Sunday, June 16, 2019

A Venezuelan Collapse Survivor Warns You to be Mobile: “You May Have to Leave It All Behind”


by J. G. Martinez D, The Organic Prepper:

I have mentioned in several opportunities what I could have done better, given the chance. Here some of my afterthoughts about it. As good as your plan may be, you may have to leave it all behind. You must plan to be mobile.

Some of these preparedness plans may not work as well as we would expect. No matter how wonderful your retreat is, there may come a time when you have to leave. And you must plan for that, too.

FBI refuses to release three-dozen secret memos involving Clintons, Russia and Obama

by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

Between the DOJ stonewalling Campbell and the MSM smear job he was subjected to after he went public, perhaps it’s more important than ever that those 37 pages see the light of day.

The FBI has refused to declassify 37 pages of materials related to the Uranium One deal, citing national security and the privacy issues, reports The Hill‘s John Solomon. The documents are thought to contain information regarding then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s involvement, as well as the Obama administration’s knowledge of the controversial deal.

French central bank and JP Morgan team up to boost Gold Lending


by Ronan Manly, BullionStar:

The central bank gold lending market, centered in London, is probably the most secretive financial market in the world, with very little known about its transactions and market structure.

The gold lending market’s opacity is further supported by regulators who protect the secrecy of the central banks, and mainstream financial news agencies whose editorial policies seem to forbid any market investigations, in-depth or otherwise.

It is in the gold lending market that the central banks of the world lend out their gold holdings to commercial bullion banks, where the physical gold is sold and shipped out, and where the central banks then claim to hold interest-earning ‘gold deposits’ with the bullion banks. These gold-deposits (which are merely a claim on a bullion bank) then mostly roll over short-term, passed around indefinitely between the clubby LBMA cartel of bullion banks, in a totally opaque behind the scenes network.

Shocker, not: Macron AWOL as violence, protests continue in Paris

from Fellowship Of The Minds:

From Fox NewsAs France braces for another round of violent protests this weekend in Paris and the rest of the country, embattled French President Emmanuel Macron is a missing man as his government tries to curb the chaos caused in part by his unpopular plan to hike gas taxes.

Macron swept into power in 2017, having emerged out of obscurity less than a year earlier. Espousing his own brand of centrism, he has presented himself on the world stage as a spokesman for multilateralism and internationalism against a nationalist wave moving through Europe.

“As Goes Africa, So Goes Humanity”


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

It has been only a week and a day since the historic July 16 Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki, but already the world has changed dramatically. “There are those who are aware of these positive changes” and are working to bring them to fruition, Helga Zepp- LaRouche stated today, “and then there are those who are wearing geopolitical spectacles and who refuse to see the changes. They are still defending a status quo which no longer exists. They just don’t get it!”

The combination of the Belt and Road Initiative, Zepp-LaRouche continued, and Trump’s policies–at least most of them, especially his summit meeting with Putin–are moving the world to a different plateau. What is emerging is a New Paradigm of cooperation among sovereign nations, precisely along the lines that Lyndon LaRouche has laid out for the last half-century.

The View of Russia in the West — Paul Craig Roberts

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

The upcoming Trump/Putin summit is hampered by the crazed portrait of Russia painted by presstitutes. Jonathan Chait, Amy Knight, Max Bergmann, Yaroslav Trofimov, Roger Cohen, and the rest of the conscious or de facto CIA assets that comprise the Western presstitute media have turned Putin into a superhuman who controls election outcomes throughout the West, murders people without rhyme or reason, and has President Trump under his thumb doing Putin’s bidding. Who could imagine a more extreme conspiracy theory?

Jonathan Chait in New York magazine writes that “the dark crevices of the Russia scandal run deep,” so deep that “it would be dangerous not to consider the possibility that the summit is less a negotiation between two heads of state than a meeting between a Russian-intelligence asset and his handler.”

