Friday, December 1, 2023

This Is Why So Many People Are Suddenly “Panic Buying” Rice All Over The United States…

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Rice is one of the most important staple foods for more than 3 billion people around the world, and the nation of India accounts for approximately 40 percent of all global rice exports.  So if India decides to start placing restrictions on rice exports, that is a really big deal.  Unfortunately, that is precisely what just happened on July 20th.  Less than a week ago, India “banned the export of non-basmati white rice”, and that has created a tremendous wave of panic all over the planet…

An Honest Look at My Farm – Year 2


by SaraSue, Survival Blog:

We are coming up on the second-year mark of developing this small five-acre farm.  I share my experiences in hopes it will help others.  I’ve had some great successes and some disappointing failures.  I am in the process of reviewing my own work to see where I can change processes for more success in year three.  I’ve learned so much I can’t even write it all down.  I’ve worked too hard, of course.  I’ve spent too much money, guaranteed.  I’ve often had to do things over, trying to save money, only to spend two to three times what I could have originally spent to do it right the first time.  But, not in all cases.  I have had to learn the hard way on many things, even though I do research a lot before I start on something.  It’s just that you don’t know what you don’t know, and even if you read about it, or listen to someone tell you about it, you don’t always “get it” until you try it.  I’ve had to hire help, and that was expected. Finding the right help has been a challenge. All in all, I’m ready for year 3 come what may.

If You Live in a Major US City, It’s Probably Time to Move

by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola:

  • The crimewave overtaking Chicago, Illinois, is a perfect example of the moral degradation happening in most metropolitan areas around the U.S. A person is shot every three hours and 41 minutes in “The Windy City.” This despite having some of the toughest gun control laws in the country
  • Democrat-controlled cities and states are decriminalizing theft, looting and even violent crime and murder under the banner of fighting systemic racism and inequality. Yet the end result is always the same: More crime and rising lawlessness

Panic Buying Starts Again

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

First, it was toilet paper, then baby formula, and now it’s non-basmati rice that people are running to the stores and buying in bulk. India has put into effect on July 20th the ban on non-basmati rice in order to calm domestic prices. According to the International Food Policy Research Institute, the global rice market prices have already risen 15%-20% since September of 2022. People have already started panic buying in Texas, Washington, Michigan, and other states. It has not hit every state yet; the impact of this ban has been more so in the regions of larger Indian-origin populations. Most grocery stores have already allegedly limited one bag of rice per customer. Wholesalers and other companies have been adjusting prices which leads to price gouging, so rice is selling for double than usual.

The Hard Truth About Storing Fuel


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

We all have read the stories from our favorite post-apocalyptic authors where our hero has stored a huge amount of fuel for his or her vehicles in a facility. To keep warm in the winter, scout in the 4×4, looking for marauders, fueling the generator while a snowstorm outside roars without mercy.

Very romantic. As much as we can enjoy this idea, reality is way different these days. Truth is hard, as most of them are: we can´t store enough fuel for as long as we would like to.

Are You Willing to Starve for the Greater Good?

by MN Gordon, Economic Prism:

Central planners are pulling double shifts.  Contriving plans and proposals to control what you consume, how you travel and cook, where your money is spent, and much, much more.

You know who we’re talking about.  The Davos WEF crowd.  The UN, IMF, World Bank, and central bankers.  Washington lobbyists, NGOs, public/private partnerships, technical advisory committees, nonprofits, and everything in between.  We’re also talking about your meddling neighbor, and many others.

Store Food While You Still Can, Because 2.4 Billion People Already Do Not Have Enough Food As This New Global Famine Accelerates

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Global food supplies just keep getting even tighter, and global hunger has risen to extremely alarming levels.  People on the other side of the world are literally starving to death as I write this article, but most of us in the western world simply do not care about the millions that are deeply suffering because the mainstream media hardly ever talks about what is happening.  But the truth is that we are feeling the impact of this global food crisis too.  As I warned my readers repeatedly, the primary way that this crisis would manifest itself in wealthy countries during the early stages would be through higher food prices, and that is precisely what we are witnessing.  On Friday, I went to the grocery store and a small bag of chips that I could once buy on sale for 99 cents now has a regular price of 5.99 stamped on it.  Throughout the store there were so many products that I refused to purchase because I thought that they had simply become way too expensive, but those prices are not going back down to where they once were.  Food inflation is here to stay, and the entire planet is going to suffer as a result.

A Local Disaster Network – Part 1


by J.M., Survival Blog:

There have been a number of articles on SurvivalBlog on the use of mobile devices like cell phones and tablets in survival/disaster scenarios (including one I wrote – ‘Tactical Technology for TEOTWAWKI’ parts 123456). In that article, I briefly introduced the idea of setting up and using a home server/network infrastructure for a disaster scenario, which can provide you with a lot of options for planning, organizing, coordinating, sharing, and communicating information among your team, family, group, or community. In this article, I’ll discuss one possible approach for configuring such an infrastructure for disaster situations. Note that this is based on an actual configuration that I regularly use a couple of times a year at a friend’s off-the-grid cabin out in the wilds of Maine; a group of us outdoor geeks get together to go hiking, fishing, hunting and to practice bushcraft, and we use the network infrastructure to plan and document our activities, as well as for occasionally playing multiplayer video games when the weather is too bad to go outside.

How I’m Prepping for Old Age


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

When I started prepping I never thought too deeply about how things would evolve. Just figured out I would improve my preps as much as I could and make some adjustments on the road. As time goes by, I realize old age is around the corner, and how few people seem to prepare for everything that aging brings along.

That’s why I want to share these experiences and explain how I have seen elders live through their senior years with a smile on their faces, even in one of the countries with the worst crisis ever.

Slojd: Opting Out by MAKING What You Need


by Aden Tate, The Organic Prepper:

This has been a multi-year process of gradually deciding, “You know, I’m not supporting that company with my money anymore,” and it’s rapidly gotten to the point where my blacklist has a lot in common with the length of a CVS receipt.

We’re witnessing the culmination of “the long march through the institutions,” and there are a lot of Americans out there who are in the same boat as I am here with all this.

A Nuclear Attack Quick Actions Checklist


by Anon-6, Survival Blog:

I’ve been a prepper since 2012 and was born in the early 60s. I started prepping when Obama was reelected and realized we’re on our own to protect our families from the hazards of a dangerous world. One of my first purchases was a 1-ounce silver Eagle that stays in my pocket to this day as part of my EDC kit – a small metal cigar case that works nicely (maybe a future article on that). From there, research and then purchasing food, water storage, comms, medical supplies, guns, and getting trained.

More people are DISASTER PREPPING these days than perhaps ever before, says WSJ


by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

The social and political landscape in the United States is seeing dramatic changes, particularly with regards to prepping.

More people than perhaps ever before in our nation’s history are feeling the heat of the impending collapse, prompting them to stockpile food, weapons, and other emergency supplies.


from World Alternative Media: