Friday, December 1, 2023

How I’m Prepping for Old Age


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

When I started prepping I never thought too deeply about how things would evolve. Just figured out I would improve my preps as much as I could and make some adjustments on the road. As time goes by, I realize old age is around the corner, and how few people seem to prepare for everything that aging brings along.

That’s why I want to share these experiences and explain how I have seen elders live through their senior years with a smile on their faces, even in one of the countries with the worst crisis ever.

The Hard Truth About Storing Fuel


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

We all have read the stories from our favorite post-apocalyptic authors where our hero has stored a huge amount of fuel for his or her vehicles in a facility. To keep warm in the winter, scout in the 4×4, looking for marauders, fueling the generator while a snowstorm outside roars without mercy.

Very romantic. As much as we can enjoy this idea, reality is way different these days. Truth is hard, as most of them are: we can´t store enough fuel for as long as we would like to.

Invisibility: Increasing OPSEC – Part 3


by St. Funogas, Survival Blog:

(Continued from Part 2.)


It goes without saying that our social security number shouldn’t be given to anyone unless we’re legally required to provide it, and that’s not very often. On the other hand, if it’s a private business they can also deny us service. But there’s a caveat.

After selling an item to a business for a large sum of money I went straight to their bank to cash the check. The amount of cash was small enough to avoid government paperwork but the bank demanded I write my social security number below my signature on the check.

Long Term Storage of Household Batteries


by OhioGalt, Survival Blog:

Several years ago, I began purchasing Lithium Batteries in AA and AAA sizes for long-term storage in case of some event where batteries were not readily available. I was also using them in several trail cams around the property because they would last roughly 10-to-12 months before replacement. I recently went to buy another couple of 48-packs and found the price had significantly increased. The cellular cameras I use offer a rechargeable lithium pack and comparing to lithium AA I found I could pay for the rechargeable pack in less then two sets of AA lithium batteries. Unfortunately, you cannot safely charge AA or AAA lithium batteries as they are designed as single-use items.

If You Live in a Major US City, It’s Probably Time to Move

by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola:

  • The crimewave overtaking Chicago, Illinois, is a perfect example of the moral degradation happening in most metropolitan areas around the U.S. A person is shot every three hours and 41 minutes in “The Windy City.” This despite having some of the toughest gun control laws in the country
  • Democrat-controlled cities and states are decriminalizing theft, looting and even violent crime and murder under the banner of fighting systemic racism and inequality. Yet the end result is always the same: More crime and rising lawlessness

Alternative Energy Solutions for Preppers and Survivalists

by Mike Roth, The Organic Prepper:

Are you searching for dependable alternative energy solutions as a prepper or survivalist? Given the fragility of the power grid in disaster scenarios, investing in reliable and sustainable power generation is necessary for maintaining safety and connectivity.

Delving into renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydropower, this article offers insights into diverse power solutions and their setup requirements.

We will provide the following:

Panic Buying Starts Again

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

First, it was toilet paper, then baby formula, and now it’s non-basmati rice that people are running to the stores and buying in bulk. India has put into effect on July 20th the ban on non-basmati rice in order to calm domestic prices. According to the International Food Policy Research Institute, the global rice market prices have already risen 15%-20% since September of 2022. People have already started panic buying in Texas, Washington, Michigan, and other states. It has not hit every state yet; the impact of this ban has been more so in the regions of larger Indian-origin populations. Most grocery stores have already allegedly limited one bag of rice per customer. Wholesalers and other companies have been adjusting prices which leads to price gouging, so rice is selling for double than usual.

Some Last-Minute Purchases and Preps – Part 1


by M.M, Survival Blog:

It appears that we are close to World War 3 according to all the reliable news outlets and the unfolding of current events.  It is only going to take one mistake to get a full-scale war going in several countries, maybe here also.  Pastor Jack Graham of Dallas, Texas has a wonderful video explaining why Hamas hates Israel. It began during King Saul’s time and has escalated to modern-day Iran (Persia). Dr. Graham states we are perilously close to the end of days, and that the current events may be prelude to the end of time.

Adaptive Gardening: How to Grow Food When You’re Not Fit and Flexible

by Amy Allen, The Organic Prepper:

Gardening is a very physical activity. Between planting, weeding, pruning, watering, and many other chores, it’s good exercise! It gets to be challenging when one factors in various kinds of disabilities, up to and including old age. That’s where adaptive gardening comes into play.

I learned about adaptive gardening the hard way.

I remember when my back went out in 2017. I had three slipped disks, two lumbar and one thoracic, one of which liked to hit a nerve when I was sleeping too well. In the first year, getting out of bed was a challenge!

Useful Tools For The Homestead


by Sarah Latimer, Survival Blog:

I love reading about homesteading back in the late 1800s thru the 1940s. I also like to study photos from earlier times, especially kitchens to see what they used. Back then there was no microwave, Kitchenaids or food processors. What you had was what you had and it better be durable as there was no Walmart around the corner to replace what you just broke. Most household kitchen countertops today are cluttered with all kinds of machines designed to make our lives easier. Today’s homesteader can spend a lot of money on “essential” tools only to sell them off for pennies at the next yard sale. Having been a homesteader for over 15 years, I will go over some of tools, appliances, and gear that have worked well for us.


from World Alternative Media:


Unrelated Events Show Why Americans Should Be Prepared For Everything From Unbreathable Air To Nuclear War – Once The First Nuke Drops, It Will Be Too Late To Prepare

by Susan Duclos , All News Pipeline:

Everyone knows that the next world war will be nuclear.

We haven’t seen one expert claim differently, so as the war drums beat more loudly than ever before, with the Biden regime poking not only the Russian bear, but also being openly deceitful with China, both of which are nuclear powers, we are closer to World War III than ever before.

Add to that the lesser but not unimportant issues of an erupting volcano in Hawaii and out of control wildfires in Canada literally causing health alert warnings for air quality in the U.S.,  and we find ourselves feeling the need to be prepared for more than just grid down scenarios or food shortages.

An Honest Look at My Farm – Year 2


by SaraSue, Survival Blog:

We are coming up on the second-year mark of developing this small five-acre farm.  I share my experiences in hopes it will help others.  I’ve had some great successes and some disappointing failures.  I am in the process of reviewing my own work to see where I can change processes for more success in year three.  I’ve learned so much I can’t even write it all down.  I’ve worked too hard, of course.  I’ve spent too much money, guaranteed.  I’ve often had to do things over, trying to save money, only to spend two to three times what I could have originally spent to do it right the first time.  But, not in all cases.  I have had to learn the hard way on many things, even though I do research a lot before I start on something.  It’s just that you don’t know what you don’t know, and even if you read about it, or listen to someone tell you about it, you don’t always “get it” until you try it.  I’ve had to hire help, and that was expected. Finding the right help has been a challenge. All in all, I’m ready for year 3 come what may.

Simple Home Logistics Planning Tips


by Kevin C, Survival Blog:

One of the puzzles for people starting out in the business of being prepared is “How much?” How much sugar, flour, rice . . . do I need to have on hand? There are lots of sources that will provide planning figures for this, and in the absence of any other guidance, following them – at least partially at first – is a good idea. I did so. But these one-size-fits-all guides, as useful as they are, may not reflect your specific tastes and usages. Here is a method for arriving at a figure somewhat associated with your needs – based on your usage rates of the stuff you use.