Wednesday, July 6, 2022


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

Quite a few people spotted and shared this story, but frankly, I probably would have blogged about it anyway even if it was only one person who saw it and shared it. When I saw what it was about, it vaulted straight into the “finals” folder right way, no need to wait for my normal “Sunday email sort-and-blog” routine, for it immediately conjured all sorts of high octane speculations. But before we get to those, first, the story itself:

‘Mystery rocket’ that crashed into the Moon baffles NASA scientists

Note what is being claimed in the article:

“TruckPOCALYPSE” begins in California this week as 70,000 truckers forced off the roads due to Democrat idiocracy

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

The California Truckers Association is warning that 70,000 independent truck owner-operators will be taken off the roads of California later this week as a draconian new law, “AB-5” kicks in: (emphasis ours)

In addition to the direct impact on California’s 70,000 owner-operators who have seven days to cease long-standing independent businesses, the impact of taking tens of thousands of truck drivers off the road will have devastating repercussions on an already fragile supply chain, increasing costs and worsening runaway inflation.

Manufacturing Plants Aren’t Just Mysteriously Getting Burned Down In The United States, It’s Happening Around The World…

by Alicia Powe, The Gateway Pundit:

As Americans tackle accelerating inflation, skyrocketing gas prices and food and baby formula shortages following the manufactured COVID pandemic, manufacturing plants are mysteriously being burned down on a regular basis.

In 2021, Resilinc, a leading global supply chain monitoring and risk management firm that has been tracking disruptions at manufacturing plants for over a decade, was prompted to create a WarRoom to track the sudden uptick of supply chain disruptions.

California Governor Newsom is Running Ads in Florida: ‘Join Us In California’


from Sputnik News:

In what some are speculating as an attempt to get ahead of the 2024 presidential race, California Governor Gavin Newsom has launched an ad targeting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his controversial rightwing policies. Both are up for reelection this year, but what does Newsom hope to achieve in targeting DeSantis?

Joe Says No: Biden White House Blocks New Atlantic, Pacific Oceans Drilling as Global Energy Demand Soars

by Simon Kent, Breitbart:

U.S. President Joe Biden has proposed blocking all new drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as the world cries out for more energy from more sources far from Russia, the Middle East, and the OPEC oil cartel.

Biden is also moving to shut down exploration and production of oil and gas on onshore federal lands while acknowledging the importance of fossil fuels in the U.S. energy landscape, as Breitbart News reported.

Rockefeller Foundation’s Food and Energy Crisis Is Here


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Back in 2020, the Rockefeller Foundation “predicted” that their planned famine and energy crisis would crimple societies. Watching events unfold, humans shouldn’t have needed a globalist totalitarian system to tell them that all they knew was going to be crushed.

Many could see the writing on the wall long before the globalists and elitists telegraphed their plans. They needed to manufacture compliance and just as with the COVID-19 “vaccines” will manage to dupe many people. We picked up on the food shortages in April of 2020, months before the Rockefeller Foundation admitted that that was their plan:

Second World War landing craft emerges on bed of Lake Mead as water levels drop to their lowest in more than fifty years due to megadrought


by Alex Oliveira, Daily Mail:

  • A World War Two-era Higgins landing craft has been revealed as Lake Mead’s waters continue to recede
  •  The boat was previously about 185 feet beneath the surface of the lake, but now rests halfway out of the water
  •  As of Friday, the water in in the lake was 1,043.5 feet above sea level. That is 4.5 feet lower than one month ago, over 25 feet down from the same time last year

Foreign Policy Fail: Biden’s Sanctions are a Windfall For Russia!

by Ron Paul, Ron Paul Institute:

It’s easy to see why, according to a new Harris poll, 71 percent of Americans said they do not want Joe Biden to run for re-election. As Americans face record gas prices and the highest inflation in 40 years, President Biden admits he could not care less. His Administration is committed to fight a proxy war with Russia through Ukraine and Americans just need to suck it up.

Last week a New York Times reporter asked Biden how long he expects Americans to pay record gasoline prices over his Administration’s Ukraine policy. “As long as it takes,” replied the president without hesitation.

Washington Has Conducted at Least 23 Secret Proxy Wars Since 2017

from 21st Century Wire:

The history of Washington’s covert overseas operations goes way back, even before the Cold War, with numerous operations being conducted before and during both World Wars. The purpose of these ‘shadow wars’ was normally the same: to destabilize any unfriendly governments and install a new regime with which Washington could ‘do business with.’ Unless you read certain international publications, you would hardly hear about any of these proxy wars, although in some rare cases such covert operations could eventually escalate into a full-blown conflict.