risks of the conflict.

This is a major step in the expansion of this war and one more leap toward a third world war. The Houthis are a religious sect that sought to rule Yemen after being dethroned.  The Houthis established control over much of the north back in 2015 and other big population centers, while the internationally recognized government based itself in Aden. Yemen has enjoyed more than a year of relative calm amid a United Nations-led peace push. Saudi Arabia has been holding talks with the Houthis in a bid to exit the war.

Seymour Hersh Releases Leaked Pentagon/DIA Document — One More Nail In The Coffin Of Western Gov’t Official Story Of Syria Chemical Weapons Claims


by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

With absolutely no fanfare in either the alternative or mainstream media, veteran journalist Seymour Hersh has released a leaked Pentagon/DIA assessment of the chemical warfare capability of Jobhat al-Nusra/Al-Nusra Front (also known as Al-Qaeda), a fact that Western governments and Western media simply would not admit during their “chemical weapons” propaganda volley against the Syrian government. The document is from June 20, 2013.


from The Highwire with Del Bigtree:


Some Last-Minute Purchases and Preps – Part 1


by M.M, Survival Blog:

It appears that we are close to World War 3 according to all the reliable news outlets and the unfolding of current events.  It is only going to take one mistake to get a full-scale war going in several countries, maybe here also.  Pastor Jack Graham of Dallas, Texas has a wonderful video explaining why Hamas hates Israel. It began during King Saul’s time and has escalated to modern-day Iran (Persia). Dr. Graham states we are perilously close to the end of days, and that the current events may be prelude to the end of time.


from The David Knight Show:


FLASHBACK: The Secret Back Story Behind the Outright Treason of Adam Schiff


from State Of The Nation:

A Stone-cold Traitor Guilty of Spearheading
a Highly Organized Conspiracy to Commit Treason and Overthrow the POTUS

Schiff is also guilty of fomenting war with Russia based on a patently false pretext and bogus allegations!

Rasmussen poll: A stunning 42% of Americans would likely join a class action lawsuit against COVID vax makers if it was permitted by law

by Steve Kirsch, Steve Kirsch’s newsletter:

Wow. 42% of Americans were vaccine injured! The poll also implies that 500,000 Americans were killed by the jab. How many more Americans must be killed before this deadly vaccine is stopped?

Executive summary

Rasmussen Reports has just released yet another devastating survey about the COVID vaccine.

Their latest survey, released at 10:30am EST on November 2, confirms (yet again) that the COVID vaccine is a train wreck, the biggest healthcare disaster in our lifetime.

Pilot Incapacitation – Jet2 Flight LS-1711 (MAN-DLM) Manchester (UK) to Dalaman (Turkey. First Officer Became Incapacitated, Pilot Diverted Aircraft to Budapest, Landed Safely

by Dr. William Makis, Global Research:

Incident: Jet2 B738 near Budapest on Oct 30th 2023, first officer incapacitated

By Simon Hradecky, created Tuesday, Oct 31st 2023 10:56Z

A Boeing 737-800, registration G-GDFP performing flight LS-1711 from Manchester,EN (UK) to Dalaman (Turkey) with 161 passengers and 6 crew, was enroute at FL370 about 80nm southsouthwest of Budapest (Hungary) when the captain decided to divert the aircraft to Budapest after the first officer became incapacitated.

The aircraft turned north towards Budapest, entered a hold while the captain was setting the aircraft up for the approach and subsequently landed safely on Budapest’s runway 13R about 30 minutes after leaving FL370 and taxied to the gate where medical services were awaiting the aircraft.

Plasmid DNA Contamination in COVID Vax Up to 500 TIMES What is Acceptable

from The Vigilant Fox: