Thursday, August 6, 2020

U.S. Power Grid Continues to be Vulnerable to Cyber Attack: Millions Would Die if it Were to Fail, So are You Prepared?


by JD Heyes, BugOut News:
A new report has concluded that despite the attention being given to protecting the nation’s power grid in a world where the threat of cyber attack grows daily, it remains highly vulnerable to a breach that, if large parts of the grid are destroyed, would lead to the deaths of millions of Americans.

As reported by Homeland Security Newswire, the congressionally-mandated study by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine found that the grid remains highly vulnerable to a range of threats that could inflict massive damage resulting in long-term power outages that would cost billions to repair and inflict huge loss of life.

Psychological and Physical Survival – Part 2


by K.B. MD, Survival Blog:


Yesterday in Part 1, I covered types of stress and began to touch on tools and techniques for control. Today in Part 2, I will discuss disaster’s effects including depression, grief, and PTSD, while Part 3 will focus on numerous preventive strategies. While I am a licensed M.D., retired disabled, I am not a psychiatrist and remind our readers that I am neither diagnosing nor prescribing. Please obtain prompt medical care from licensed practitioners as long as they are available.

10 Healing superfoods you can easily grow in your garden


by Michelle Simmons, Natural News:

The key to a healthy diet is within your reach. You don’t need to go far to get it – since all you’ll be needing is a plot of land in your garden and some elbow grease. Here are 10 superfoods you can easily grow in your garden:

Apples – These fruits are packed with vitamin C and soluble fiber, making it great for the heart and blood cholesterol. In addition, apples also help with weight loss, diarrhea, constipation, and cancer prevention. To plant apples, dig a hole that’s twice as wide as the pot your apple tree comes in. Then, remove the tree from the pot, loosen its root ball, and spread the roots. Fill the hole with the soil you dug out and water the tree well.

How To House the Whole Family in a SHTF-Emergency


by Jeremiah Johnson, Ready Nutrition:

One of the complications of a major disaster event taking place (with or without warning) is not having supplies and equipment before the event takes place.  In line with this dearth is the shortage of preparations for members of the family who live in other locations who may wish to band together.  I’m going to propose a solution here that is slightly “unconventional,” so try to remove your mind from the constructs imposed upon it by your entire life spent from the army of skeptics and closed-minded establishment mindsets.

The imposition is that we all are channeled to live in “cookie-cutter” houses, plopped down akin to so many Hershey kisses in a row: identical construction in an approved, regulated, homeowner’s association-sanctioned manner.

We’re referring to the end of the society, and if you’re a multi-millionaire and you want a house for each member of the family retreating to your location, more power to you.  We do what we can in life, and do the best we can.  In the absence of millions, there is another route.  Let’s go over the basics first.

The principle is for all the family members (and anyone close to that family) having a place to meet up and reside together when it all falls apart.  From a logistics perspective, unless you have a gigantic manorial-type residence, your space and resources will be stretched thin.  What I propose here are sheds…cabins, if you prefer.  You can build them yourself or you can buy them.

Once again, much of this is going to depend on the geographic location you reside, and the social and legal impositions placed upon you.  Only you know them.  Armies of bureaucrats who want to tax you into insolvency are behind the hordes of conformists (commonly labeled as homeowners’ associations) and “friendly” neighbors who wish to impose their wills upon you.

To succeed in this endeavor, you’re going to need to have a tight family that will help one another, even if many live in different states with their immediate families.  You can stick-build these sheds out of plywood and lumber, roof them with steel roofs, insulate them, and throw them up on top of footers to prevent them from becoming “permanent structures” and taxed by your happy community.

Each shed can be fitted with an aperture to run a stovepipe to the outside, and the stove and pipe can be placed into each cabin/shed.  Each shed can contain several mattresses and sets of linen and blankets, as well as bed frames.  You can place into the sheds a few folding chairs and tables, and a cupboard or two.  To the untrained eye, it will all appear to be storage.  And add to the camouflage!  Place some tools and supplies in each one…different stuff…that can easily be removed if need be.  Give the appearance of storage sheds.  Then your family members can arrive and set up shop.

If you have, for example, two brothers and a sister…then each family group can use a shed or double up with two families to a shed.  To be on the safe side, as many family groups as possible should set up sheds on their own property to enable the whole family to flee to their property if the need arises.  Situations change, and what may be the optimal location today may not be when everything occurs.  By duplicating this “template,” you up the chances to enable your family to have a retreat in at least one safe area.

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The Best Ways To Remove Rust From Your Firearms


by Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition:

Few things in life are more infuriating than realizing that a firearm you spent a fortune on is beginning to rust. What makes it so painful, is that you know it’s probably your fault. You can spend many hours over the course of many years keeping your firearms in immaculate condition. You can thoroughly clean them after every use. But if you slip up once after a hunting trip or a long day at the range, there’s a good chance that you’ll see some rust emerge the next time you use your firearm.

