Saturday, May 15, 2021

The FED Now Believes It’s In the Climate Change Business – Maybe It’s Time It Reflects On Its Purpose

by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

The FED is back working on its far-left climate change program rather than focusing on the economy.  

We reported a few months ago that the FED was beginning to work on a climate change initiative:

Rather Than Focus on Helping the American Economy Prosper, The FED Joins Central Banks in ‘Greening’ the Financial Industry

They are back at it again.  The Washington Examiner reports today:

“The Dimming” A Must Watch New Documentary by Dane Wigington

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Dane Wigington, geoengineering researcher and founder of, about what he calls “Weather Warfare.”  One of the topics was the heavy snow in Texas last month and freezing temperatures during that time that were 30 degrees colder than the North Pole.  Wigington says it looks like more Weather Warfare took place recently around Denver, Colorado.  It’s all part of man-made climate control called geoengineering.

Wigington is out with a new documentary that cost $100,000 to put together called “The Dimming.”  Please take time to watch it.  I am embedding it below from Wigington’s YouTube channel.  Part of Wigington’s write up is below:

How Covid Lockdowns and the Coming Climate Change Policies Are Married

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

One of the true joys in my academic life was the teaching of a course commonly referred to as Social Psychology. If I had my way, I would have taught this course every semester as it was fascinating. The course dealt with how people, both in groups and individually, deal with challenges. The course teaches how change, in a society, happens. In fact, I did my dissertation on resilience (ie how people overcome adversity and excel). It is clear that the aggregate evidence of resilience in America, today, is very low. In fact, our collective resilience levels are so low, that I believe that most Americans require supernatural intervention to even demonstrate the appearance of any sense of resilience.

New Feature-Length Geoengineering Documentary: The Dimming

by Peter A. Kirby, Activist Post:

Dane Wigington at has finally released his long-anticipated feature-length documentary film The Dimming.

Like everything Dane and his team do, this new documentary is a cut above. Featuring commentary from a plethora of top anti-geoengineering activists, it masterfully covers many aspects of today’s operations. It slices and dices the insidious claims (usually made by the shills) of the lines in the sky being harmless condensation trails. It deftly and effectively explains the manipulation of atmospheric particles with electromagnetic energy. It exposes the disinformation tactics of the mainstream media. It compiles the extensive evidence proving that the terrible wildfires of late are a direct result of massive aerial spraying.

Climatist Exaggerations About Global Warming Greater Than Ever

from 21st Century Wire:

Is there a danger that over-exaggeration about man-made global warming by green activists, academics, mainstream media, is leading to panic and thus fatal policy decisions?

Policies like the Green New Deal – forcing expensive so-called ‘renewables’ onto the energy grid, and then throwing trillions of dollars per year into ‘green tech’ – could achieve very little results whatsoever, and leaving societies bankrupt in the process.

2021 Winter Storm Lessons Learned


by Chill N. Texas, Survival Blog:

I am a long time reader of but this is my first time submitting an article to the blog. Much of this will be “train of thought” as I am reading through my notes that I was keeping during and immediately after the exceptionally cold winter storm that hit the Houston, Texas area in February, 2021.

I have been “preparedness-minded” most of my life, but didn’t consider myself officially a “prepper” until about 10 years ago. I have generally had the support (or at least she humors me) of the wife when it comes to being prepared, but as with everything else in life, you have to find balance so I’ve tried to keep my family prepared where we are, when we can.

Lockdown Every 2 Years for Climate Change

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

I have received over the past year some people complaining saying what does climate have to do with economics? I cannot always reveal my sources or I will not have them. There are people in the belly of the beast who do sound the alarm and are not happy with what is unfolding. For the past two years, I have been getting information that they were planning to get very aggressive with this climate change. They have REFUSED to allow anyone to testify in Paris who disputed their agenda. That was the start of this Cancel Culture.

Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Weakening Between Africa And South America, Crashing Laptops & Disrupting Satellites


from Humans Are Free:

The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening between Africa and South America, disrupting satellites and spacecrafts. Scientists studying the phenomenon known as the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA), say the Earth’s magnetic field is about to reverse.

NASA has reported that modern laptops have crashed when Space Shuttle flights passed through the anomaly. South Atlantic Anomaly is thought to be the reason for the failures of the Globalstar network’s satellites in 2007.

Weather Warfare in Texas – Snow That Doesn’t Melt – Dane Wigington

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says the big snow storm that hit Texas and much of the south is nothing short of weather warfare.  Look at the snow that won’t burn in video after video.  It’s synthetic, but the mainstream media (MSM) is telling you this is a “hoax”.  This is anything but normal.  Wigington says, “The bottom line in regard to the flash freeze that Texas was just hit with, we can debate the agenda behind these operations, but the fact that this was not an act of nature is beyond scientific question. . . .Those neck deep in the weather modification program are dictating what the scheduled weather will be.  Because of the illegal federal gag order on the National Weather Service and NOAA, our nation’s weather people are actually reading scripts given to them by the geo-engineers themselves.  We announced on February 6, almost two weeks before this event happened, that this was coming.  So, there is no question this was a massive act of weather warfare.  This is only a mere extreme example of what’s been occurring all over the globe for decades.  It’s getting worse all the time because the unfolding climate collapse is getting worse all the time.  It’s being further fueled by climate engineering.  Expect such events to continue and worsen rapidly.”