Saturday, May 21, 2022

The Yellow Vest Movement Is Coffin Nails For The EU

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

The reason this is working is that it is uniting people from across the political spectrum against their task masters, those who have abused their authority and sought to live lavishly at the people’s expense, and they just can’t have the people united now, can they?

There is no doubt that the Yellow Vest Movement in Europe is evidence that the people are fed up with their government betraying them, taxing them and living as elitists at their expense. However, when a government starts abducting these protesters because they simply don’t have permission from the government to organize a protest against the government, you know that you’ve slipped into a dystopian Orwell 1984. Now, the move on the part of the government to bring a heavy hand down on protesters rather than respond to their grievances as servants of those people, demonstrates that the Yellow Vest movement means coffin nails for the European Union.

VIDEO: Gang Of Somali Youths Attack Park Goers In Lewiston, Maine

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Viral video shared on YouTube shows two dozen Somali youths swarming two local residents and attacking them with fists and sticks.

Surprisingly, the scene was reminiscent of something you’d see in Somalia.

The Truth About Tiananmen

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

When someone is spreading rumors and easily debunkable lies about you, you speak up. You set the record straight. You fight back. You do something . . . don’t you?

This past week marked the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in Beijing. Naturally, Trump’s warmongering Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, jumped at the opportunity to wag his finger at the Chinese government.

The Elite Gathers Its Forces for a Counterattack on the Truckers

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

There are reports that the Ottawa police, faithful servants, not of the people, but of the ruling elite, are attempting to prevent food and water and all “material support” from reaching the Truckers. In other words, the ruling elite is making an effort to starve out the truckers.

There are also reports that Washington has appeared on the Canadian scene with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security. These two American agencies of the ruling elite are there to do “enhanced investigation.” The FBI and DHS are focused on identifying every protester and everyone involved in organizing and supporting the convoy and everyone who can be charged with “enabling the harmful and unlawful” protest. Vehicle registration, driver ID, and insurance status are among the data that “will be used in criminal prosecutions.” Listen to the Gestapo police chief describe a protest as a crime in the 2 minute video:

SHOCKING FOOTAGE: French Police Forced To Flee By Yellow Vest Protestors

by Richard Moorhead, Big League Politics:

Footage being released today on ongoing “yellow vests” protests in the nation of France reveals that the working class protest movement against the neoliberal and climate alarmist policies of French President Emmanuel Macron is far from over.

A video surfacing of ongoing Paris demonstrations showed a chaotic and hectic scene in which French police officers appeared totally unable to control the situation, in which yellow vest-clad protestors were seen lobbing back tear gas canisters that apparently had been dispensed throughout the crowds.

Is The Left In America Now Excusing Violence?

by Onan Coca, Freedom OutPost:

This is the ridiculous nature of our political discourse today. Where a liberal can’t even say that you should hear out a conservative without facing intense backlash and horrible insults… we are in a very dangerous place.

Youtuber Dave Rubin is a former progressive who once worked with the leftists at The Young Turks but has now been reformed into what he describes as a classical liberal. (Rubin’s current views are closely aligned with a libertarian perspective of smaller government and more individual liberty.)

CNN Admits Crime Wave, Highlights Violence in Democrat-Run Cities

by Awr Hawkins, Breitbart:

CNN admits a crime wave which was evident in 2020 is continuing in 2021 in Democrat-run cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, and others.

According to CNN, Chicago “homicides are up 33 percent in the first three months of the year compared to 2020.” Homicides in NYC were “jumped by nearly 14 percent through March 28” of this year and L.A. homicides rose almost 36 percent through March 30, 2021.

Preparing for America’s New Civil War


by Chris Lowe, Bonner and Partners:

With violent protests erupting recently in cities like Charlottesville and Berkeley, civil strife in America is at a fever pitch. Today, Editor at Large Chris Lowe sits down with colleague Nick Giambruno to discuss what’s causing all this violence, and what you can do to protect your family and your finances.

America is headed for a new kind of civil war…

And when it erupts, you and your family are going to need some “freedom insurance” – the ability to get out fast and set up in a more stable country.

That’s the stark warning from today’s expert, Casey Research’s globetrotting analyst Nick Giambruno.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that America is in turmoil.

