Tuesday, May 30, 2023


from Mark Dice:

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The Great Silence

by Jeffrey Tucker, Daily Reckoning:

The kids are two years behind in education. Inflation still rages. White-collar jobs are disappearing thanks to the reversal of Fed policy. Household finances are a wreck. The medical industry is in upheaval. Trust in government has never been lower.

Major media too is discredited. Young people are dying at levels never seen. Populations are still on the move from lockdown states to where it is less likely. Surveillance is everywhere, and so is political persecution. Public health is in a disastrous state, with substance abuse and obesity all at new records.

Total Farce: Real Spending Under Debt Ceiling Deal Actually Goes Up Next Year

from ZeroHedge:

Late last week, we were the first to correctly summarize what the bottom line of the so-called “debt ceiling deal” meant for the US, for future generations of Americans, and for the ridiculous melodrama gripping Washington: a -0.2% of GDP cut in nominal spending.

That’s right: that 0.2% cut in spending is what all the brewhaha was over, a cut which will not only push total debt to $35 trillion by the end of Biden’s term, but will not even put a dent in the long-term US debt trajectory which even the CBO has no problem as showing in its full, hyperinflationary glory.



from OnTheFringe:

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The Suffering Is Off The Charts

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Things have taken a turn for the worse.  In recent months, economic activity has been dropping all over the nation, and that decline appears to be accelerating.  We just learned that gross domestic income has now fallen for two quarters in a row, and the Conference Board’s index of leading economic indicators has now been plummeting for 13 consecutive months.  Unfortunately, when economic conditions deteriorate it is the people at the low end of the economic pyramid that get hit the hardest.

Evidence of the research of dangerous pathogens in Ukraine

Border officials see significant increase in illegal crossings by Chinese nationals, increasing risk of ChiCom infiltration and spying

by JD Heyes, Natural News:

The U.S. Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection agents have seen a substantial increase in Chinese nationals attempting to cross illegally into the country, raising the specter that Beijing is trying to infiltrate our country with spies.

In April, Border Patrol encountered 3,182 migrants from China at the U.S.-Mexico border, as per data from CBP. Chinese migrants frequently pay substantial fees to smugglers in order to reach the United States. Border Patrol agents, in recent interviews with the Daily Caller News Foundation, have reported discovering significant amounts of U.S. currency in possession of these migrants.


from SGT Report:

The enemy has employed FEAR and PROPAGANDA with great skill and deception, but we have uncovered the nefarious, evil plans of the enemies of humanity – and it is up to all of us to stop them, or they will literally enslave us all and use our children for their satanic sexual perversions. Independent journalist Dan Fournier joins me to discuss he work, and the truth.

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“Trans Rights” Means Trans Entitlements and the End of Civil Society


by Wendy McElroy, Mises Institute:

A “civil society” is a community of individuals who are linked together by common interests and activities. Common interests include being able to walk the streets safely (peace) and to exercise such rights as freedom of speech (individual freedom). These shared interests allow common activities to flourish, including commerce and the education of children.

Civil society is possible only because most people want to live securely, protect their loved ones, and prosper. This laissez-faire attitude used to be a defining characteristic of Americans, but an engineered and well-financed cultural war is destroying America’s renowned tolerance. If the common interests of society break down and peace and freedom are replaced by violence and privilege, then common activities like free-market commerce and education cannot function.


from SGT Report:

Ben Armstrong from the New American and the Ben Armstrong Show returns to SGT Report with a startling breakdown of the satanic Left’s Marxist agenda to enslave humanity to a future which is sure to be hell on earth for those who survive the depopulation effort which is currently underway. And stay tuned for a surprise at the very end which I shot in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico on the evening of May 24th.

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There’s no bigger bomb that any enemy can drop on the USA today than the one…..

from State Of The Nation:

…that our own political leaders just dropped ON THIS MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!

Think About It

Really, the utterly treasonous Uniparty is pushing for a $4 trillion increase to the existing $31 trillion+ federal debt burden?!?!


from Jim Crenshaw:

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Treason Must Never Be Dismissed As “Old News”


by Christopher Adamo, Liberty Sentinel:

As the Memorial Day weekend approaches, Americans are reminded once again of the “absolute measure of devotion” given by so many, to protect or Nation from those mortal enemies who would breach our borders and brutally impose their hostile ways on us. We’ve faced many such enemies throughout the two and a half-centuries since we declared our thirteen original Colonies as “Free and Independent States,” and proved that we would fight to preserve the American Ideal and protect our way of life. And we have prevailed.

Worse Than Anyone Realizes: Eliminating the Debt Ceiling Is the Catalyst for Our Nation’s Demise

by JD Rucker, Discern Report:

The debt ceiling was not raised. It was temporarily eliminated. This opens the door to horrible things that go far beyond the existential threats we’re currently facing.

For the last two years, I’ve been watching minions of the powers-that-be to see when they would make their big move. They installed Joe Biden for a reason and it isn’t just because he has been the most compromised man in Washington DC for at least a decade. They needed someone who they could fully control with no reservations. If the handlers assigned to him by the globalist elite cabal told him to nuke Moscow, there would be Trident IIs in the air within minutes, no questions asked.