Sunday, June 16, 2019

India Reacts to Depressed Silver Prices – Ted Butler

by Ted Butler, Silver Seek:

Several recent articles have highlighted a surge of silver imports to India, prompting me to take a closer look. India has always been a big buyer of silver and gold, befitting the traditions and culture of the country with the world’s second largest population. The population of India, more than 1.3 billion citizens, is now only about 50 million less than that of China. Combined, both countries make up 35% of the total world population (7.7 billion) and have always been large buyers and holders of gold and silver. Together, India and China absorb close to 50% of total world gold and silver mine production.

Pence Goes to War: America Will Be Fighting Forever

by Philip Giraldi, Strategic Culture:

On May 25th Vice President Mike Pence was the featured speaker at the United States Military Academy commencement. His speech was predictably an encomium celebrating both the diversity and the success of the newly commissioned officers as well as of the system at West Point that had produced them, but it also included interesting insights into how he and the other non-veterans who dominate the policy making in the White House see the military.

D.C. Think Tank Details How U.S. Can Destroy Russia (Video)

by Alex Christoforou, The Duran:

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss a recent RAND Corporation research paper which delivers a detailed road map as to how the United States can destabilize Russia, and systematically destroy the Russian Federation by employing economic, social-ideological, geopolitical and military tactics.

US Releases “Smoking Gun” Video Of Iran’s Navy Handling Mine On Tanker Hull

from ZeroHedge:

In a perhaps positive sign that could slow the attempts of hawks within the administration to push for war over Thursday’s mysterious attacks on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman, US Central Command issued a statement just hours after Pompeo officially blamed Tehran, saying in a CENTCOM press release that “a war with Iran is not in our strategic interest, nor in the best interest of the international community.”


by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

It comes as tensions in the Persian Gulf between the United States and Iran are threatening to reach boiling point. In recent weeks, Washington has sent a number of battleships to the region in response to what it says are Iranian threats against American interests and its allies in the region. The Kokuka Courageous had set sail from Al Jubail in Saudi Arabia on June 10 and was due to reach Singapore by June 22. Oil prices soared by 3.5 per cent following news of the explosions, according to reports.

The Panama-flagged Kokuka Courageous is believed to have been targeted by a magnetic mine causing a series of massive explosions on board.

UK Home Secretary Signs Request for Assange’s Extradition to the US

from Sputnik News:

The whistleblower and WikiLeaks founder is currently serving a 50-week sentence in a London jail for violating his bail conditions in 2012, when he took refuge inside the Ecuadorian Embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden on sexual assault charges which have been dropped and reopened repeatedly.

UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid has confirmed that he has signed a request for Julian Assange to be extradited to the United States.


by Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars:

Labour went on to win election by less than a thousand votes

Police are investigating a Facebook comment by a Labour Party supporter who claimed that he burned a thousand Brexit Party ballot papers before the recent Peterborough by-election and “laughed whilst doing it”.

“She [Lisa Forbes] got nominated (elected) because 3 people including me burned over a [sic] 1000 votes for TBP [The Brexit Party], and laughed while doing it,” said Alan Roddis.

Reflections on Bugging Out – the Venezuela Experience Edition

by J. G. Martinez D., The Organic Prepper:

I mentioned in my previous article how, in a sadly surprising twist, people have started to leave Venezuela on foot. For those of you who did not know, there is a good reason for that: it was the only way for those with fewer resources. Walking to the frontier to Colombia, then across Ecuador, until arriving in Peru is not exactly what you could call easy. People have been murdered, children have died, accidents have occurred. Weather in some places is unbearable for Venezuelans, who are used to a fair, tropical humid and sunny environment. It’s not easy to keep a record of how many people has left: the authorities are not sealing the passports (of the few people who hold them) because they are aware that in the future this is going to be used for prosecution. Forcing people into displacement is a felony, just as the guerrilla did in Colombia. There are hidden roads called “trochas” (narrow trails in the open country that go straight through the unpatrolled Colombian border) used by people to leave. Of course, guerrilla, colectivos gangs, and national guards in the Venezuelan side control this and charge cash to let people go through. There are some coyotes as well, and some people decide to go with them, even with all the dangers involved. Colombian forces just can wait on their side, with some water, medical assistance, and food, so the people can continue walking to their destination.

The Trade War Is About To Become An Economic World War III

by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:

For many years I have examined how wars of all types have been used by the money elite to distract the masses and maintain a certain level of influence over social and political systems. But war is not only a useful tool for keeping the status quo. Some wars, particularly world wars, are often catalyzed and exploited by those with a globalist agenda as a way to change the way civilizations function and think. The goal? To influence the masses to abandon their attachments to concepts like individualism, nationalism, free markets and sovereignty, and to embrace collectivism and total centralization.

‘Suspicious doesn’t begin to describe what happened’: Iran’s FM on tanker ‘attacks’ in Gulf of Oman

from RT:

Iran’s foreign minister has labeled the reported attack on two “Japan-related” oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman as “suspicious,” occurring just as Japanese Prime Minister Abe came to Tehran for major talks.

Expressing his misgivings on Twitter, Javad Zarif noted that the incidents on the two vessels on Thursday, one of which had been reportedly struck by a torpedo, had occurred as Abe sat down for “extensive and friendly” discussions with Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

Gulf Of Tonkin 2? US Official Claims “Highly Likely” Iran Behind Oman Tanker Attacks

from ZeroHedge:

Update 4: Nobody has stepped forward to take responsibility for Thursday’s suspected torpedoing of two oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, and Iran’s Foreign Minister has argued that Iran has nothing to gain and everything to lose by provoking the Europeans and Japanese, but that hasn’t stopped Washington from beating the ol’ war drum.

According to CBS News, a senior American defense official told the channel’s top national correspondent that “it’s highly likely Iran caused these attacks.” He also dismissed Iran’s claim that it helped rescue the crews of both ships as “patently false,” adding that the USS Bainbridge picked up 21 crew members. Iran said it dispatched a rescue team that picked up all 44 crew members from the two damaged vessels.