Saturday, August 8, 2020

Government conducting clinical trials to learn how best to manipulate Americans to take covid-19 shots

by Lance D Johnson, Natural News:

The percentage of Americans who plan to get the new covid-19 vaccine continues to fall. Yahoo News and YouGov polled Americans in early May and only 55 percent said they would get the new vaccines. The number shrank to 50 percent later that month and fell to 46 percent in early July. By the end of July, the number had fallen to a mere 42 percent.

In order to manipulate Americans to take upcoming rushed covid-19 shots, the federal government got together with Yale researchers to conduct clinical trials to learn how best to manipulate the public.

How Police Can Illegally Wiretap Your Phone

from 21st Century Wire:

How do you know if a government of law enforcement agency has hacked your personal device? The truth of the matter is: most of the time you don’t.

One of the most common methods used by police to spy on the public, is by using an expensive piece of technology called a “Stingray,” manufactured by Harris Corporation in Florida. This special high-tech black box pretends to be a mobile phone/cell tower, allow police to divert your phone signal to their black box, rather than the nearly cellular tower. Moments after connecting their device to you phone, police can then gather a huge amount of information.

The Extreme Hypocrisy of the Left Is On Full Display Through the Statements of NBA Star Lebron James

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

For the record, I have always supported civil rights causes involving virtually every demographic. I have stood up against injustice of all types. I am not a racist and I have gone to the next level and have spoken out against racism. I do not need to defend myself. However, I should not feel compelled to state this fact. Is there racism? Undoubtedly there are still pockets of racism. However, when the left declares chess to be a racist game because the game lets white pieces move first, the position of these radicals is greatly diminished. When African-American businesses are fire-bombed by radical leftist groups in the name preventing racism, their message falls on deaf ears.

Thursday Conversation – Marin Katusa

by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

I know, I know. It’s only Wednesday. But my afternoon is such that this audio needs to be posted today, instead. Additionally, this just means that we’ll have a regular podcast tomorrow.

So I was able to track down Marin Katusa yesterday. Many of you had been suggesting that I bring him in for an update after he began discussing this theory of his back in May:

Since so many of us have an interest in the mining shares, I’m very happy to have him explain all of this in his own words for you today.

COVID: How self-entitled frauds at Imperial College changed the world

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

It starts with Neil Ferguson, a failed computer modeler bankrolled by Bill Gates. Working out of Imperial College in London with a team, Ferguson predicted 500,000 COVID deaths in the UK and two million in the US.

His estimates fueled two gullible political leaders, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, who then backed the horrendous lockdown policies that have devastated their countries’ economies. France, Germany, and other nations followed suit.

I have written about Neil Ferguson’s track record before. Here are highlights, from an April 4, 2020, Business Insider article. The article tries to be a puff piece, but as it unfolds, the truth emerges:

Jeffrey Epstein Had Secret Ex-Girlfriend Who Writes Children’s Books And Hosts Meditations

from The Mind Unleashed:

In court documents that were unsealed last week, it was revealed that Jeffrey Epstein had a secret girlfriend for a few years.

In court documents that were unsealed last week from a civil case that one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims brought against Ghislaine Maxwell, it was revealed that Jeffrey Epstein had a secret girlfriend for a few years.

The Irrelevant UN

by Eric Zuesse, Strategic Culture:

The UN that exists today is not the one that had been intended. Today’s UN is just an international PR forum for nations. Part of that PR is the organization’s numerous ‘humanitarian’ operations, which concern what’s happening to suffering groups within nations, more than they actually concern the international relations between nations — which international relations were supposed to have been the UN’s focus and area of concern and authority. So, this UN — the one that exists — is basically a fill-in for the one that was intended.

President Trump is Right – Former Obama DAG Sally Yates Was Either Lying or Incompetent Based on Her Testimony Before the US Senate

by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Sally Yates testified before the Senate on Wednesday about her actions involved in Obamagate. She was not impressive and showed that she either was lying or incompetent or perhaps both.

Right out of the gate, Yates claimed former Trump volunteer George Papadopoulos was connected to Russia. From all the evidence uncovered to date, there is absolutely no evidence this is true:

LA Mayor Threatens To Shut Utilities To Homes Breaking COVID Compliance Rules…

from The Conservative Treehouse:

Live your best life. The totalitarian dictators rely on fear as a weapon.  Do not empower their fiats with compliance.  Enough is enough, this is all about control…

[…] Garcetti said he granted authority to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to cut the utilities to homes and businesses hosting the selfish soirees starting this Friday. (link)