Thursday, November 15, 2018

UK Government Releases Almost All Of Its UFO Files


by Alfredo Carpineti, IFL Science:
Last month, it was reported that the British Government was going to release its last secret UFO files and now 15 out of 18 of them are available for public viewing. They are unfortunately not digitized yet so if you want to inspect them, you’ll have to take a trip to the National Archives at Kew, London.

The lack of digital copies has done nothing but excite conspiracy theorist that have been overblowing the quite lackluster release of documents provided by the Minister of Defence (MoD).

“No UFO sighting reported to [MoD] has ever revealed anything to suggest an extra-terrestrial presence or military threat to the UK,” Carl Mantell of the RAF‟s Air Command stated in a briefing to the Defence Minister in 2009. “There is no defence benefit in [MoD] recording, collating, analysing or investigating UFO sightings.‟

The Amazing Amount Of Solar Power Needed To Run The U.S. Transportation Sector

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

The U.S. Solar PV Industry will never be able to grow large enough to power the transportation industry.  Why?  Because the amount of energy needed is well beyond the forecasted growth of U.S. solar power generation.  And, it’s even worse than that.  Industry analysts are making their forecasts based on rising fossil fuel production… the critical energy necessary to manufacture and build solar power plants.

There seems to be this notion by Americans, that in the future, they will just plug in their electric cars and drive to their heart’s desire.  It seems as if no one takes the time to do a bit of simple math.  While U.S. solar power generation has increased significantly over the past several years, it is still a fraction of the total energy supplied.

How Technology Bolsters Your Right to Work, Choose, and Earn

by Doug Casey, International Man:

It’s hard to remember how hard it was to look for work – or leave your current job – before technology changed everything.

Consider what LinkedIn does for you. It allows you to have your own identity apart from your current employer, as if you own your labor. You gather your own network and keep it as you move from job to job.

You can job hunt without seeming to betray your boss. You can be available for job offers too, even if you don’t think of yourself as being on the market. When you change jobs, you can add that to your profile with a few clicks and have that change announced to your network. Otherwise everything is the same. You are faced with a daily variety of choice among employers competing to hire you for your skills. Or you can very easily go solo, choosing to gig and contract as your own personal business.

The Weird DARPA/Facebook “Coincidence” You Never Heard About

from corbettreport:

Advocates of Male-or-Female Identity Cheer Proposed End of Obama’s Transgender Ideology


by Dr Susan Berry, Breitbart:

Americans who recognize the central role played by biology in shaping human needs and desires are applauding a report by theNew York Times that the administration will roll back President Barack Obama’s establishment of the transgender ideology.

“It is high time that governmental agencies at the national and local levels return to valid science which reveals that there are two biologic sexes, and only two: male and female,” said Dr. Quentin Van Meter, president of the American College of Pediatricians.

Peter Hug – Gold Getting Ready to Rise?

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

Kitco’s Peter Hug believes that we’re close to seeing precious metals prices rise again. The stock markets appear to be getting closer to their peaks, if they haven’t hit them already. It’s just a matter of time. As the alternatives run out, gold will become the logical choice. And when it happens, it will happen much more quickly than almost anyone believed possible. So why not plan for the eventuality now?

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China Sells $3 Billion of Dollar Bonds Amid Trade War With US

from Sputnik News:

The bonds sale was carried out in the wake of a massive blow sustained by the US stock market earlier this week, and effectively demonstrates China’s sway in the international bond market.

Beijing sold $3 billion of sovereign dollar bonds, making it the third such sale in the last 14 years.

As Chinese Ministry of Finance revealed, Beijing sold $1.5 billion worth of 5-year bonds at 3.25 percent, $1 billion worth of 10-year bonds at 3.5 percent and $500 million worth of 30-year bonds at 4 percent.


by Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars:

Judge gives authorities access to Alexa recordings in double murder case

A media professor has warned that Amazon Echo and other such devices are “always recording” private conversations without the consent of their owners.

