Tuesday, May 18, 2021

End of the Grocery Store: Major Changes in Food Retail (and WHY)

by Dewey Fernfield, The Duran:

Claims that COVID is spread at grocery stores are driving major retailers to move to online ordering and curbside pickup. These claims are laughable, but the agenda behind them is not: the real drivers here are the elimination of farmers markets and smaller grocers, and the separation of consumers from the food supply in advance of food shortages.

Man Uses Stimulus Check to Start Community Farm, Teach Others How to Get Off Gov’t Assistance


by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Over the course of the pandemic, millions of Americans received two measly checks as part of the government’s “stimulus” package. The amounts were laughable and amounted to just a few dollars a day and could barely pay for anything. One man in Florida, however, decided to do something with his check that is now serving as a lesson in sustainability and independence. He started a home garden and is helping to free his neighborhood by teaching them food freedom.

Instead of blowing his stimulus on useless consumer items, Tampa, Florida, native Michael “Spirit Mike” Chaney used it to start a revolution. Chaney said that after watching people fight over toilet paper, bleach, and food at the grocery stores during the pandemic, he knew he had to do something.

Small Batch Meat Canning Tips


by Tractorguy, Survival Blog:

Introductory Proviso: This article assumes that the user is already familiar with safe practices to pressure-can meat. This article is NOT a comprehensive discussion of all the caveats and procedures necessary for safe canning. It is ONLY supplementary information for specific items and situations listed below. The correct procedures (times and pressures) for safely pressure-canning low-pH items like meats are available from the manufacturer of your pressure canner or from the USDA.

Nutrient Survival Foods, by Pat Cascio


by Pat Cascio, Survival Blog:

I’m not sure how each of us, lists our priorities for survival. However, I believe we all can agree that, we need water, food, medical gear, and weapons/ammo – and how you prioritize your list, is a personal thing. When (not if) things go “bad” and they are going bad with each passing day – if you get your news off the ‘net, instead of the lamestream “news” media, you will readily recognize that things are going south, a little bit more with each passing day. Riots are a main focus – and much of the “news” media still continues to call these things “mostly peaceful protests” (if they are conducted by fellow liberals) all the while you can see they are riots. Wars and rumors or wars – going on all over the world, but the “news” doesn’t even report on any of this. Changing weather – tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding – take your choice. And, let’s not forget about political changes, especially all the talk about gun control now that Biden and Harris are in the White House.

Starting Seeds Indoors: Tips and Trials


by CAL, Survival Blog:

Last year I began to get much more serious about starting my plants from seed. As my garden has grown in size each year, I saw the wisdom in starting my own seeds. Never mind the increased pressure to make sure we have a sustainable food source during these turbulent times. I reasoned that starting my own seeds would give me a jump on the growing season. I could control for erratic early season weather and I would save a great deal of money as the price of seedlings as the nursery has been doubling in price. I have been expanding my growing space in order to increase the amount that we eat from the garden versus need to buy from stores.

Why Are So Many Americans Stockpiling Guns, Silver And Food Right Now?

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

We were told that 2021 would be the year when everything starts to get back to normal.  But that hasn’t exactly been the case, has it?  It has been just over a month, and there is still chaos everywhere.  We have seen a wild riot at the U.S. Capitol, civil unrest has been erupting in major cities from coast to coast, millions of people have filed for unemployment benefits, a president was impeached, and a crazy ride on Wall Street made “GameStop” a national phenomenon.  That would normally be enough for an entire year, but we are still in the first week of February.

How Do You Adapt When the Rules Are Constantly Changing?


by Joanna Miller, The Organic Prepper:

As soon as it became apparent last summer that Covid was not going to kill everyone within the year, I would occasionally hear people joke that November 4 (aka: Election Day) would be the magic cure. 

Well, they were wrong.

Dr. Fauci waited until Biden’s inauguration to give an update on COVID-19

Dr. Fauci made his return to the Whitehouse on January 21 at a press briefing. During the briefing, Fauci said about the virus, “Right now, it looks like it might actually be plateauing in the sense of turning around.”