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from Infowars:

Communist governments responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths in 20th century

BuzzfeedUK’s science editor Kelly Oakes has set her twitter account to private after declaring, “All I want for Christmas is full Communism now.”

Oakes received swift backlash on Twitter following the absurd tweet, prompting her to switch her account to private.

This isn’t the first time Buzzfeed staffers revealed their misplaced love of Communism.

Just last month, Buzzfeed reporter Blake Montgomery said in a now-deleted tweet that President Trump honoring the victims of Communism was a “white nationalist talking point.”

Buzzfeed world editor Miriam Elder was one of many who criticized the remark, noting “Soviet oppression was real.”

Montgomery has since apologized after the backlash.

Backlash against tweets like tend to be severe considering Communism’s well-documented history of oppression and democide, being responsible for the deaths of well over 100 million people in the 20th century alone.

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BREAKING: Seth Rich Hush Money?


During the 2016 Presidential Election, the biggest story became how Russia “hacked” the election. The “17 intelligence agencies” that Hillary Rodham Clinton cited all relied on word from a contracted company, Crowdstrike.

Crowdstrike is a technology company that specializes in cyber-security. Not only is there conflict of interest with Crowdstrike receiving payments, campaign data shows some incredible correlations with the payments that were made.


All payments cited below are part of the Federal Election Committee data of campaign spending on the website.

The first payments made were preemptive measures on May 5th, 2016 when the DNC was looking to figure out where the breach of security was. Payments made on May 5th, 2016 of $7,650.00 and $1,462.50 were likely paid for Crowdstrike to install their Falcon software, a stellar technology security suite that would identify any internal or external security breach.

The final email on Wikileaks from the DNC is dated May 25th, 2016. Crowdstrike would have had complete knowledge of the party that ripped the emails from the server.

The next payment that was made to Crowdstrike occurred on July 11th, 2016 for the amount of $98,849.84. The relationship to this date happens to be the day after DNC Data Director of New Voter Registration Seth Rich was murdered.

The final payment to date is August 3rd, 2016. This coincides with another murder in the District of Columbia. Shawn Lucas, who died on August 2nd of last year, was the DNC Process Server and close friend of Seth Rich. The payment on August 3rd included two checks, one for $113,645.77 and the other for $4,275.00.

We find it highly coincidental that both of these payments came within 24 hours of two high profile murders in Washington D.C., which both have connection to the DNC.

The initial and final payment was referring to Technology Consulting and Technology Infrastructure Maintenance, linked here. It does not include the licensing of the software under the description of Data Services Subscription.

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Texas church massacre survivor says there was a shooter “on top of the roof”


“The shots were coming from on top of the roof they were not coming from anywhere else”

from Intellihub:

A woman who survived Sunday’s mass shooting at the First Baptist Church where 26 people lost their lives said that her and another survivor “know” that shots were raining down into the room from above and that the shooter was “on the roof.”

“I didn’t just hear them, I saw them, and then people went down.” the woman said in a brief interview with ABC News from the hospital.

According to the witness, the shooter “reloaded” his “shotgun” twice “on top of the roof at the church” before a third volley was fired at churchgoers from inside the room.

“He was on top, that’s how I got shot back here,” the woman explained while pointing toward her shoulderblade. “He was shooting the shots down on the floor in the church and the kids were all scattered on the bottom of the benches. […] The shots were coming from on top of the roof they were not coming from anywhere else.”

The woman then explained in detail how she could hear the shots pass by her ears before visibly seeing the bullets embed into the carpet and wood floor.

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Fake News Toilet Overflows


by Harley Schlanger, Rogue Money:

Greenwald begins,

“Friday was one of the most embarrassing days for the U.S. media in quite a long time. The humiliation orgy was kicked off by CNN, with MSNBC and CBS close behind, with countless pundits, commentators and operatives joining the party throughout the day. By the end of the day, it was clear that several of the nation’s largest and most influential news outlets had spread an explosive but completely false news story to millions of people, while refusing to provide any explanation of how it happened.”

The story was that on Sept. 4, 2016, an unknown person had secretly offered the Trump campaign, and even Donald Trump himself, special access to the leaked DNC emails before they were published on the internet.