Nick Flor, an Associate Professor of Information Systems, Film, & Digital Media at the University of New Mexico’s (UNM) Anderson School of Management, was reacting to a news story about a judge’s ruling which gave New Hampshire authorities permission to examine audio recordings from Echo in the case of a double murder where two women were stabbed to death.

Yellowstone Officials: There “Could be a Supervolcano Eruption Imminently”


by Tess Pennington, Ready Nutrition:

Underneath the quiet nature preserve of Yellowstone lies the most powerful and largest supervolcano on the planet. The fear of it erupting in our lifetime has put many on high alert, and recently, the Steamboat Geyser of Yellowstone gave another indication that the area is under strain.

‘More than 20 police, fire, and rescue vehicles descended upon the area around Yellowstone supervolcano this week to prepare for what could be a “life or death” emergency. Earlier this week, it was reported that there were a series of eruptions at the Steamboat Geyser, the worlds tallest and active geyser and they are expecting more minor eruptions to come.

Yellowstone National Park Public Affairs confirmed that there could be a supervolcano eruption imminently – and that they were putting themselves through their paces so that they were ready for any eventuality.’

Food crops produce more output when they have healthy soil microbes, research confirms… yet glyphosate kills soil life


by Rhonda Johansson, Natural News:

In an attempt to tease out the nature vs. nurture conundrum in the development of plants, a team of researchers from the University of Queensland analyzed scores of plant genera along the Cooloola dunes from the Great Sandy National Park on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. It was determined that the presence and level of soil microorganisms directly impacted the health of the plant, regardless of whether the plant itself came from a species known for its hardiness. This means that nurture plays a stronger role in plant health compared to nature. This has major implications to how we can develop crop probiotics to make plants hardier and more productive, while increasing their resilience to pests, diseases, and environmental stresses.

Professor Susanne Schmidt, co-author of the study, noted that their research could be used to infer how microbiomes could also be used to promote health in animals. “Knowing that all plants harbor a core root microbiome is a step towards understanding the principles of the intricate relationship between microorganism and plants,” she said. “We now need to find out what roles these root-enriched microorganisms play and how we can harness their potential for ecological agriculture.”

For years, researchers have tried to measure the direct impact microbial communities had on crop yields. One of the major challenges in this study was finding an area that could serve as a good evolutionary cross-section of a host group. Because plants, unlike animals, have limited mobility and generally remain in a single place for generations, it was important to study a location that had broadly remained the same for generations. Cooloola in Australia seemed most ideally suited for the purposes of this research. The dune systems have developed over several hundred thousand years with little to no change.

Co-author of the study, Australian center for Ecogenomics director Professor Phil Hugenholtz said, “it’s also important to note that Australia is one of the few places where you have access to representatives of the entire plant kingdom — you couldn’t have covered the same evolutionary range of plant species in Europe for instance.”

Professors Hugenholtz and Schmidt collected root and soil samples from various non-seed and seed plant lineages (including lycopads, cycads, ferns, conifers, and flowering plants) and cross-examined them by their resident bacterial communities. A comprehensive and statistical review revealed that while plant genetics influenced the amount of microbial activities, environmental factors had a bigger impact on how well the plant grew.

The team also found that core root microbiome had evolved with terrestrial plants along Cooloola over their 400 million year history.

Researchers infer that plants living on microbiome-rich soil tend to grow taller, healthier, and produce more.

Glyphosate kills plants by robbing them of vital nutrients

Soil is the foundation of our food security. Nevertheless, a recent assessment of the global health of our soil showed that 33 percent of the world’s land is degraded. The most dangerous factor contributing to our soil’s ill health is chemical contamination, particularly from glyphosate. Several studies have concluded that glyphosate-based herbicides negatively affect soil, its microorganisms, and various fauna. Unfortunately, glyphosate is a continuous poison in that its chemical signature is seen for generations. Current technologies cannot completely eliminated traces of glyphosate in soil. The chemical is capable of leaching into deeper soil layers, potentially ending up in ground and surface waters. The continual poisoning of the soil degrades bacterial communities which, in turn, impacts plant health.

