Sunday, May 22, 2022

Keiser Report | Two different parabolic moves | E1718

from RT:


In the second half, Max continues his conversation with Mitch Feierstein of about negative-yielding bonds and surging inflation.

Video of Russian rocket strike on civilian area of Kharkiv, 0801 on March 1.

Firm that Audits the Fed’s Financial Statements Hit with $625 Million in Damages for Negligence in Bank-Fraud Case Brought by the FDIC

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

When it gets too complicated for senior auditors, send in a “college-aged intern.”

For PricewaterhouseCoopers, having for years rubber-stamped as outside auditor the financial statements of Colonial Bank in Alabama is getting expensive.

Colonial, the 25th largest bank in the US at the time, collapsed unceremoniously in 2009, brought down in part by a $2.3 billion fraud scheme it had going on with its biggest customer, Taylor Bean & Whitaker Mortgage, the 12th largest mortgage lender in the US, which had collapsed shortly before the bank.

Trump VS. Jackasses


by David Dees,

America Leader of the Free World? How to Forget U.S. interference in Foreign Elections

by Philip Giraldi, Strategic Culture:

Joe Biden should read up on the history of American political and military interventions, regime changes and electoral interference worldwide.

After only five months in office, President Joe Biden has already become notorious for his verbal gaffes and mis-spokes, so much so that an admittedly Republican-partisan physician has suggested that he be tested to determine his cognitive abilities. That said, however, there is one June 16th tweet that he is responsible for that is quite straightforward that outdoes everything else for sheer mendacity. It appeared shortly after the summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and was apparently intended to be rhetorical, at least insofar as Biden understands the term. It went: “How would it be if the United States were viewed by the rest of the world as interfering with the elections directly of other countries and everybody knew it? What would it be like if we engaged in activities that he engaged in? It diminishes the standing of a country.”

Billionaires Taking $1.01 Billion from Taxpayers to Finance a Football Stadium — Distracting You is Expensive

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

“Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult….”

― George Orwell1984

It’s no secret that the federal government has little restraint about using taxpayer dollars for non-essential initiatives and projects. One venture, in particular, continuously shouldered by taxpayers is the building, maintaining, and renovating of sports stadiums. These stadiums are often built with the help of federal subsidies as well as funding through state and local taxes. This issue is not new, as study of subsidized stadiums by the Department of Economics at the College of the Holy Cross noted that “construction costs alone for major league professional sports facilities have totaled in excess of $30 billion in nominal terms over the past two decades with over half of the cost being paid by the public.”

Snowflakes: An Educational Problem


by Michael Curtis, American Thinker:

In January 2018 the Oxford English Dictionary added to its normal definition of what has traditionally been a flake of snow, a feathery ice crystal. Now the OED snowflake is an overly sensitive or easily offended person or persons who believe they are entitled to special treatment on account of their supposedly unique characteristics. Life for them comes, or should come, with trigger warnings and safe spaces. Trigger warnings are needed to alert people that a text or image may be disturbing or upsetting. These were proposed at Cambridge University concerning Shakespeare, because of the sexual violence in some of his plays. Those safe places must be established so students can get together without being exposed to ideas and language that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Mexican Libertad Coin Stackers Are Rare Indeed


from Silver Doctors:

Within the bullion stacking community, and especially amongst modern day coin collectors, the Mexican Libertad coin series has a lofted value proposition with good reason.

Not merely here in gringolandia, but also south of the border. Over at SD Bullion, we learn a few reasons as to why the Mexican Libertad Coin‘s traditions run deep.

This week, new bullion Mexican Gold Libertad Coins went on sale and this post is a bit about our fellow brethren and sistren striking bullion in the heart of Mexico City.

Solar Energy Demand Bullish for Silver and Other Silver News

by Peter Schiff, Schiff Gold:

Silver is a vital component in the solar energy sector. Solar power generation is expected to nearly double by 2025 and that’s bullish news for the silver market, according to a report highlighted in the latest edition of the Silver Institute’s Silver News.

The Silver Institute commissioned a report that examines trends in solar power generation and provides regional perspectives on future demand for solar installations. The report maintains that a combination of global efforts to reduce fossil fuel reliance, legislation to lower carbon emissions, and favorable government tax policies, should result in a continued expansion of solar panel installations over the next decade.

China Vows to Take Control of the Internet and Influence Opinions…of the ENTIRE WORLD

by Robert Wheeler, The Organic Prepper:

Leaked Chinese government documents obtained by the Epoch Times reveal Chinese leader Xi Xinping has set out to control the entirety of the Internet. In doing so, they would displace the current status of the United States in that regard. According to the documents, Xinping personally directed this effort.

Chinese leader wants to take the “Ruler of the Internet Crown” from the U.S.

In a January 2017 speech, Xi said the “power to control the internet” had become the “new focal point of [China’s] national strategic contest” and singled out the U.S. as the “rival force” that stands in the way of China’s ambitions.

Many people eager to get their cash out of troubled banks.