Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Election Group With Ties to Soros, Zuckerberg Meets in Washington for Conference Closed to Public

from The Epoch Times:

WASHINGTON—An elections group with ties to Democrat mega-donor George Soros and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg gathered in Washington on May 8 for a meeting that was closed to the public.

The Epoch Times was denied entry to the event, called a “Summit on American Democracy” and hosted by the Center for Election Integrity & Research (CEIR). Organizers said that the event was invite-only. Only preapproved press and other guests were permitted to attend the summit.


from SGT Report:

The Demonrats and RINOs have us on their highway to Hell. They serve the pedophiles and the global pedo agenda which makes them all enemies of God and enemies of humanity.

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from SGT Report:

Corey Lynn from CoreysDigs.com returns to SGT Report to explain just how far the NWO TOTAL CONTROL GRID has come: Space & The New Frontier For The Central Control Grid

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Trump likely won the 2020 election after all

by Chris Talgo, The Blaze:

After extensive analysis using raw survey data coupled with mail-in vote totals, we concluded that mail-in voter fraud almost certainly changed the 2020 election outcome in all six crucial swing states.

Questionnaire Reveals One Trump Juror Gets Their News From Truth Social

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

One juror in former president Donald Trump’s New York trial gets their news from Truth Social, according to a juror questionnaire highlighted on Friday by the NY Times.

From the NYT, “Where Jurors in Trump Hush-Money Trial Say They Get Their News”:

The 18 New Yorkers selected to serve as jurors and alternates in the Manhattan criminal trial of former President Donald J. Trump this week were each asked the same series of 42 questions, from which lawyers hoped to divine how prospective jurors might feel about the case.

How Do They Explain This? Video Shows 386,151 Votes REMOVED from GOP Supreme Court Candidate’s Totals in PA Where She Ended Up Losing by 207,237 (Video)

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Audit the Vote PA released an explosive video following the November 7, 2023, Pennsylvania Supreme Court election that has so far been largely ignored.

We hope to change that today.

Thanks to Behizy for posting this on his popular Twitter-X account.

Audit the Vote PA posted video recently that shows 386,151 in-person votes were removed from Pennsylvania Republican Supreme Court candidate Carolyn Carluccio on election night.

It’s Game Over for Election Fraud Deniers!


from Lionel Nation:

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from SGT Report:

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Retired Col. John Mills joins me to discuss the reality of January 6th treason, Ray Epps, election fraud in Maricopa county and across the nation, and the blueprint for saving the Republic. Thanks for tuning in.


Shocking Signs About The 2024 Election (Ep. 2095)

from The Dan Bongino Show:

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Google BANS Trump Ad Showing Life Worse Under Biden

from The National Pulse:

Google has censored an advertisement by President Donald Trump’s campaign, citing a policy violation as the reason for removal. The ad was initially flagged by NBC News reporter Andrew Arenge, who shared screenshots of it being taken down from Google’s search results.

The campaign advertisement, sponsored by Make America Great Again Super PAC, focused on a conversation between a remorseful Biden voter and a Biden campaign worker. The voter highlighted concerns over the rising cost of living under Biden’s regime and the allegedly preferential treatment given to illegal immigrants. The ad was strategically targeted at specific Georgia localities.

50,000 Votes Turned at the Flip of a Switch: Forensic Expert Claims Massive Fraud in Pennsylvania in 2020 Election

by Raw Egg Nationalist, InfoWars:

A forensic expert testified under oath about massive voter fraud in Pennsylvania

Undercover video shows election officials apparently discussing ways to destroy and fabricate evidence

A warehouse supervisor is alleged to have entered a Pennsylvania voting precinct shortly after the 2020 election and used a portable vDrive to flip more than 50,000 votes.

Patrick Webb discussed the allegations in detail on Twitter today. The allegations come from a computer forensic expert called Greg Stenstrom, who testified under oath about what he saw.

Will Trump Survive This?

by Jim Rickards, Daily Reckoning:

This is a highly consequential election year, to say the least. The policy differences between Biden and Trump are enormous. Whether it’s taxes, regulation, borders, energy or foreign policy, the differences couldn’t be clearer.

And though I prefer to focus my analysis on markets alone, I can’t. These days especially, politics plays too great a role in how markets behave.

But this year’s election is about far more than policy.

Dr. Robert Epstein Joins WarRoom To Discuss His Testimony Tomorrow On Election Manipulation

from Bannons War Room:

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Explosive Revelation: Fani Willis Linked To Massive Election Fraud And Money Laundering RICO Enterprise!

by Chris Gleason, The Gateway Pundit:

In a shocking turn of events, a bombshell investigation has uncovered jaw-dropping connections between Fani Willis and a sprawling web of election fraud and money laundering activities.

Fani Willis’s involvement will be sure to send shockwaves through the political landscape.

The investigation, which spans across multiple states and multiple jurisdictions, has revealed a complex network of illicit operations aimed at undermining the very foundation of our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law. Sources close to the matter suggest that Willis was a massive beneficiary in the Federal and Georgia RICO enterprises. It appears that she is currently playing a key role in orchestrating a systematic scheme to manipulate election outcomes, casting doubt on the integrity of the entire electoral process.