That was on full display in Charlottesville, Virginia, last month. But it’s not just Charlottesville. There have also been deadly clashes in Ferguson, Charleston, Dallas, St. Paul, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, and Alexandria.

But you don’t just have to sit around and wait for more widespread violence to erupt in America before taking action to protect yourself, your family, and your assets. As Nick explains below, by taking out “freedom insurance” now… you’ll be prepared for whatever is coming down the pike.

Chris Lowe: You’ve been urging folks to diversify internationally. Why is that message so important now?

Nick Giambruno: The U.S. is becoming more and more fragmented, as I’m sure our readers have noticed. I’ve never seen it more polarized.

In fact, I’ve only seen this degree of polarization in countries that have gone through civil wars. It all feels eerily familiar.

I was born in the U.S. and grew up there. But I used to live in Lebanon, which went through a nasty 15-year civil war. More than 120,000 died. Thousands more lost their homes.

And I currently live in Colombia part of the year. The country has a 50-year history of civil conflict.

Chris Lowe: What’s to blame for this situation?

Nick Giambruno: Identity politics are a big factor.

That’s when your religion, race, ethnic background, and so forth are the most important thing in politics. You’re no longer an individual American. You’re part of some group, undoubtedly being victimized by another group.

This naturally leads to collectivism, tensions… and eventually violence between the groups.

Identity politics were a big factor in Lebanon’s civil war. And they’re a big factor in the U.S. right now. This poisonous trend is growing, and it’s probably unstoppable.

The media is another big factor. Most Americans live in a partisan information bubble with these 24-hour news networks and partisan websites. That accelerates the divide.

I lived in Beirut, Lebanon’s capital city, for about three years. It reminds me of the media there. About 6 million people live in Lebanon, but it has about a dozen 24-hour news channels. Each one caters to a different political/sectarian/ethnic group. This allows each group to live in its own media bubble.

Lebanon’s bloody civil war happened in the 1970s and 1980s. But it’s still an extremely divided country. It wouldn’t take much for its civil war to start up again.

The media in Lebanon helps incubate tensions there. Today, the same thing is happening in the U.S.

I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but Americans hate each other right now. And it’s getting worse. We’re just a market crash… a recession… or some other extreme event away from more widespread violence. A new form of civil war is even possible.

Chris Lowe: We’re not talking a return to 1861 – to pitched battles between armies and hundreds of thousands dead. But if you define “civil war” as a situation where you have widespread violence, a rejection of political authority, and the National Guard on the street, it’s easy to see how America gets there.

Nick Giambruno: I agree. I can’t say exactly what it is. But something does seem to be brewing. And it’s not good. That’s why Doug Casey and I urge our readers to internationalize their lifestyles.

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“We Don’t Want Any Dictators”: Bolivians Flood Streets to Protest Military Coup

by Eoin Higgins, The Anti Media:

(CD) — Unrest continued in Bolivia Thursday as protests against the right-wing coup that unseated democratically-elected President Evo Morales on Sunday and the anti-Indigenous ideology behind it entered their fourth day.

Demonstrators filled the streets of the Bolivian capitol, La Paz, waving the indigenous wiphala flag and registering their disapproval of the new interim government of Jeanine Añez.

New Urban Warfare Drills Hint The Globalists Are Preparing To Turn America Into A War Zone: Is This More Evidence They Are Devising Their ‘End Game’ Coup?

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

– Google, Facebook And Twitter Do Far More To Steal U.S. Elections Than Any Foreign Govt Ever Could

In this new story over at Prepper Life Style that Steve Quayle linked to on his website Saturday morning they report upon a bizarre series of US military exercises now taking place all across the Los Angeles metropolitan area with the military’s goal allegedly to “enhance Army Special Forces skills” by “operating in urban environments”.

Just the latest massive US military drills taking place within one of America’s biggest cities preparing our military for ‘urban operations’, this brand new story by Martin Armstrong over at Armstrong Economics hints the ‘theater of war’ they may be preparing for is right here in America with civil unrest in the air, hatred rising dramatically nationwide and the Democrats and ‘deep state’ behaving as if they are still the ‘rightful rulers’ of America despite ‘Queen Hillary’ being ‘deposed’ before she even had a chance to get into office.