Sunday, January 20, 2019


from InfoWars:

Says ‘Russian collusion’ misdeed will be fabricated against Trump

Political strategist Roger Stone says that the deep state is planning to remove both President Trump and VP Mike Pence from office so that they can install Nancy Pelosi as President as part of a coup that will eventually see Hillary Clinton return as President.

Thoughts: The Twists and Turns

from Tracy Beanz:

The West’s Descent into ‘Cultural Revolution’

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:

The goal of the Cultural Revolution isn’t to persuade, it’s to enforce compliance.

A Cultural Revolution is a movement designed to preserve the political and financial power of a ruling elite by social rather than political or financial means. Thus the primary tools of a Cultural Revolution are not redistributing power via elections (politics) or financial reforms; the primary tools are public shaming and denouncements, purges of those in positions of authority, show trials, guilt-by-association, wholesale denouncements of entire classes and widespread accusations of anti-progressive (“counter-revolutionary”) tendencies in which guilt is defined by all-or-nothing litmus tests of one’s loyalties to the Cultural Revolution’s strict ideology.

EXPOSED: “NewsGuard” organization founded by globalists to censor independent media has ties to pro-Monsanto American Enterprise Institute propagandists


by S.D. Wells, Intellihub:

How do you know if news is guaranteed to be fake? Just look for the “News Guard” shield symbol followed by a check mark and the words “News Guard Rating.” If you’re not pro-war, pro-GMO, and pro-Clinton, your news will be “ranked” and labeled as fake news when given the stamp of the oppressors, who are NeoCon-backed “fact checkers” funded by the most abhorrent journo-terrorists and presstitutes of our time. We’ve already witnessed the total purge of independent media from social media sites, and now we’re seeing the beginning of the end of truth media on the internet.

Doug Casey on the 3rd Amendment – Part II

by Doug Casey, International Man:

Joel: Interestingly, this is the only amendment to the Constitution that directly addresses the relationship between civilians and the military, both in times of peace and war. People often dismiss it as largely irrelevant, and certainly it doesn’t grab the media attention quite like some of the other amendments. And yet, it has plenty of modern implications, including the individual’s right to domestic privacy—the idea that people ought to be protected from governmental intrusion into their homes.

Looking around today, how do you think the Founders would view the many and varied intrusions by the government into private homes, even during peacetime?

Tom Fitton: New Anti-Trump RussiaGate Scandal, “Air Pelosi” Grounded, Clinton Email/Benghazi Update!

from Judicial Watch:

CIA Covert Operative William Barr Nominated by Trump for Attorney General. His Role in the Iran Contra Affair

by Larry Chin, Global Research:


This article was originally published on December 12, 2018. The serious questions raised in the piece remain completely unanswered.

Why was Barr chosen, given his shocking and deeply criminal/cover-up kingpin background?

Was Trump duped by Deep State enemies, who have placed another predator into his administration with the power to destroy his presidency? Or has Trump co-opted and turned Barr, in the hopes that Barr will do Trump’s bidding? Why would Barr ever turn against his own Deep State cronies?

Leverage, Timing, The Economic Patriot Plan Has Been In Plain Sight All Along

from X22Report:

Monsanto/Bayer Moving to Genome Edit Fruits and More

by F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook:

Not surprising, Monsanto, today hidden behind the Bayer logo, as the world leader in patented GMO seeds and the probable carcinogenic Roundup herbicide with glyphosate, is attempting to quietly patent genetically modified or GMO varieties of fruits using controversial gene-editing. The “beauty” of this for Monsanto/Bayer is that in the USA, according to a recent ruling by the US Department of Agriculture, gene-edited agriculture needs no special independent testing. The developments are not good for human health or safety, nor will it do anything to give the world better nutrition.

NOT a Joke: Pelosi Proposes “Electronic Dogs” to Protect the Border… WTH is She On? (VIDEO)


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Nancy Pelosi says walls are immoral.

Pelosi says they don’t work.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) lashed out at President Trump’s agenda to build a wall to secure the southern border recently saying, “A wall is an immorality.”

Wall Already Being Built & Hillary Toast! Bill Doing Deal? w/ Dave Janda (2of2)

from Sarah Westall:

Parents sound alarm over children being indoctrinated into transgender cults at universities… “daughters come home with their breasts cut off”

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

Imagine sending your son or daughter off to college, only to have him or her return as a “her” or “him” instead. We’re talking about transgenderism, here, and a growing contingent of parents says their formerly normal children are being brainwashed into believing that they’re the opposite gender while away at school – and in some cases are actually getting hormonally and surgically altered without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

Gillette’s TOXIC Ad Scores “Virtue” Points… and Then There’s THIS!!

from HighImpactFlix:

The Elite that Failed

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

On Dec. 22, weeks before the unprecedented parliamentary defeat of Theresa May’s government on Jan. 15, the London “Economist” featured a column by the pseudonymous “Bagehot” entitled “The Elite that Failed: Britain’s Political Crisis Exposes the Inadequacy of its Leaders.”

He wrote, “In the past year, the British body politic has endured an astonishing list of maladies. The cabinet has lost a foreign secretary and two Brexit secretaries, not to mention lots of lesser fry. Parliament has voted to hold the government in contempt. The Conservative Party has held a vote of no confidence in the prime minister and left her badly wounded. And it is going to get worse. There is no parliamentary majority for any Brexit deal, and no way out of the impasse that won’t break promises–and possibly heads.