Biden ponders climate ’emergency’ declaration as 2024 race heats up


from WND:

Won in 2020 when election standards abandoned over COVID

The emergence of COVID-19 during the 2020 presidential election in the United States spawned a flood of fear about the virus that came out of China and circled the globe.

And activists jumped on the opportunities that emergency threat posed, changing election laws and procedures, sometimes even simply ignoring longstanding statutes, in order to “accommodate” voting during the pandemic. Mark Zuckerberg handed out $$400 million plus to help officials “accommodate” the situation, and it mostly ended up getting spent recruiting Joe Biden voters.


The result was that early voting, absentee voting, vote gathering, counting ballots for weeks after the election, surprise boxes of ballots and multiple vote influence operations boomed, even though such procedures are wide open to fraud.

And Joe Biden won, collecting, as voters were told, millions and millions of votes MORE than the popular Barack Obama had gotten during his elections.

Now there’s the 2024 election, and word that Biden may declare, just as the campaign is getting hot, a climate “emergency.”

The report from the Daily Caller suggested that could be Biden’s “latest re-election gambit.”

“White House officials are weighing whether to declare a national climate emergency several months out from the 2024 election,” the report said, citing people interviewed by Bloomberg.

There is no actual “emergency” with the climate. Despite the fact that activists claim the world must immediately stop using carbon fuels and go green, thousands of scientists have signed onto a statement that such an emergency doesn’t exist.

In fact, some of the biggest proponents of claims that the circumstances will cause sea levels to rise and inundate millions of people in coastal cities are the ones who have purchased beachfront mansions for millions.

The report said Biden’s advisers have resurrected conversations about such a declaration.

“While the move, the sources say, would stunt offshore drilling and curb greenhouse gas emissions, others think the move would help energize youth voters, particularly those with a focus on climate, Bloomberg reported,” according to the report.

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