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How to decide which animals to raise on your small farm


by Zoey Sky, Natural News:

Before you head out to buy livestock that you want to raise on your homestead, you need to consider these important points. Reading the tips listed below can help, especially if you’re having a hard time deciding what kind of animals best suits your needs.

This article will focus on the basic aspects of raising livestock like animal cost and their housing needs. It will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various livestock. As you try to decide what kind of animal you’re going to raise in your homestead, keep your personal preference in mind.

As an aspiring homesteader, you also need to read up on livestock regulations because there are local restrictions and laws that will affect the kinds and number of animals that you can keep. Check these rules before your build or purchase anything. Don’t forget to think of the noise and smells that your neighbors will have to deal with, so be considerate. (Related: You Should Really Learn These 10 Homesteading Skills.)

5 Mini-farm animals to raise on your homestead

  • Rabbits – Rabbits are clean, quiet, and fertile animals. You only need a small space to keep them in, and if their hutches or cages are clean enough, you won’t have to deal with flies. Rabbits are worth every dollar you spend on them because they will provide you with meat and pelts on a regular basis. However, rabbits are prone to predator attacks so build fences to keep them safe.
  • Chickens – Homesteaders are fond of chickens because these birds are a reliable source of eggs or meat. Dual breeds will also provide you with both if you raise them well. Chickens are also good at foraging, but keep them fenced in or clip their wings so they don’t fly over your barriers. You’ll also need strong coop fences to protect your chickens from predators.
  • Sheep — Like rabbits, sheep are quiet and clean animals. In season, you can raise sheep on good grassland. Sheep will provide you with milk, meat, and wool. These animals require less maintenance than chickens or rabbits, but they also need protection against predators.
  • Goats – A steady source of milk, goats can also provide homesteaders with meat and hides. Take note that a dairy goat needs milking “twice a day, seven days a week, through her entire ten-month lactation period,” which can be too much work for newbie homesteaders. Goats are also noisy, and they might attack their fences. When raising goats for their milk, read up on their nutritional needs, especially during lactation and dry periods. Goats will also need proper veterinary care.
  • Pigs – A good source of meat, pigs can also get rid of kitchen scraps. Pigs need pens that measure at least 16 square feet. While pigs don’t jump over their pens often, you can prevent this by making your enclosures “swine tight” near the bottom. If you want to raise pigs for backyard meat production, buy them as weanlings in the spring so you can raise them through the summer. Weanlings can reach a market weight of at least bout 220 pounds. Before it’s time to butcher them, you can simply feed and water your stock twice a day. Don’t forget to clean out the manure, which can be used for your compost pile.

Good animal husbandry is important when raising livestock because it can help you minimize feed costs and boost production. Take advantage of an animal’s natural cycles, select and keep the best “doers, and cull those that aren’t contributing enough. These three steps will help double the cost-effectiveness of your livestock.

Before you buy your animals, factor into consideration the potential return on your investment, e.g. how much eggs, milk, meat, etc. you can harvest compared to the time and money that will go into raising the livestock. The following four basic factors can help you estimate an animal’s cost compared to its productivity: age, pedigree, popularity, and quality.

  1. Age  The price of homestead livestock must reflect its age and the remaining years of productivity.
  2. Pedigree – An animal with a good family background will most often give you good results, and livestock that came from parents of the same breed are called purebred. Owners selling purebreds usually list them in a breed club registry to prove their authenticity.
  3. Popularity – Some breeds are more popular than others, and this can affect their price.
  4. Quality – This can be deduced from an animal’ post-production records. If the records aren’t available, check the established “standards of perfection” for the animal you wish to purchase.

If you’re raising animals for their meat, you need to come to terms with butchering them. This can be hard to accept for some homesteaders because it’s hard not to get attached to livestock you raised from birth. If you think you’re going to have this problem, it’s best to stick to goats that produce milk or chickens that lay eggs.

However, if you have the stomach to raise animals for their meat, you’ll see that harvesting your own meat can teach you to respect each animal. Raising animals for meat also teaches homesteaders to be responsible.

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TWlTTER BANS PAUL CRAlG ROBERTS (Former Asst. Treasury Secretary)

from James Munder: