UN Calls for Water Rationing to ‘Secure Climate Justice’


by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

The United Nations (UN) is calling on the governments of “sovereign” nations around the world to introduce sweeping new regulations that will allow globalists to apply strict controls and limits on the water supply.

The unelected bureaucratic agency argues that rationing water is part of its agenda for supposedly “securing climate justice.”

The regulations would assert major restrictions on the water use of the general public by giving individuals a dystopian daily allowance.

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Under such regulations, citizens would be limited to only one shower per day, grass lawns on private homes would be banned, and gardens would be restricted.

To ration the water, the supply to homes would be restricted by a state-controlled meter.

The United States is among the first nations to get on board with the plans, with Democrat President Joe Biden’s obedient administration by signing on the UN treaties.

Last year, the Biden admin published a “fact sheet” to detail what “actions” the president is taking to comply with the UN’s water-control agenda.

In a fact sheet, titled “Biden-⁠Harris Administration Takes New Action to Conserve and Restore America’s Lands and Waters,” the White House stated:

With these new actions, President Biden is delivering on the most ambitious land and water conservation agenda in American history. These actions build on more than two years of the Biden-Harris Administration’s progress and historic investments to advance conservation, restoration, and stewardship nationwide. That record includes:

  • Protecting more lands and waters in his first year than any president since JFK
  • Setting the country’s first-ever national conservation goal to conserve at least 30 percent of U.S. lands and waters by 2030
  • Signing an Executive Order to better protect America’s forests
  • Securing the largest investment in climate, environmental justice, and conservation ever
  • Putting the entire U.S. Arctic Ocean off limits to new oil and gas development
  • Restoring and strengthening protections for cherished places, including Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and Northeast Canyons and Seamounts National Monuments, as well as the Tongass National Forest
  • Designating the Camp Hale – Continental Divide National Monument in Colorado

Note that the Biden admin says it locks away thousands of square miles of ocean from drilling or fishing.

What it doesn’t say is that the Waters of the United States gives the government control of every run-off ditch and puddle.

This massive taking, which will, by the end of it, remove one billion acres from American use, locks up pretty much all natural resources, on the grounds of “scarcity.”

Every single order and legislative initiative hews to this one idea: humans are killing the Earth and we are running out of everything except sun and wind, which is the future of “green energy.”

NGOs proffer “proof” that set-asides create prosperity.

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