Are You Ready For The CLIMATE VACCINES About To Be Unleashed By Anti-Human Globalists?


by Noah, 100 Percent Fed Up:

Right now, they are already injecting meat animals with climate jabs, claiming these are necessary to keep the animals “safe” from fictitious diseases. Eventually, they will proceed to start jabbing you and your family with the same “vaccines,” assuming you let them. writer Yudi Sherman warned back in January that the only way to stop these “genetic maniacs” from destroying the human race with their mystery chemical injections is to “take away their keycards and their containment suits, immediately escort them out of their laboratories, permanently ban them from any other scientific research for life, and then raze the buildings to the ground.”


If it sounds extreme, consider the fact that a company called ArkeaBio just raised $26.5 million in Series A seed funding to begin developing climate jabs for the human masses. You can be sure that once these injections are ready to go, there will be another “pandemic” or “emergency” to predicate their forced use.

“If you can’t grasp the seriousness of this, then you may be marked for depopulation,” warns the editor.

“Vaccines” to prevent cows from passing gas

This might sound like something from The Babylon Bee, but the reality is that ArkeaBio has already begun developing a new “vaccine” that mad scientists say will stop cows and other meat animals from releasing methane emissions, i.e., passing gas.

The claim is that the shots will alter the animals’ immune systems in such a way as to create antibodies that target methane-producing microbes.

ArkeaBio secured its first major investment in late 2022 from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, an investment fund founded by Bill Gates.

“Our vaccination-based approach allows for much-needed decarbonization of global meat and dairy products across multiple geographies, supporting greater sustainability in agriculture,” the company’s website explains.

ArkeaBio has not announced any plans to create a human version of its anti-fart injection, but another company called Gingko Bioworks has. Gingko, which is also funded by Gates, is pushing to develop mRNA (modRNA) injections that it says will help to stop the planet from warming.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has expressed support for the plan, stating it is a “critical response to the climate crisis.”

“In the face of climate change, vaccines play a crucial but underestimated role,” wrote British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) back in December on its website.

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