Austria’s New Coalition Betrays on CETA Trade Agreement

by F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook:

US President Trump told the world his government rejects negotiations on the highly controversial TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). Citizen groups and EU opponents of the Obama comprehensive trade agreement breathed a sigh of relief. Too little attention has been given to the agreement reached between Canada and CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (German: Umfassendes Wirtschafts- und Handelsabkommen), sometimes called the Canada-EU Trade Agreement. Secretly and behind any public open discussion, the largest global multinational corporations are moving the world closer to a top-down corporate dictatorship, a 21st Century version of Mussolini’s Corporativism. A major potential roadblock to CETA approval has now fallen in Austria under a new populist coalition government of Sebastian Kurz.

Even the World’s Most Cashless Nation Doesn’t Want to Go Fully Cashless

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

It’s too risky and systematically excludes the most vulnerable people.

There are small but growing signs that Europe’s “War on Cash” is not going exactly according to plan. First, a number of central bankers began voicing concerns about its potential ramifications. Now, even in Sweden, the first European country to enlist its own citizens as largely willing guinea pigs in an economic experiment — negative interest rates in a cashless society — public support is beginning to waver.

France to Deploy Military Against Next Round of Yellow Vest Protests

from The Anti Media:

If the black smoke over the Paris skyline and charred cars and buildings along the Champs-Elysees which have become characteristic of France’s increasingly violent Yellow Vest protests over the past months weren’t alarming enough, things look to get much worse as the government prepares to escalate.

In an effort to clamp down on the unraveling security situation, which has lately seen banks and residential buildings torched, and luxury stores and restaurants vandalized and destroyed, the French authorities have announced the deployment of anti-terrorism military forces in order to protect and secure public buildings.

PHOTOS Show Alleged Soviet Nuclear-Powered Satellites in Space


from Sputnik News:

A series of satellites equipped with on-board nuclear power units were launched by the Soviet Union between 1965 and 1988, in a bid to monitor NATO warships.

Dutch astronomer Marco Langbroek has photographed what he claims are the Soviet nuclear-powered satellites Kosmos-1860 and Kosmos-1412. 

When posting their photos on his Twitter page, he referred to them as RORSAT (Radar Ocean Reconnaissance Satellites), an abbreviation that was used by Western countries when codenaming the Kosmos-1860 and the Kosmos 1412.

The photos, which were made in the Dutch town of Leiden, show what look like at least two bright points, seen against the background of stars in outer space.

Commenting on his tweet with the photos, Langbroek said that each of the alleged satellites was equipped with a BES-5 Buk on-board nuclear power unit with a capacity of 5 kilowatts.

Between 1965 to 1988, the Soviet Union launched a total of 33 nuclear-powered Controlled Active Satellites into near-Earth orbit, tasked with monitoring NATO and merchant vessels with the help of a radar.

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The Noose Tightens on the British Empire

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

On Thursday morning, Attorney General William Barr is scheduled to release the Mueller report, with redactions, according to laws regarding security and the privacy of Grand Jury proceedings. While the Trump haters and conspirators are preparing various operations to keep Russiagate going, despite the report’s exoneration of Trump’s imagined “collusion,” the reality that the British ran the entire operation, as identified from the beginning by EIR, is now bursting out into the open, and is threatening to be the subject of criminal investigations in the Department of Justice and in the Congress.

BREAKING: President Trump In Running for Nobel Peace Prize – With At Least Two Officials Supporting His Nomination

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

A new report from Spain claims President Trump is in the running for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The US president was nominated by Japanese Prime Minister Abe for his work on the North Korean nuclear threat.

ABC International, a Spanish national daily newspaper, reported (translated):

5 Things We’ve Learned From Interview With Skripal Poisoning “Suspects”

from Sputnik News:

Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, the two suspected perpetrators of the Salisbury poisoning, spoke out in an unprecedented interview on Thursday. They shed light on their trip to the UK, which has made international headlines after British officials accused them of attempting to kill former Russian military intelligence officer Sergei Skripal.

Enjoying English Gothics

When asked about why they decided to visit the UK, Alexander and Ruslan told Sputnik and RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan this wasn’t a business trip. They wanted to “cut loose” in London first and then go and see Salisbury in one day. Unfortunately, their plans were disrupted by what they called a “transport collapse” after heavy snowfalls hit the country in early March.