NEW BOMBSHELL: OKI Ballot Printer Company Sends DAMNING “Response to Factual Errors in Maricopa County Elections Report” Debunking Maricopa County’s Lies About Ballot Printer Failures – LEFTWING MEDIA SILENT


by Jordan Conradson, The Gateway Pundit:

Maricopa County’s ballot printer source, OKI Data Americas, recently responded to the County’s sham ballot printer investigation, debunking false claims and demanding a corrected report from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

According to OKI’s statement, Maricopa County did not even contact the company, and they were “completely unaware that an investigation was underway.”

The Gateway Pundit reported on Maricopa County’s Ballot-on-Demand Printer Investigation led by former Arizona Supreme Court Justice Ruth McGregor.


As The Gateway Pundit reported, former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell later called for consequences for the stolen Maricopa County Midterm Election and the “cover-up” investigation by election officials.

It is apparent from OKI’s response that on election day and prior, Maricopa County did not accurately conduct tests or even read the printer manual. This discredits the entire investigation by Maricopa County. They either lied or were so incompetent that they couldn’t follow basic instructions. What else did they hide?

OKI writes, “Without clarification in the testing process that defines the exact paper type and the printing source (multipurpose tray or cassette), the conclusion is disingenuous given the fact that the use of 100 lb. paper can be out of specification for the B432 printers, as can be discerned readily from the printers’ manual.”

According to Maricopa County’s report, “Maricopa County printed its ballots on 80-pound paper for the 2020 primary and general elections” but increased paper weight to 100 lbs in 2022. OKI states in their response, “the maximum paper weight through the paper cassettes is 80 lb. text (120 g/m2).” Oki concludes, “it seems that the true underlying cause of the election issues was the use of 100 lb. paper without reviewing the manual and/or confirming with OKI that such use was within the specifications of the OKI B432 printers.”

Maricopa County’s report actually acknowledges, “the combined effect of using 100-pound ballot paper and a 20-inch ballot during the 2022 general election was to require that the Oki B432 printers perform at the extreme edge of their capability, a level that could not be reliably sustained by a substantial number of printers.” They later claim that “despite the assurances of the manufacturer, many of the Oki B432 printers were not capable of reliably printing 20-inch ballots on 100-pound paper under election-day conditions.”

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