Wednesday, November 29, 2023

FBI and CDC Coverup of the Chinese Bioweapons Lab Found in California

from The New American:


Speculation wild as Michelle Obama joins Clintons, Biden alone on Air Force One

from WND:

No doubt, the Democratic Party and the establishment media are having a hard time selling President Joe Biden as a winning candidate. Even to his few remaining avid supporters, the writing on the wall isn’t good.

Biden’s questionable health and competency alongside his failed policies have become overtly blaring. A whopping 54 percent of respondents to a Yahoo News/YouGov poll this month said he lacks “the competence to carry out the job of president” today, let alone for another four years.

Virginia Election Official ‘Altered Election Results’ in 2020

by Matt Margolis, PJ Media:

The Democrats and the media have long maintained that the 2020 election was “the most secure election in U.S. history,” but, according to court documents, the former general registrar of Prince William County, Va., who was indicted on corruption charges last year, is alleged to have “changed election results” in the 2020 election.

Is the Next PLANDEMIC Starting in China? — Todd Callender Interview

from Man in America:


School vaccine campaigns come under scrutiny in France after 12-year-old boy dies on school floor following HPV shot

by Lance D Johnson, Natural News:

Despite there being multiple court cases in the U.S., India, Japan, Colombia, Spain and France proving the HPV vaccine to be an instrument of death and debilitation, pharmaceutical companies and multinational organizations continue to fund HPV vaccine campaigns in school systems around the world.

A nationwide HPV vaccine campaign was launched in French schools on October 19, 2023. The vaccine campaign targeted schoolchildren ages 11-14. Not only did the toxic, aluminum-based injection poison every single student injected, but the vaccine program also went on to cause the death of a 12-year-old boy named Elouan.

Trudeau Supports Partnership With EU For Digital ID Push, Suggests it Will Help Curb Online “Disinformation”

by Dan Frieth, Ready Nutrition:

Part of the global push towards the controversial technology.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, a proponent of centralized control, has finalized a controversial collaborative digital partnership with the European Union. This agreement exhibits full commitment to the introduction of a digital identity system in Canada and the government is pursuing it, in part, under the guise of fighting online “disinformation.”

Zelensky Insider Blows Whistle on Massive Elite Pedophile Ring in Ukraine

from The People’s Voice:


FDA approves Pfizer’s maternal RSV vaccine despite trial safety signals of increased premature birth

by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

A recent article published in The British Medical Journal (“The BMJ”) details the debate that has broken out over whether Pfizer should have told pregnant women participating in its trial of maternal respiratory syncytial virus (“RSV”) vaccination that a trial of GSK’s similar vaccine was halted over a safety signal around pre-term birth.

Pfizer’s maternal RSV vaccine is called Abrysvo.

This Move Could Mean Our End (Ep. 2139)

from The Dan Bongino Show:


How Pfizer and Moderna Control Vaccine Discourse

by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola:

  • Pfizer financed consumer, medical and civil rights organizations that lobbied for COVID jab mandates, thereby creating the false appearance of broad support
  • Moderna controls the vaccine debate and influences vaccine policy by working with a third party nongovernmental organization (NGO) called Public Good Projects (PGP), which monitors and censors online discussions about the COVID shots on Moderna’s behalf

Speaker Mike Johnson Protecting J6 Deep State Insiders: False Flag FED Op EXPOSED

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After Pledging $70 Million, Charles Koch Selects Nikki Haley as the Vessel to Remove His Trump Problem

from The Conservative Treehouse:

In the era where they refuse to accept their irrelevance, billionaires and their political money are easy parted.  So goes the game of grift amid the professional political class when contrast against the power of We The People.  It’s actually quite funny to watch and doesn’t annoy me one bit.

Charles Koch, a man of notorious disposition who loves open borders and multinational trade – which puts him on the outside of the America First movement, had previously pledged to spend $70 million (through his Americans For Prosperity political action committee) to remove President Trump.  Today, Charles Koch selected Nikki Haley over Ron DeSantis to be the vessel for his effort.

I Became Convinced Lockdown Was Needed for “Man-Made” Virus Due to Information From “Friends Outside Government”, Michael Gove Tells Covid Inquiry

by Will Jones, Daily Sceptic:

The Government was not prepared for a man-made virus and should have been quicker and firmer in its response, Michael Gove told the Covid Inquiry today.

The Minister for the Cabinet Office during the pandemic added that his view on the need for lockdowns changed at the end of February 2020 due to information supplied by “friends outside Government”.

His comments provide new support for the theory that Western Governments imposed lockdowns during March 2020 because its key decisionmakers were convinced that the virus was man-made and possibly an escaped bioweapon.

Is It Really Happening? Judge Orders FBI to Turn Over Evidence About the Hit on Former DNC Staffer Seth Rich

by JD Rucker, Discern Report:

Was it a “robbery gone bad” as law enforcement says or was Seth Rich involved in dangerous business with powerful Democrats?

A federal judge has ordered the government and law enforcement to disclose to the court information about suspected DNC leaker Seth Rich’s murder. The release is to include Rich’s laptops, DVD, and the tape drive associated with the case.

Court Rejects Another Bid to Keep President Trump Off Primary Ballot


from The Epoch Times:

A federal court has rejected another bid to disqualify President Trump from the 2024 candidacy, citing an earlier ruling by an appeals court.

A federal district court in Rhode Island on Monday rejected a bid to disqualify former President Donald Trump from candidacy in the 2024 presidential elections, citing an earlier ruling by an appeals court that rejected a similar claim.

Chief Judge John J. McConnell of the U.S. District Court in Rhode Island on Monday summarily dismissed a complaint by John Anthony Castro, a lesser-known Republican presidential candidate from Texas, who sought to disqualify President Trump from the ballot.