Sunday, October 20, 2019

Hillary Clinton Email Investigation Exposes Hundreds of Violations

by Andrew West, Freedom OutPost:

Hillary Clinton certainly appears to be testing the waters of a possible late entry into the 2020 Democratic primary – a move that must have liberals shaking in their boots.

Clinton has been a bit of a curse on the Democratic party.  For many, she exists solely as a grand reminder of just how corrupt you can become when you seek greed and power in tandem.  For others, she was a conniving cheater who rigged an election against a surging candidate in order to keep her political aspirations alive.

27 Years Before Greta Thunberg, Another Child Was Used to Address the UN, Warned of Mass Extinctions: “I Am Afraid to Breathe the Air” or Go Out in the Sun


from Humans Are Free:

Nearly 30 years before angry 16-year-old girl Greta Thunberg “shamed” world leaders in a tearful tirade at The UN, a 12-year-old girl “silenced the world for five minutes”.

In 1992, Severn Cullis-Suzuki – then 12-year-old daughter of Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki, addressed the plenary session of the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

In it, she described being “afraid to breathe the air” or go out in the sunwarned of mass extinctions of plants and animals and urged rich nations to stop spending so much money on war and “let go of some of our wealth”.

After Test Marketing Phase, Kellogg’s is Introducing Cereal Exclusively for LGBTQ Community


by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

Kellogg’s is about to roll out cereal for the gay community.

They have made it through the test marketing phase and will now be rolling out a special cereal collection for the LGBTQ community.

Shockingly, the slogan idea of Froot Loops for Fruit Loops was not picked and the collection is being labeled as “All Together Cereal.”

Another Chinese Mega-Construction Project in California Is Halted, this one in San Francisco. List of Troubled or Scuttled Chinese Projects in California Grows

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

How China’s crackdown on debt and capital flight pulls the rug out from under mega-real-estate projects.

After months of rumors and speculation amid apparently failed efforts to secure a short-term loan and find an equity investor, property developer Oceanwide, a division of Chinese conglomerate Oceanwide Holdings Co. Ltd., said that it has stopped construction indefinitely on a 54-story 605-foot tower across from the Salesforce Tower and across from the infamously leaning Millennium Tower (thankfully built by US developers) in San Francisco’s Transbay district.

More Unanswered Questions

by Ted Butler, SilverSeek:

It was, after all, a simple question that sparked my interest in silver from the start. Some 35 years ago, my now-departed friend and mentor, Israel Friedman, challenged me with a question that took me a year to answer. Actually, “challenged” is not the right word, either back then or today. Izzy simply asked a question to which he had no real answer of someone he thought might be able to answer. In a real sense, the question conveyed a degree of respect, in that Izzy only asked me because he thought I might have an answer. It is with that same degree of respect that I ask for answers to my own questions today.

The Fed Is Lying To Us

by Chris Martenson, Peak Prosperity:

“When it becomes serious, you have to lie”

The recent statements from the Federal Reserve and the other major world central banks (the ECB, BoJ, BoE and PBoC) are alarming because their actions are completely out of alignment with what they’re telling us.

Their words seek to soothe us that “everything’s fine” and the global economy is doing quite well. But their behavior reflects a desperate anxiety.

Put more frankly; we’re being lied to.

Dept. of Justice Report on Comey to Reveal Media Leaks, Lies to Judges, Felonies

from Russia Insider:

“James Comey Would Like to Help [get rid of Trump]”.  This may not seem newsworthy, yet it is the title atop an instructive article today by Matt Flegenheimer of the NY Times.  His article makes it clear that, for its part, the Times remains determined to support former FBI Director James Comey and sustain the discredited Russia-gate narrative they share — to the point of helping Comey and his partners-in-crime avoid prison. (See: from the New York Times.)

Market Report: Dollar slips

by Alasdair Macleod, GoldMoney:

Gold and silver continued their consolidation in moderate turnover on Comex. By morning trading in Europe today (Friday) gold had lost $4 from the previous Friday’s close to trade at $1490, while silver was down 10 cents on the same time scale at $17.50.

Over the week, US bond yields rose, a minor discouragement for precious metals perhaps, but the dollar fell, with the trade-weighted index down nearly two per cent, the largest move for some time. This is our next chart.

Fed’s Balance Sheet Spikes by $253 Billion, Now Topping $4 Trillion

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:

Shhh! Don’t tell Congress that the Federal Reserve is back to electronically creating money out of thin air to throw at a liquidity problem (of an, as yet, undetermined origin) on Wall Street. And be sure not to mention that the Fed’s balance sheet has shot up in a period of just 42 days by $253 billion. And, of course, don’t remind Congress that before the last Wall Street crisis was over the Fed had secretly, with no oversight from Congress, piled up a $29 trillion tab to bail out Wall Street — a fact it fought years in court to keep under wraps.

On September 4, 2019, the Fed’s assets on its balance sheet stood at $3.761 trillion. As of October 16, that figure is $4.014 trillion, edging closer to the $4.5 trillion peak it reached in 2015 following the worst Wall Street crash since the Great Depression.