Friday, December 8, 2023


Justin Trudeau’s Online News Act Has Caused a News Blackout as Wildfires Rage

by Cindy Harper, Reclaim The Net:

Trudeau’s authoritarian push, an attempt to force Facebook to pay legacy media, has backfired.

In an age where digital platforms are primary sources of real-time information, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s clash with Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, formerly Facebook, has become more poignant than ever. With wildfires raging across the country, the stakes are high.

ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC Censor Joe ‘Robert Peters’ Biden’s Alias Scandal

by Geoffrey Dickens, Newsbusters:

Boom! Another bombshell just dropped in the Biden family bribery scandal and again the leftist media outlets have censored it.

It looks like President Joe Biden used various aliases and pseudonyms including the name “Robert L. Peters” in his correspondence with Hunter Biden. So far the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks as well as CNN and MSNBC have yet to air a second on this stunning new development.

On Thursday morning it was reported that House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer asked the National Archives (on Wednesday) to release any unredacted records of then-Vice President Biden using a pseudonym.

Democratic Party News Media’s Thirst for Russian Blood

by Eric Zuesse, The Duran:

On August 14th, one of the Democratic Party mainstream ‘news’-media, NBC, deigned to do an on-air interview of RFK Jr., who is running in the Democratic Party’s primaries to be the 2024 Presidential nominee instead of Biden, and this occasion offered the best presentation I’ve yet seen of how radically against Biden RFK Jr. really is on the Ukraine issue (the issue that’s the likeliest to bring WW3, so it’s probably the most important of all the world’s issues). His historical account had the time-line — the sequence of events in this matter — mixed-up, but was otherwise, so far as I’m aware, entirely truthful about what the key events were, and about the U.S. Government’s deeply shameful actions regarding Ukraine, which have led to this war.

Steve Quayle – Preparing for Times Ahead & Maui Smart City Agenda!

from mariazeee:


PREDICTABLE: Sunday Shows on Liberal Networks Completely Ignore Devon Archer Testimony in Biden Scandal

by Mike LaChance, The Gateway Pundit:

The majority of Sunday news shows this weekend completely ignored the devastating testimony from Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer last week.

It’s not surprising because most people know at this point that the liberal media is now basically the public relations arm of the Democrat party.

They’re not going to report on or discuss anything that might harm Joe Biden, or any other Democrat for that matter.

EXCLUSIVE: Capitol Police Chief Called Jan 6 Events ‘A Cover Up’ in Tucker Carlson Interview HIDDEN By Fox News

by Raheem Kassam, The National Pulse:

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund told then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson that events surrounding the January 6th riots at the U.S. Capitol appear to have been a “cover up,” in never-seen-before footage published exclusively by The National Pulse.

In the hour-long interview, Sund laments the behaviors of then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as well as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, who he says had intelligence to suggest problems on Capitol Hill, which they failed to communicate with Sund and his cops on the ground.

GET READY … for the Greatest “Shock and Awe” False Flag Operation in Human History

from State Of The Nation:

ETs & EBEs
Area 51 & RAF Rudloe Manor
Pine Gap & Groom Lake
Majestic 12 & UFO Truth Embargo
JFK Assassination & Forrestal MurderHillary Clinton & John Podesta
First Contact & SETI
Disclosure & The Galileo Project
Roswell Incident & Interstellar Oumuamua
Alien Abductions & Alien Invasions

10 Signs That The Mainstream Media Is Not Telling You The Truth About The Economy

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

If you believe the corporate media, the U.S. economy is doing absolutely great as we start to roll through the second half of 2023.  Even though inflation is out of control, the commercial real estate market is in free fall, corporate bankruptcies are surging, and large businesses all over America are conducting mass layoffs, we are being told that everything is just peachy.  For example, the following comes from a recent NPR article entitled “What recession? It’s a summer of splurging, profits and girl power”


from Ivory Hecker:


“Nothing to See Here”: Members and the Media Panic as the Biden Scandal Mounts

by Jonathan Turley, Jonathan Turley:

Below is my column in the New York Post on the last ditch effort of the members of Congress and the media to get the public to just “move on” from the Biden corruption scandal. The message has been clear and amplified, as former U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) insisted on MSNBC, “Everybody needs to back off!” As evidence and public interest increase, it is a bit late for spin or shiny objects. This week, the scandal is likely to be even more serious for the Bidens and the country. The media is increasingly taking on the appearance of Leslie Nielsen in Naked Gun yelling that there is “nothing to see here” in front of a virtual apocalyptic scene of fire and destruction.

FAKE CLIMATE DATA EXPOSED! – They’re Faking The WEATHER! – No We Are NOT Seeing Record Highs!

from World Alternative Media:


The White House Is Now Hiding Joe Biden’s Trips Up and Down Stairs on Air Force One

by Victoria Taft, PJ Media:

You won’t have stories about Joe Biden tripping up or down the stairs on Air Force One to kick around anymore. That’s because the White House brass have issued a directive ordering staff to hide how Joe gets in and out of the presidential jet. It won’t stop the president from tripping, but you, an American voter, won’t have to be subjected to watching it anymore.

If you’ve been paying attention, you understand why. If you haven’t, well, I regret to inform you. Go ahead, hit play.

Biden IRS Crime, Deep State Jail Trump, War & Currency

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

This week was a rough week for the people supporting President Biden. IRS whistleblower testimony in Congress under oath made it abundantly clear President Biden and his family enriched themselves at the expense of America. In short, it looks like they took treasonous bribes, and this may be just scratching the surface. How many other people in the Washington, D.C. swamp got a cut of Biden booty? We don’t know, but the evidence presented this week shows the Bidens, including the President (aka “The Big Guy”), took money from foreign sources, including China. The Constitution clearly says a President can be impeached for taking a bribe.

Meta’s Threads ‘Bombs’ As Daily Active Users Halved

from ZeroHedge:

The hype surrounding “Threads,” the new social network launched by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has collapsed. Threads has unraveled so quickly that new data shows active users have been halved.

Threads launched in the US on July 5 and reached over 100 million sign-ups by that weekend. Shortly after, Zuckerberg wrote in a post, “Can’t believe it’s only been five days!”

Zuckerberg appears to have prematurely taken a victory lap because early last week, we noted data from SensorTower and SimilarWeb showing an exodus of users and a plunge in engagements. The note was titled Threads Unravels: So-Called ‘Twitter Killer’ App Sees Exodus Of Users, Plunge In Engagement.