Sunday, July 21, 2024


from SGT Report:

Brent Johnson returns to SGT Report with the cold hard truth. Until we the people stand up for our liberty, make arrests and put the traitors in jail or put them to death, nothing will ever change. The corporate government will continue to trample all over us.

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from SGT Report:

Guy Gotslak from My Digital Money is back to discuss the deep state’s Trump assassination attempt, Trump’s disdain for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), his support for Bitcoin and the likelihood that Bitcoin will become a strategic asset for the US government under a Trump presidency. Thanks for tuning in.

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Israel’s Secret Water War On Gaza

from Great Game India:

On July 17, Oxfam unveiled a shocking report (view below) accusing Israel of using water as a weapon in Gaza, drastically cutting the region’s water supply by 94% through targeted attacks on facilities. With 88% of Gaza’s water wells destroyed and all desalination plants out of commission, nearly a quarter of Gazans are now suffering from preventable diseases. The crisis has worsened with the discovery of poliovirus in Gaza’s sewage, threatening a public health disaster. Oxfam is urgently calling for a ceasefire, unrestricted humanitarian aid, and reparations from Israel for the extensive damage to Gaza’s water and sanitation infrastructure.

Global Surge in Child Heart Failure Caused by Covid Shots, Top Study Confirms

by Frank Bergman, SlayNews:

A major new study has finally confirmed the cause of soaring heart failure cases among children that are being reported all around the world.

Since early 2021, there has been a global surge in reports of children suffering heart failure and cardiac-related deaths.

The once-rare phenomenon has become almost commonplace in the post-Covid era.

Kamala Harris Is Hiding Something Big Involving January 6, Pipe Bombs, and the Secret Service

from Revolver News:

Kamala Harris has enjoyed renewed attention as speculation mounts that Biden will step down in the aftermath of his disastrous debate performance. Betting markets think that Kamala Harris will be nominated; the DNC has run fundraising ads with Kamala; and black congressional leaders have made it very clear that if Biden steps down, there will be hell to pay if Kamala is passed over. After a brief lull in the immediate aftermath of an assassination attempt on Trump, anti-Biden forces within the Democrat party redoubled their efforts on the last night of the RNC convention, leaking unconfirmed reports suggesting that Chuck Schumer, Pelosi, and even Obama have tried to convince him to step down.

Israeli Soldiers Tell Story of Savage Cruelty in Gaza – One Hidden from Western Publics

by Jonathan Cook, The Unz Review:

Women and children are being targeted intentionally, say Israeli whistleblowers. From ground troops to commanders, the rules of war have been shredded

They just keep coming. On the weekend, Israel launched another devastating air strike on Gaza, killing at least 90 Palestinians and wounding hundreds more, including women, children and rescue workers.

The Old Republican Party Being Mourned By Establishment Republicans Never Had Time For Pro-Family Policies, So Fusionism And Reaganism, Is Dead – Good Riddance

by John M. Grondelski, All News Pipeline:

There’s a rearguard motion afoot in some conservative quarters grousing about the Republican National Convention underway in Milwaukee.  The objection: the 2024 Republican Party is failing conservatism.


National Review carries a piece by Natan Ehrenreich about how some conservatives are in a tizzy because of the Vance vice presidential nomination.  As these Chicken Littles put it, “fusionism, Reaganism, conservatism — whatever you want to call it — is dead.”

CNN’s Report 3 Guns Fired


    by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

    We have these reports that the sound implied that there were three separate guns fired, and thus, there had to be a second shooter. I think if there were a second shooter, Trump would be dead. I tend to think they stood down, let it happen, and hoped for the best. The same routine in 911 – they knew and saw it, it came, and they pretended they were conquered by surprise.

    I think you’re completely wrong on this one, @elonmusk .


    from SGT Report:

    Harley Schlanger is back with analysis and commentary about Dealey Plaza 2.0 and the deep state’s attempt to assassinate Donald J Trump.

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    Microsoft Reportedly Lays Off DEI Team with a Brutal Message

    by Samuel Short, The Gateway Pundit:

    DEI is falling out of style.

    In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in police custody, many companies made highly publicized vows about “diversity, equity and inclusion” initiatives filled with all the typical left-wing rhetoric about race, having “conversations” and “doing better.”

    Doing better how exactly? Focusing on your customer base and delivering quality service?

    Crowdstrike Causes “Digital Pandemic” In Trial Run For “The Great Reset”

    from Press For Truth:

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    Breaking! Hillary Clinton to replace Joe Biden as democrat nominee at DNC convention!


    Russian Missiles Off Alaska? How Moscow Can Respond to US’ Short-Sighted Euromissile Plans

    from Sputnik News:

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has promised to “calibrate [its] responses” to US plans to deploy new offensive missile capabilities in Germany “without any internal constraints” in terms of what arms to place and when and where to place them to ensure Russia’s security. A leading European military observer lays out the options at Russia’s disposal.

    BREAKING: Secret Service Report CONFIRMS Total Stand Down!

    from BANNED.VIDEO:

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