“As CNN sees the world, this would prove collusion between the Trump family and WikiLeaks and, more importantly, between Trump and Russia, since the U.S. intelligence community regards WikiLeaks as an ‘arm of Russian intelligence,’ and therefore, so does the U.S. media.

“It’s impossible to convey with words what a spectacularly devastating scoop CNN believed it had, so its necessary to watch it for yourself to see the tone of excitement, breathlessness and gravity the network conveyed as they clearly believed they were delivering a near-fatal blow on the Trump/Russia collusion story.

“There was just one small problem with this story: it was fundamentally false, in the most embarrassing way possible. Hours after CNN broadcast its story—and then hyped it over and over and over—the Washington Postreported that CNN got the key fact of the story wrong. The email was not dated Sept. 4, as CNN claimed, but rather Sept. 14—which means it was sent after WikiLeaks had already published access to the DNC emails online.”

But in the meanwhile, before it was retracted, California Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu had sent out the original story, to be retweeted at least 7,000 times. Brookings’ Benjamin Wittes had tweeted it to his 200,000 followers, and Josh Marshall of “Talking Points Memo” had tweeted it to his 250,000 followers. Both MSNBC and CBS had claimed to have independently “confirmed” the story from their own sources, and had rebroadcast it themselves as a devastating blow against the President.

Greenwald demands that these networks display the accountability they demand from others. If they were all misled, apparently deliberately, by anonymous sources as they claim, then those lying sources have no more right to anonymity. The networks should name them—most probably, although not necessarily, Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee before whom Donald Trump, Jr., had just testified, or their senior staffers.

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Las Vegas Massacre: Painstaking 10-Month Coverup Now Complete?

by Richard Enos, Collective Evolution:

The Facts:Recently, authorities ‘confirmed’ that the Las Vegas massacre had no motive, no second gunman.

Reflect On:Can we see the selfsame patterns in the official story that always seems to coalesce months after an event that was filled with inconsistencies and contradicting testimony when the story first emerged?

8 More Ways President Trump Can ‘Red Pill’ The Masses: From Hiding The ‘True History Of Planet Earth’ To ‘Human Experimentation’, The American People Have Long Been Deceived

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

Back on December 3rd we published a story on ANP titled “10 Ways President Trump Can ‘Red Pill The Masses’ In America And Why It’s More Important Now Than Ever To Prepare For The Inevitable: ‘The End Of Normalcy Is Here‘” within which we promised a follow-up to that story listing even more ways that POTUS can ‘red pill‘ the masses in this day and age of mass deception so here we are.

As we’d promised within that story, we’re going to take a look here at several controversial subjects that even many President Trump supporters who’ve awoken to the deep state coup attempt upon President Trump and globalist tyranny might not agree with and that’s fine, we certainly don’t know all of the answers but promise to keep on pointing out the historical facts and asking a whole lot of important and unaddressed questions.

What the Heck is Fair Value?

by Bob Rinear, The International Forecaster:

Fair value is not a fail safe, doesn’t always tell you where things are going to open, and becomes useless just minutes into the day.

Every morning, if you flip on a financial TV station, or sometimes just listen to the morning radio, you’ll often hear them talk about the DOW or the S&P futures. Then they wiggle in another little tid-bit, they mention “fair value”. What is it? What’s it do? Why is it there? Does it matter?

If you already know, then this little tutorial is worthless, and you should go mow the lawn or something. But if you don’t, then read on and maybe you’ll find a little nugget that helps you out.

John Brennan’s CIA ‘Operated Like A Branch Office Of The Hillary Campaign’

by Elizabth Vaughn, Freedom OutPost:

America’s most influential institutions were politicized and were used to do Obama’s – and Hillary Clinton’s – bidding.

Investigators have been focusing primarily on the roles of the DOJ and the FBI in the framing of President Trump for colluding with the Russians. But, the word is, that it all started with John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director.

Not that Brennan had just cause to believe that Trump had done anything unlawful, but he is said to harbor intense hatred toward him. George Neumayr of the Spectator, calls it “the probe from nowhere to nowhere, undertaken simply to satisfy the partisan hunches of John Brennan and other Trump haters in the Obama administration.”