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Zionism & The Gatekeepers EXPOSED — Adam Green

from SGTreport:

So, who really pulls the strings in Washington DC and in many governments around the world? To a large degree, its a cabal of dual citizens of Israel and Zionists who are beholden to the Rothschilds, and yet some of the biggest names in the alt-media refuse to discuss this subject or name the bad guys. By the way, when you research who was really behind 9/11, some of the very same names in the Zionist cabal come up time and time again.

The Double Agent, the Punisher, the Filmmaker, and a Whole Lotta Bodies. #NewQ #QAnon

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Q is back, with an update on everyone’s favorite double agent!

Q posted two… really oddly sized screenshots in his latest post.

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An Israeli Double-Feature:

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Two days ago the US celebrated the 75th anniversary of D-Day with accolades to the armed forces and thanks to surviving veterans.  The country stood strongly with the military.  But today two days later is the 52nd anniversary of a day of shame when Washington turned its back on the US Navy.  It was June 8, 1967 when the USS Liberty, a surveillance ship stationed off the coast of Egypt was attacked by Israeli fighter aircraft and torpedo boats.  The Israelis were unable to sink the Liberty, but managed to kill 34 American sailors and wound 174. Seventy percent of the crew were casualties of the Israeli attack.

Yes, Virginia, there really were hijackers on the 9/11 planes—but not the ones we were told

by James Perloff,
This post is not intended to be taken dogmatically; I do not insist that its conclusions are correct; they are just presented for consideration.

In this post, though they have already been much discussed and debated within alternative media, I’ll address three major components of the 9/11 controversy: (1) what brought down the Twin Towers; (2) what initially struck the Towers; and (3) what happened to the original planes and passengers.

However, there is a valid complaint often voiced in the Truth Movement, which runs like this: “I really don’t care how 9/11 was done and I’m tired of all the infighting about this. What really matters is, we know the government’s story is bogus, so we need to focus on identifying the criminals and bringing them to justice.”

Know More News & RTR Truth Expose Zio-Thugs

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Trump’s Jerusalem Statement Opens a Pandora’s Box


by James ONeill, New Eastern Outlook:

US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem is the capital of Israel has been predictably condemned by the governments of all states, except Israel itself.

Trump’s own statement on the issue what’s more carefully worded than the reaction to the decision would suggest. In typical Trump style, he expressed the United States’ wish for “an agreement that is a great deal for the Israelis and a great deal for the Palestinians.” He emphasized that the United States” “is not taking a position of any final status issues, including the specific boundaries of the Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem, or the resolution of contested borders.”

Unfortunately for Trump and the United States, those carefully qualified words will simply not be believed. The United States has claimed, at least since the Truman era (1945-48) to be an “honest broker” in the dispute between Israel and Palestine.

It is a testament to the power of western propaganda that this manifest nonsense could be maintained for so long in the face of all evidence to the contrary. For example, the United States has exercised its veto power in the United Nations Security Council more times to the benefit of Israel then on any other single issue.

In United Nations General Assembly votes the United States is often, along with a literal handful of nations, voting with Israel against United Nations General Assembly resolutions condemnatory of the latest outrages perpetrated by the State of Israel.

The power of the Israeli lobby in US politics is well documented. Trump’s announcement at least has the virtue of shattering that long-standing canard.

Amidst all the furore however, a more significant point has been obscured, and that is the continuing shift in the balance of power in the wider Middle East region, more accurately termed Southwest Asia.

Israel has invested constable financial, military and political capital in promoting a relationship with Saudi Arabia. It has been established for example, that Israel has supplied Saudi Arabia with military equipment for use in the latters wholly illegal war being waged in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia has been seduced into this unlikely alliance by Israel’s considerable achievement in convincing Saudi Arabia that Iran was its chief threat to spiritual leadership among the region’s Muslim populations.

From the Israeli point of view, neutralizing Saudi opposition to the annexation of Palestinian land and the ethnic cleansing of its inhabitants gave them more of a free hand. They could always count on American support for these activities and Trump’s statement does nothing to alter that reality.

For Israel, enlisting Saudi Arabia’s help in opposing Iran, whom both nations see as an existential threat, was an added bonus. For the reasons discussed below, the likelihood of an Israeli attack upon Iran currently has a diminished probability.

