Monday, October 2, 2023

COVID Mask Mandates Are Starting To Reemerge As Government Insiders Begin Whisper Campaign Of New Lockdowns And Restrictions In September

by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

The recent upturn in COVID-19 cases in some regions has spurred a handful of entities around the country to reinstate mask mandates, reigniting the debate over what place masking requirements have in an era of living with the coronavirus.

Real science vs. fake science: learn the truth about the so-called “climate emergency”

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

When it comes to the science surrounding climate change, there are two distinct camps saying opposing things about the current state of global weather patterns.

On the one hand, you have climate fanatics who insist the world is “boiling” or “melting,” and that the only way to fix it is to ban everything that makes life in modern times livable. On the other hand, you have climate realists who admit that the climate has always been changing, and that there is no real climate emergency based on historical weather patterns.

Stupid Ideological Nonsense Is So Fundamental to the American System That There Is No Path to Fixing This Society

by Andrew Anglin, The Unz Review:

Imagine it – we’re two and a half years out from the event.

They knew exactly who every single one of these people was within hours.

The Capitol has thousands of cameras. And unless you don’t have a driver’s license, the FBI has your biometrics, and can identify you with CCTV footage. Frankly, they probably have your biometrics even if you never had your photo taken for a driver’s license or other state ID (but that would obviously be a very small group of people).

NBC News Edits Trump’s Mugshot to Make it More Orange

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

NBC News on Thursday night released an edited version of former President Donald Trump’s mugshot that was changed to appear more orange.

The image on the left (and pictured below) is Trump’s mugshot as it appears on NBC News (Archive).

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

from Vigilant Citizen:

In this edition of SPOM: The blatant symbolism surrounding the Barbie movie; Millie Bobby Brown shows submission to the industry; Doja Cat is losing it. Also: What the hell is wrong with Travis Scott’s Instagram account?

I recently watched Barbie at a movie theatre and, honestly, the experience stunned me. And not in a good way. Witnessing the audience applaud the weird, toxic, and borderline hateful messages found throughout the movie left me somewhat queasy and worried for the next generation.

Mel K & Annabella Rockwell | Beware Campus Indoctrination is Coming for Your Kids

from The Mel K Show:


Justin Trudeau’s Online News Act Has Caused a News Blackout as Wildfires Rage

by Cindy Harper, Reclaim The Net:

Trudeau’s authoritarian push, an attempt to force Facebook to pay legacy media, has backfired.

In an age where digital platforms are primary sources of real-time information, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s clash with Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, formerly Facebook, has become more poignant than ever. With wildfires raging across the country, the stakes are high.


from Fearless Nation:


Is this an example of predictive programming? According to an obscure 2016 study, scientists warn that ‘being too happy’ could cause heart attacks.

YouTube Boosts Its Censorship Campaign

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

YouTube has created a new framework to crack down on so-called “medical misinformation” and boost its censorship campaign on the platform. The quick slide into dystopia is getting quicker.

YouTube has been known to ban and censor channels that tread too far from the official narrative.

YouTube Gives Itself “Free Expression” Award Then Brags About Censoring Dissent

“In the years since we began our efforts to make YouTube a destination for high-quality health content, we’ve learned critical lessons about developing Community Guidelines in line with local and global health authority guidance on topics that pose serious real-world risks, such as misinformation on [Wuhan coronavirus] COVID-19, vaccines, reproductive health, harmful substances and more,” reads a blog post written by YouTube. “We’re taking what we’ve learned so far about the most effective ways to tackle medical misinformation to simplify our approach for creators, viewers, and partners.”

Why the COVID Delusion Continues

by Jeff Thomas, International Man:

Well, the COVID panic has been over for more than a year, and most people seem to be breathing a bit easier now, both literally and figuratively.

Most everyone has returned to their pre-COVID lives. The masks are mostly gone, and testing is only undertaken by a few people who remain in fear.

The great majority of people state that they did the “right thing” and got the requisite initial jabs, although a majority of people state that they decided against the boosters. The reason? Most are unclear on that, except to say that, “I was beginning to have doubts… but I’m still glad I got the initial injections.”

Parents Sue Over Washington State Law Letting State Give Gender Treatments to Runaway Kids

by Michael Tennant, The New American:

A group of concerned parents is suing Washington-state officials over a new law that allows the state to provide gender-transition treatments to runaway children without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

According to the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court Wednesday by America First Legal (AFL), Engrossed Senate Substitute Bill (SB) 5599, which took effect July 23, “authorizes the state to refer a minor for ‘behavioral health services’ without defining what that entails, potentially meaning that a minor could receive — at least — mental health services that the parents would not endorse, and arguably also medical treatment that the parents would not authorize. There is no age minimum in SB 5599 for such services.”

Assault on Reality: Trans Products Undermine Women’s Identity

by Tom Renz, Esq., America Outloud:

What I want to talk about today is the war on God and its tie-in to business.

There was a great article on Front Page titled, “Target CEO: “Applying What We Learned” After Sales Crash Due to ‘Transgenderizing’ Kids. “You will see us celebrate Pride, but with these modifications.” It starts out with,

“The media is calling what happened to Target a “Pride Month backlash.” That’s not true. Target has been doing Pride Month for a long time. So have most major corporations. They’re not being boycotted over that.”

Dem Governor Sued Over New Law Allowing State To Hide Child Sex-Change Surgeries From Parents

by Zach Jewell, Daily Wire:

Washington Democratic Governor Jay Inslee was sued Wednesday by a nonprofit legal group seeking to stop the enforcement of a law allowing the state to hide child sex-change surgeries from parents.

American First Legal, led by former Trump adviser Stephen Miller, filed the lawsuit over Senate Bill 5599, which was recently signed into law by Inslee. The bill was pushed by leftist lawmakers as protection of trans-identifying youth and allows “host homes” to keep parents in the dark about their child’s sex-change procedure. According to American First Legal, the legislation “creates a dangerous incentive for minors who disagree with their parents on ‘gender-affirming care’ to run away to a shelter or host home.”

Teacher Blows Whistle on Dangerous Trainings for Public Schools


from Conversations That Matter: