Thursday, February 29, 2024


from SGT Report:

Author and researcher James Fetzer returns to SGT Report to discuss the empirical evidence of the destruction of our justice system and Republic.

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The Demolition of Justice in the USAL


NFL to host LGBT ‘Pride Night’ with radical activist group GLAAD ahead of Super Bowl


by Stephen Kokx, LifeSite News:

(LifeSiteNews) — The National Football League (NFL) is hosting its third annual “Pride Night” at the Super Bowl this week, prompting outcry from fans. 

The league announced last month that it is partnering with radical pro-LGBT group GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to host “an evening of music, cocktails and interview-style conversations” on Wednesday, February 7.  

Expect a lot more of propaganda like this to make Putin look bad before and after Tucker’s interview is released.

Bullied To Believe Mainstream ‘Truth’


by Arjun Walia, The Pulse:

A US congressman called a crank for questioning 9/11 over a decade ago. I examine how bullying and narrative control is replacing sensemaking.

A news story written by The Daily Beast challenged US politician Jamaal Bowman about a poem he wrote in 2011 with lines about 9/11.

Bowman is a congressional representative for New York. He wrote the poem on his personal blog during a time when he was going through a period of extensive reading and documentary watching to explore various political views. Amongst the films he watched were Zeitgeist and Loose Change.

2024 Grammys: It Had To Be All About Taylor Swift. It Just Had To.

from Vigilant Citizen:

Amid conspiracy theories about Taylor Swift being a “government psyops” who’s in a fake relationship with an NFL player, the 2024 Grammy Awards resolutely centered around … Taylor Swift. There couldn’t be a better way to prove the conspiracies right. Here’s a look at this highly symbolic ceremony.

WEF Scientists Say Growing Your Own Food Is ‘Bad for the Climate’

by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, The Peoples Voice:

The public must be prohibited from growing their own food in order to save the planet from so-called “global boiling,” WEF-funded scientists have warned.

According to a new study from the WEF-funded University of Michigan, growing your own food in urban settings can emit five times as much carbon as those grown in “conventional” settings.

Transgenderism and the occult

by Scott Lively, WND News Center:

My spiritual path started with childhood Roman Catholicism and has led through many diverse realms of Christendom to what I describe today as a Bible-centered pre-Roman, small “c” catholic Christianity with a Hebrew-roots orientation modeled on the Apostles – most especially Paul. My eclectic religious education includes a Bachelor’s degree from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary (now called Corban College), a Juris Doctor of law from Trinity Law School (associated with the Reformed perspective) and a Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) from the seminary of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God (where I studied directly with its founder, Dr. Richard Anderson, as my doctoral adviser and published my dissertation in textbook form under the title “Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the ‘Gay’ Agenda.”

The Media is Imploding!

from Peak Prosperity:


Hang on! Trudeau is SERIOUSLY going to destroy Canada’s election system with this move | Redacted

from Redacted News:


NY Times CHALLENGES Trans Industry Narrative!

from The Jimmy Dore Show:


Is Taylor Swift’s romance with Travis Kelce another psy-op? That idea may be insane (unless it’s not)

by Mark Crispin Miller, News from Underground:

Will she endorse “Joe Biden,” as the Democrats are hoping? And might she also somehow aid Big Pharma, like her (apparent) boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end and very-high-paid Pfizer shill?

In their desperation to pump life (or something like it) into the zombie project of keeping Old “Joe Biden” in the White House, Democrats are very busy lobbying Taylor Swift, to get her to endorse him (as she did in 2020), and otherwise help out (as with getting Swifties registered to vote). That’s the plan according to the New York Times—and to the Republicans, who have been warning zealously that such a “psy-op” is definitely in the works.

WarRoom Battleground EP 465: Stopping the Indoctrination Of Our Children


from Bannons War Room:


Big Pharma Insider Blows Whistle on Efforts to Brainwash Public

by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

A top pharmaceutical industry insider has blown the whistle to expose efforts by Big Pharma companies to brainwash the public into using their products.

During a new interview with independent reporter Tucker Carlson, pharma insider Calley Means reveals how pharmaceutical companies “buy off the news.”

Means explains why there are so many pharmaceutical commercials on American television.

Postgenderism: Pathway To The Transhumanist Technocracy

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Despite promoting itself as a strictly sociopolitical philosophy asserting equality of the sexes, in this article we briefly elaborate the ways in which the postgender philosophy is actually tied to the globalist ideology of transhumanism rooted eugenics and techno tyranny.

On January 29th it was reported that Elon Musk’s biotech startup Neuralink had been successful in implanting the first brain chip inside of a human being. With Must stating on X (formerly Twitter) “Initial results show promising neuron spike detection,”

Microsoft CEO Says the Company Is Working To Address Election “Disinformation and Misinformation”

by Christina Maas, Reclaim The Net:

Big Tech is taking a bigger role in monitoring and moderating forms of online speech related to elections.

Concerns are growing over the role of Big Tech companies in moderating “misinformation,” particularly due to the fear that these corporations already wield significant power and influence which could potentially sway political outcomes, including elections.