Thursday, February 29, 2024

The More We Learn About the 2020 Election, the Harder It Is to Deny It Was Stolen

by JD Rucker, Discern Report:

The 2020 election may be old news to most, but there are clear reasons why we need to continue to expose what happened. Letting it continue to fester will not help us heal this nation.

Millions of us have unwaveringly maintained our belief that the 2020 election was stolen. We have not listened to those on the left calling us crazy insurrectionists. We have not listened to those on the right telling us to “move on.” We’ve stayed true to believing what we saw with our eyes, what we understood in our minds, and what we felt in our hearts.

They’re Plotting To Interfere In Another Election (Ep. 2037)

from The Dan Bongino Show:



from SGT Report:

The Demonrats and RINOs have us on their highway to Hell. They serve the pedophiles and the global pedo agenda which makes them all enemies of God and enemies of humanity.

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Stunning ‘Halderman Report’ Reveals ‘Critical Vulnerabilities’ in Dominion Machines.

by Raheem Kassam, The National Pulse:

The 2021 Halderman Report, released this past week, lays bare a litany of “critical vulnerabilities” in Dominion Voting Systems’ machines, currently being used in a number of states, and in all voting locations in the U.S. state of Georgia.

Compiled by Prof. Alex Halderman and Prof. Drew Springall as part of the lawsuit Curling v. Raffensperger, the newly released though still partly redacted report explains how ballot scanners ad ballot marking devices (ICX), “can be exploited to subvert all of its security mechanisms” and that “ICX could be used to change the votes of individual Georgia voters.”

A Repeat of History, Puts the 2024 Election in the Crosshairs

by George McClellan, America Outloud:

What Americans are experiencing today and do not recognize as such is a nearly modern repeat of what happened in Concord, Massachusetts, in 1775. Then, British “Regulars” were sent to seize the guns, powder, and cannon of Britain’s American Colonists in an attempt to neutralize a potential rebellion over a tax. It was the “shot heard around the world.” A minority of those American Colonists, well, enough anyway, chaffed under the boot of British demands that the Colonists house and feed the King’s regular army, and an increase in a tea tax was necessary. Some protest demonstrations against that tax had to be made to convey their displeasure. Thereafter, the famous “Boston Tea Party” entered the history books.

Tina Peters On Colorado’s 2020 Election Fraud: FEDS PERSECUTE Election Integrity Whistleblower

from Stew Peters Network:


How Democrats Steal Elections Finally Exposed

from The New American:


NEW BOMBSHELL: OKI Ballot Printer Company Sends DAMNING “Response to Factual Errors in Maricopa County Elections Report” Debunking Maricopa County’s Lies About Ballot Printer Failures – LEFTWING MEDIA SILENT

by Jordan Conradson, The Gateway Pundit:

Maricopa County’s ballot printer source, OKI Data Americas, recently responded to the County’s sham ballot printer investigation, debunking false claims and demanding a corrected report from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

According to OKI’s statement, Maricopa County did not even contact the company, and they were “completely unaware that an investigation was underway.”

The Gateway Pundit reported on Maricopa County’s Ballot-on-Demand Printer Investigation led by former Arizona Supreme Court Justice Ruth McGregor.

HUGE: Postal Service Releases Final Report – Contract Driver Jesse Morgan Vindicated – Report CONFIRMS He Hauled Trailer of Ballots from NY to PA in Late October 2020

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

As The Gateway Pundit reported in 2020, election fraud whistleblowers came forward in December following the controversial election, including one who witnessed the shipping of an estimated 144,000-288,000 completed ballots across three state lines on October 21.

The new information was made public at a press conference by the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, a national constitutional litigation organization.

The Amistad Project said that they have sworn declarations that state over 300,000 ballots are at issue in Arizona, 548,000 in Michigan, 204,000 in Georgia, and over 121,000 in Pennsylvania.

New Evidence Found in Maricopa: Tabulators Had Wrong Data Base and Machine Behavior Settings During 2022 Election

by Brian Lupo, The Gateway Pundit:

Last week, explosive footage was released by the Election Oversight Group that shows the “Secret Testing” that took place in Maricopa County on October 14th, 17th, and 18th, after the Logic and Accuracy testing reportedly done on October 11th.

In that video, you can see at the 7:02 mark that at least four employees tried to feed ballots through the tabulators but those ballots were rejected and spit back out, multiple times in some cases.

The Check For Vote-Buying Is On The Table

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

As they say…. oops.

Democrat politicians have been buying votes for the last two decades with two policies:

  • Sanctuary cities.  That is, come here, legal or not, access services which cost taxpayers money, and its fine.  Whether that’s education, medical care, housing, whatever.
  • Reparations.  The premise that black people today are owed something due to the legacy of slavery.

I’ve dealt with the absurdity of the latter several times in my column and see no particular reason to go back through all of it here.  It is simply sufficient to note that when it comes to both over-allocation of resources (e.g. dollars-per-pupil on education) and per-capita spend on welfare black people have gotten more and paid less for the last 50+ years to the tune of trillions of dollars.  Anyone who wishes to argue for such has to deduct all of that out first and its entirely possible you might find that if you do black people owe everyone else, not the other way around.


from SGT Report:

Jason Bermas returns to SGT Report to discuss the Durham report, treason and the future of our fallen nation, which was once regarded as a Democratic Republic by and for the people.

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On Day 1 of Arizona election trial, Kari Lake elicits evidence challenging signature verifications

by Natalia Mittelstadt, Just The News:

Two witnesses in Kari Lake’s Arizona election challenge trial testified Wednesday that Maricopa County signature reviewers worked less in the general election than in the primary, despite more ballots having to be reviewed.

Wednesday was the first day of a three-day trial for Lake’s election challenge.

She fell about 17,000 votes short in the official count for the 2022 gubernatorial election against then-Secretary of State Hobbs and is suing Hobbs, who’s the current Democratic governor, current Secretary of State Adrian Fontes (D) and Maricopa election officials, requesting the results be invalidated or that she be declared the winner.

Laura Loomer Exposes Soros-Backed Conspiracy Uniting Republican and Democrat Election Fraud Deniers

by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics:

Journalist Laura Loomer has exposed a Soros-backed Zuckerberg-funded conspiracy that is uniting Republican and Democrat election fraud deniers as they work to fortify their steal heading into the 2024 elections.

She confronted Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) as he headed to the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) summit. CEIR is a front group organized by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and supported by shadowy liberal financier George Soros that purchased crucial election infrastructure to set up the fraud that marred the 2020 presidential elections in key battleground states nationwide.

MAJOR FRAUD EXPOSED: Democrats Caught Committing Major Finance Crimes in Indiana

from The Gateway Pundit: