Monday, September 27, 2021

New study further debunks “far-right” rabbit hole YouTube narrative

by Christina Maas, Reclaim The Net:

A new study helps debunk the myth of “radicalization” that’s often used to call for censorship.

YouTube uses algorithms to suggest videos depending on what you watch. There have been many stories about how YouTube’s recommendation algorithms have “radicalized” people by populating their viewings with a specific subject, particularly when the subjects are “conspiracy theories.”

Vanguard Offers $1,000 To Vaccine Holdouts To Get Jabbed

from ZeroHedge:

Remember when you were in college and the local clinic would offer you $20 to participate in some “benign” medical experiment? Well, we are now at $1000 and rising fast.

* * *

Late last week, when we were stunned to report that Biden had called on states to bribe vaccine holdouts with a $100 “mini stimmy” to get vaccinated, we said that this infuriatingly perverted incentive would backfire spectacularly, as it would not only set expectations for even higher bribes by authorities and employers, but would also lead to far lower vaccination rates as the hesitant waited for ever higher sums of money to get the jab.

Disney’s ‘Muppet Babies’ Producer Hopes Cross-Dressing ‘Princess’ Gonzo ‘Inspires Kids’

by Neil Munro, Breitbart:

Producers of Disney’s CGI Muppet Babies series used the pre-school children-targeted program to promote cross-dressing and transgenderism. The episode, titled “Gonzo-rella,” saw Gonzo get his wish to dress up as a princess to the “royal ball” after Piggy tells him boys have to play knights.

“Very early on, we wanted to do an episode where Gonzo just showed up to the Playroom wearing a skirt,” Muppet Babies executive producer Tom Warburton told, which is run by the corporate-owned Disney fan club. Muppet Babies is aimed at children aged 4 to 7.


Attorney Tom Renz is a champion for truth who is standing up for all of us. They have murdered thousands of people, quite possibly more than 45,000 according to a government whistleblower – and Tom along with America’s Frontline Doctors is suing to uncover the truth about this horrific crime.

American Medical Association Gets Woke: Remove Biological Sex from Birth Certificates

by Penny Starr, Breitbart:

The left-wing American Medical Association’s (AMA) Board of Trustees kept busy over the summer crafting a resolution in favor of removing the terms “male” and “female” from birth certificates, claiming evidence of an individual being born is the only information necessary.

The board weighed in on the two forms of current birth documentation in the United States — the certificate of live birth used for data collection and the birth certificate — which currently contains the names of parents, the child or children, and their biological sex.

The Occult Meaning of Shenseea’s “Run Run”: Sacrifice for Fame

from Vigilant Citizen:

In her first video after signing with a major label, Shenseea partakes in an infernal ritual that ends with a sacrifice. Indeed, the video “Run Run” appears to confirm a rumor that has been circulating in Shenseea’s native Jamaica for a while: She sold her soul to the occult elite.

When I write about a new artist that’s suddenly popular, I usually briefly describe the path that led them to mainstream media. And, from one artist to another, that path is strikingly similar. First, the artist is unsigned but has a sizeable following and is generating quite a buzz. Then, the artist gets signed to a major label (often Interscope Records), and everything changes: The artist suddenly starts making the one-eye sign in photoshoots and releases a ritualistic video filled with occult symbolism.

UPDATED Form for Employees Whose Employers Are Requiring Covid-19 Injections

by Corey Lynn, Corey’s Digs:

The first version of this form was written in May by Corey’s Digs for The Solari Report, and has been updated this week by the Solari team to account for future events, as things evolve. Please review this important information, legal and medical resources, and form to submit to employers.

[NOTE TO EMPLOYEE: Be sure to document the date and time you submit the form to your employer; also document the date and time and their response if they refuse to sign it. Note that three other Solari Report forms1,2,3 are also available as downloadable PDFs: the “Family Financial Disclosure Form for Covid-19 Injections”; “Notice and Declaration of Parental Authority Requirement of Disclosure and Safety of Medical Treatment/s”; and “Form for Students Attending Colleges or Universities Requiring Covid-19 Injections under Emergency Use Authorization.”]

Have The Social Media Companies Become Way Too Powerful?

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Do you remember the early days of the Internet? It was like “the wild west”, and that could be bad, but in many ways it was also very good. The Internet was very decentralized at that time, and information could flow very freely. For the very first time, ordinary people could communicate with others all over the globe on a massive scale, and I believe that was an incredibly positive development for humanity. Unfortunately, the elite were absolutely horrified by this free flow of information and they became obsessed with restricting it. Today, highly advanced algorithms have been designed to shape our behavior online. We are increasingly being funneled to just a handful of immensely powerful corporate-owned websites, and information on those sites is heavily monitored, controlled and censored.

Podcaster Says He Was Offered “Significant” Money by UK Government to Push COVID Info

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

“If you want Covid information, speak to your Doctor.”

A podcaster says he was offered a “significant” amount of money by the UK government to push COVID information but refused, instead asserting that people should “speak to your Doctor.”

Tim Cocker is a television and radio personality who primarily fronts sports content, but he was apparently contacted by the state and offered cash to use his platform to amplify what authorities want people to think about the coronavirus and vaccines.

Father Considers Lawsuit Against Gender Clinic For Affirming 9-Year-Old Autistic Son As Transgender Lesbian

by Jon Brown, Daily Wire:

A father is weighing civil action against the Minnesota gender clinic he claims tried to refer his autistic son for puberty blockers after affirming him as transgender when he was nine years old.

Brenton Netz, 49, of Marquette, Michigan, detailed to The Daily Wire the uphill battle he has faced trying to prevent his son from being inducted into the transgender ideology he described as a “state-sanctioned cult.”

It’s Real And It’s Out Of Control – The Media Defends First-Grade School Children Being Taught ‘Pornography Literacy’ Classes And LGBT Parents Teaching Kids ‘Kink’

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Remember back when you were in first grade, where finger painting, art classes, math, and English were what were taught to children?

Well, those days are over. We have previously discussed the California educational system, and the sex-related curriculum, and “gender identity” lessons for children as young as kindergarteners, and now we see  New York Schools are causing parental outrage by teaching first graders “Pornography literacy,” including “masturbation” videos.”

Yes, to be clear, they are teaching six year old children about touching themselves for pleasure. Not only that, but they think that because they “teach” them not to do it in public, that everything is A-OK!



Biden Admin Linked Radical Handbook Instructing Teachers To ‘Disrupt Whiteness’ As Part Of School Reopening Guidance, Admits ‘Error’

by Emily Zanotti, Daily Wire:

The Biden administration has admitted the Department of Education made an “error” after Fox News revealed that the DOE promoted a radical handbook from the Abolitionist Teaching Network as part of its COVID-19 school reopening guidance. The  Fox News report added that the ATN instructs teachers to “disrupt whiteness” and that an ATN founder sees it as her mission to “trouble [white teachers’] internalized White supremacy and anti-Blackness.”