But fortunately, not all is lost. Don’t start pulling your hair out if you see a little surface rust on your firearm because as this video shows, it’s pretty easy to clean up.

And if you’re really worried about scratching up your gun while cleaning out rust, it turns out that an old copper penny can work wonders on an aging firearm.

But obviously, it’s best to keep rust from showing up in the first place. If you’re a new firearm owner, here are the basics that you need to know.

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The Clade X Simulation Shows We Are NOT READY: Here’s How a Pandemic Virus Could Kill 900 Million People

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Earlier this summer, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security met in Washington DC with experts who have experience in the prevention of pandemic and roles in government to discuss Clade X, a virus with the potential to kill 900 million people.

Business Insider reports:

Student-Made Sustainable Tiny House Represents New American Dream


by Brianna Acuesta, True Activist:

College students created this beautiful tiny home.

Every year, students from California State University, Sacramento’s STORC school get to work on projects that pave a way to a more sustainable and technological future. Most years, students working in the the Sustainable Technology Optimization Research Center (STORC) build a tiny house from scratch, which is an incredible feat. Even more impressive is their commitment to create the house with the latest technologies to make sure that the structure uses as little energy as possible.

This year, students from STORC built a beautiful tiny house that includes solar panels to power the electricity as well as a solar-powered water heater to heat the 20-gallon water tank. The 400-square-foot house, which has wheels affixed to it for mobile functioning, allows dwellers to live as off-the-grid as possible as they embark on their self-selected journey. The solar panels can be seen on the roof as well as on one side of the structure so that ample electricity is generated.

Beginning with the exterior of the home, the structure is a light grey on the outside with darker cedar panels to complement the light color.The home’s entrance features two wide french doors that open outwards so that ample room is maintained within the house. The warm cedar panels are seen throughout the structure, even on the interior, where the paint color changes to a beautiful blue. In tiny homes, colors and interior choices are crucial to the well-being of the dwellers and the feel of the space because everything can be seen at once. The wrong color choice could cause the home to feel cramped rather than open, thereby making a dweller feel claustrophobic or uncomfortable.

With a full toilet, bathtub and shower, the bathroom contains features that are literally as good as it gets. Large windows, including a bay window that opens out where the stovetop is, fill the space with natural light and provide cross-ventilation that allows for the elements to enter and exit so that the house doesn’t become too warm or too cold. Hidden in a corner, there’s a mechanical well that provides monitoring for the home’s electricity and water usage.

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VIDEO: What Everyday Life Is Like in Puerto Rico Now


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

In Puerto Rico, everything has changed since Hurricane Maria struck nearly 3 months ago.

Many people have no running water. And if they do, it can’t be consumed without boiling.

There’s no electricity in many regions.

Supplies are scarce.

I’ve written about the SHTF aftermath in Puerto Rico, both the day after the storm,  a week after, and a couple of months later. But while there is a lot of good information in all those articles, it’s just words on a page.

The video below brings it to life. This is what life looks like for people who have just watched everything be turned upside down by Mother Nature.

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Fox: Brain-eating amoeba detected in water system in Louisiana


by Erin Elizabeth, Health Nut News:

Last week, tests by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals at the Sligo Water System tested positive for Naegleria fowleri, a brain-eating amoeba.

“The positive test came from the valve where the water system takes in supplemental water from Bossier City. Sligo Water System has stopped using supplemental water from Bossier City Wednesday.

Water system officials are notifying people and businesses from 300 Sligo Road at Bayou Drive to the Orchard subdivision, Lucky Estates, Plantation mobile home park and ending at the Sligo store, 1898 Sligo Road.”1

Reverse smoking damage with fresh apples and tomatoes: Study finds they repair lung tissue and slow aging of the lungs


by Michelle Simmons, Natural News:

It’s a known fact that smoking adversely affects the body, particularly the lungs. However, a study discovered a way to reverse the damage caused by smoking. In particular, a diet rich in fresh fruits, such as tomatoes and apples could repair lung tissue and slow the natural aging process of the lungs.

A team of researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health evaluated the diet and lung function of over 650 adults in 2002 and conducted the same test to the group after 10 years. The individuals, who came from Germany, Norway, and the U.K., then answered a survey which measured their diets and overall nutritional intake. Moreover, they underwent a procedure called spirometry, which records how much oxygen the lungs can take.

What NOT to Carry in Your EDC Bag If You Want to Avoid Suspicion


by Sandra D. Lane, The Organic Prepper:

Whether you’re a social butterfly or a homebody, we have to go out sometime, and we shouldn’t forget our EDC Bag (Every Day Carry). But have you looked in your EDC Bag lately? Once you’re inside a store, it could be too late.

If you’re like most preppers, your EDC replaces your purse, your shoulder bag, maybe even your fanny pack, as it contains almost everything you need while you’re out, from keys and wallets, to hand sanitizer and tissues. Imagine walking through a store and needing a tissue. You’d reach in your EDC and grab one. Innocent enough, right?