Saudi Arabia for its part has suffered a series of setbacks. Its war on Yemen, aimed primarily at seizing control of Yemen’s substantial and under developed oil and gas resources, has gone badly, both militarily and in arousing, finally, international condemnation of the humanitarian disaster the war has created.

Its support for ISIS and similar terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria has not saved them from defeat, thanks primarily to the military interventions of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah.

Further, its role as the spiritual guardian of Moslem holy sites in Palestine has been undermined by its alliance with Israel. Various Zionist groups have declared their desire to demolish the Al Aqsa mosque, the third most holy site in the Muslim world.

The winners to emerge from the carnage and chaos in the region are undoubtedly Russia, Iran and Turkey. Russia because of its hugely effective military intervention in Syria, which, unlike that of the United States and it’s so-called coalition allies including Australia, has a sound basis in international law.

The United States, which has long pursued duplicitous goals in the region, as revealed for example in documents such as A Clean Break: a New Strategy for the Realm (1996); the US Department of Defence memorandum R0508392 August 12 released in May 2015; and the disclosure by former General Wesley Clark on 3 October 2007 of Pentagon plans dating from September 2001 to attack and destroy the governments of seven countries in five years. (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran) leave one in no doubt as to the United States’ geopolitical ambitions.

The arrogant presumption that the United States could maintain a “military presence” in Syria indefinitely is revealing as to the United States mindset. Iran, Russia and Turkey have all issued clear warnings that’s such a continued presence would neither be welcomed nor tolerated.

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Watch the Leaked Documentary the Israel Lobby Didn’t Want You to See

by Whitney Webb, The Anti Media:

(MPN) — A leaked Al Jazeera documentary detailing the tactics of the Israeli lobby in the United States and elsewhere has revealed that pro-Israel groups regularly invented smears, including false accusations of sexual assault, to discredit professors and students on U.S. university campuses that support equal rights for Palestinians and the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement. BDS is a non-violent movement that seeks to use economic pressure on Israel’s government so that it complies with international law, ends the military occupation of the West Bank, and halts the decades-long blockade of the Gaza Strip.


from SGTreport:

YOU TUBE is doubling its efforts to censor and destroy the alternative news media, but the flood of truth cannot be stopped. The Anthony Weiner laptop search warrant is being unsealed and the contents of that computer are enough “to put Hillary and her crew away for life” according to NYPD insiders. Buckle up.

ALERT! a YouTube Journalist is in SERIOUS DANGER!! – Please HELP!


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Claudio Grass returns to SGT Report to discuss precious metals and the war against humanity that’s being waged by the banking elite and their cultural Marxist proxy armies.

American Pravda: Jews and Nazis

by Robert Unz, The Unz Review:

Around 35 years ago, I was sitting in my college dorm-room closely reading the New York Times as I did each and every morning when I noticed an astonishing article about the controversial new Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir.

Back in those long-gone days, the Gray Lady was strictly a black-and-white print publication, lacking the large color photographs of rap stars and long stories about dieting techniques that fill so much of today’s news coverage, and it also seemed to have a far harder edge in its Middle East reporting. A year or so earlier, Shamir’s predecessor Menacham Begin had allowed his Defense Minister Ariel Sharon to talk him into invading Lebanon and besieging Beirut, and the subsequent massacre of Palestinian women and children in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps had outraged the world and angered America’s government. This eventually led to Begin’s resignation, with Shamir, his Foreign Minister, taking his place.

With Grenell Appointment, the Israel Lobby’s Foothold on US Intelligence Grows Even Stronger

By Whitney Webb, MintPress News:

With Richard Grenell now overseeing all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies, Israel’s influence over the U.S. intelligence community has reached new and troubling heights.

Last week’s appointment of U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell to the post of Director of National Intelligence (DNI) received criticism from both sides of the political divide, mainly for his lack of experience and history of outspoken and partisan political statements. Much more overlooked, however, are Grenell’s ties to the powerful American pro-Israel lobby and Israeli politicians alike, including organizations and individuals with a history of espionage and blackmail against the United States.