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by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

During last Thursday’s News and Views from the Nefarium, I read and reviewed a lengthy op-ed piece by Professor Karaganov that had appeared on RT‘s website. In the article, Professor Karaganov argued that Russia had to be willing to use nuclear weapons against the West, because the Ukrainian conflict is, for Russia, “existential,” i.e., effecting its very national, cultural, economic, social, and political existence. In advocating this view, Professor Karaganov also indicated that, before such use against specified targets of value in the west, that Russia should issue warnings to the civilian populations near those targets before striking them.

J.K. Rowling Dares Scottish Police to Arrest Her over Transgender Criticism as Hate Crime Law Takes Effect

by Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart:

Author and outspoken feminist J.K. Rowling has dared police in Scotland to arrest her for criticising transgender ideology as the country’s controversial hate crime legislation came into effect on Monday.

Rowling, who resides in Scotland, has warned that the leftist-separatist Scottish National Party government’s new Hate Crime and Public Order Act will have a stifling effect on freedom of speech and vowed to continue espousing her belief that men cannot become women.

Terror Psyops With Celia Farber


from childrenshealthdefense:


‘Breaking Biden’ Author on Hamas Attack: ‘If Donald Trump Was President None of This Would Be Happening’

by Pam Key, Breitbart:

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and New York Times bestselling Breaking Biden author Alex Marlow said Wednesday on Lara Trump’s podcast “The Right View” that if Donald Trump were president now, the Hamas terror attack would not have happened.

Marlow said, “The Jew hatred that is pervasive on the web shows you that anti-Semitism is alive and well. Contrary to what people say it is not really coming from the far-right in America. I mean it is there certainly but I’m saying that is not where the movement is taking place. The secular left is a huge part of it, the Arab world is a part of it. But most immortally for this conversation is the enablers of those people. And one of the top enablers is Joe Biden.”

Sports Illustrated Went Woke and Goes Broke

from Moonbattery:

The liberal establishment insidiously exploits sports media to inculcate moonbat ideology into audiences that let down their intellectual defenses because they are not expecting politics. The most egregious examples are ESPN (e.g., hereherehereherehere) and Sports Illustrated. The former has Disney’s vast fortunes behind it. The latter is learning the truth of the maxim “Get woke, go broke”:

COVID Jab Spike Protein Remains Six Months After Jab

by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola:

  • According to recent research, there may be no off switch for spike protein production in some individuals who got the COVID jab
  • Recombinant spike protein was detectable in half the blood samples of jabbed individuals for at least 69 days, and up to 187 days (about six months, which was the end of the study period)

The “Covid Pandemic” Was an Orchestration

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

The American Medical Establishment, a collection of corrupt enemies of human health bought and paid  for by Big Pharma,  continues to explain away the enormous sudden deaths and health injuries  following the Covid Vax injections as “coincidences.”

Medical science knows no such thing as massive numbers of coincidences.  If everything is a coincidence, there cannot be tests. 

What has happened is that Big Pharma and the medical authorities on its payroll and sharing its patents, together with media flush with Big Pharma advertising funds, and politicians flush with Big Pharma campaign contributions, have created a false narrative that covers up the mass murder and health injury caused by an orchestrated “covid pandemic” in which the only people who died from Covid were infected patients denied treatment with Ivermectin and HCQ.

Leaked Dossier Shows German Government Conspired To Silence Reiner Fuëllmich

from Reese Report:


You can say you care about America, but if you’re sending $100 billion to foreign countries right now, you’re lying.


Top Study: 27% of Vaxxed Have Heart Damage

by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

A top study conducted by a team of renowned microbiologists and immunologists has found that 27 percent of people vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots have damaged hearts.

The scientists found that many patients suffered major cardiac-related complications up to and over a year after receiving a Covid injection.

The study was led by microbiologist and immunologist Muazzam M. Sheriff and colleagues at Saudi Arabia’s Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies and King Faisal General Hospital.

Last Friday a homeless black man set a Bay Area mini mart worker on fire after being confronted about shoplifting for the third time that day


Dr. Alphonzo Monzo reveals the DARK TRUTH about nanowires, 5G, electropollution and the borgification of humanity

from Health Ranger Report:


Could the Shift of Gold West to East Set the Stage for a New Gold-Backed Currency?

by Mike Maharrey, Gold Seek:

Could the movement of gold from West to East set the stage for a gold-backed currency?

Some analysts think that might be the case.

And if that is the direction the world is heading, it would be disastrous for the U.S. dollar.

The impact remains unclear, but there is no doubt that gold’s axis is moving to the East – particularly China.

Franco-Nevada Corp. Chairman Emeritus Pierre Lassonde said the world needs to wake up to this fact.

Holy shít. German farmers and truckers are fed up and are now united against their government. This is Berlin right now: