WATCH: Brave Female High School Student Delivers Explosive Speech Destroying Radical Trans Ideology and Her School District After a Giant Transgender Student Assaulted an Innocent Girl- Crowd Erupts in Rousing Applause! (VIDEO)


by Cullen Linebarger, The Gateway Pundit:

Fox News reported Tuesday that high school senior Megan Simpkins unloaded on her school in an explosive speech three days after they allowed a giant trans student to assault a girl in the girls’ locker room.

By extension, Simpkins also eviscerated the ideology governing the radical trans movement.

Cristina Laila previously reported that the assault happened last week on April 24 at MLK High School in Riverside, California. The trans student exposed his genitals to a terrified girl and spat at others.


FOX 11 reported the deranged male student has a history of erratic and uncomfortable behavior. Riverside Police also said this is not the first time the pervert has been involved in an altercation.

Simpkins started her speech before Riverside Unified School District’s (RUSD) board meeting with a based introduction etched in stone cold biological facts.

Hello ladies and gentlemen and only ladies and gentlemen it is and shall always be.

I am an 18-year-old high school student and wanted to bring to your attention the current issue with biological men claiming they are women.

And in turn truly believing they are entitled to use women’s spaces.

She then addressed the sexual assault by the biological male and expressed her righteous fury. She then queried why his “safety” was being put above the girls.

There was an incident that occurred recently in our district regarding a transgender woman who really is a biological man having an altercation with a young woman at MLK High School.

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