Sunday, May 19, 2024

Israel using AI to commit mass genocide in Gaza with little, if any, human oversight

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

The current commander of the Israeli military’s elite “Unit 8200” wrote a book released in 2021 that talks about synergizing humans and artificial intelligence (AI). It turns out that this synergy is already a reality as Israel Defense Forces (IDF) rely on AI to bomb Gaza to smithereens.

The way Israel has been able to bomb key Gaza targets at warp speed has everything to do with the AI robots that are selecting the targets with little or no oversight by actual human beings.

Utilizing what Kyle Anzalone, the opinion editor at, described to Judge Napolitano in a recent interview as “the worst kind of social credit score,” Israel gives every Palestinian in Gaza a score between one and 100 with the lower scores becoming AI targets for elimination.

WSJ Editor-in-Chief Tells Davos Elites ‘We No Longer Own The News’

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

During a discussion titled ‘Defending Truth,’ The editor-in-chief of The Wall Street Journal admitted to Davos elites that the legacy media no longer ‘own the facts’ and people are much more likely to question what they report as truth.

Emma Tucker told a crowd at the World Economic Forum, “I think there’s a very specific challenge for the legacy brands, like the New York Times and like the Wall Street Journal.”

The WHO Treaty and COVID Origins: Renz Was Right Again

by Tom Renz, Esq., America Outloud:

Every day we are continuing to find out how we were right on everything. The WHO treaty is being pushed by Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari, and all the other sick globalist monsters. It’s all about control. They want to control global health and are pushing this with every intention for it to happen. The UK Times published an article on COVID origins and what happened at the Wuhan lab weeks before COVID. It regurgitates everything we’ve been putting out for the past two years, Fauci and our DOD-funded gain of function research at the Wuhan lab, and EcoHealth Alliance carried out the work. We know they were creating bioweapons, and we know they’ve lied to us about everything. If Fauci’s mouth is moving, he’s lying. So at what point do we stop going along with the narrative that COVID was released accidentally? Do we really think this was all an accident?

Covid-19 Was A Mass Mind Control Operation: Pandemic Used To Inflict Psychological Terror On World

from Stew Peters Network:


27 Year-Old Footballer Maddy Cusack Dies and Suddenly the Media Have No Curiosity to Find Out Why

by Dr David Seedhouse, Daily Sceptic:

A 27 year-old footballer, Maddy Cusack, has died.

This has been reported on many news sites, including the BBC.

Reports tell how “devastated” everyone who knew her is. Most state that the cause of her death is unknown.

Beyond this there is no investigation. And no speculation. It is simply declared as a regrettable fact.

WW3: US ATTACKS RUSSIA! – False Flag on Crimean Bridge An Act Of WAR! – UK THREATENED

from World Alternative Media:


Why Everything You Know About World War II Is Wrong

by Ron Unz and Mike Whitney, The Unz Review:

“Much of the current political legitimacy of today’s American government and its various European vassal-states is founded upon a particular narrative history of World War II, and challenging that account might have dire political consequences.”—Ron Unz

Question 1: Hitler

Let’s start with Hitler. In the West it is universally accepted that:

  1. Hitler started WW2
  2. Hitler’s invasion of Poland was the first step in a broader campaign aimed at world domination

The FBI and CIA Are Enemies of the American People

by Ryan McMaken, Mises Institute:

Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson sat down for a three-hour-plus discussion on the Joe Rogan Show last week, covering everything from UFOs, to religion and artificial intelligence. But perhaps the most important topic they covered was the insidious and dangerous role played by the US regime’s intelligence agencies in America.

Specifically, Carlson suggested the CIA continues to lobby for keeping the JFK files secret, possibly because the CIA had a role in the assassination. Tucker also brought up how the FBI’s second-in-command was responsible for taking down Richard Nixon. Carlson described how intelligence agencies hold immense power within Congress because members of Congress—who are generally disreputable people with many secrets—are terrified of being blackmailed. After all, in a post-Patriot Act world of nearly unrestrained spying by the US regime, there is no privacy in America.

Pfizer Commits Fraud Under the Cover of Operation Warp Speed

by Dr. Peter McCullough, America Outloud:

How could the mRNA vaccines have looked so good in the Fall of 2020, with >90% efficacy in preventing COVID-19 and no serious safety issues? Then, the next few months after release, have the bottom fall out with massive breakthrough cases and horrific injuries, disabilities, and death?

Could it be that Pfizer manipulated their randomized trials to hide safety issues and make the products appear as if they worked when they did not? I sat down and talked to two French scientists who have performed a forensic analysis of what actually happened during the Pfizer randomized trials.

Elite Units of Ukrainian Armed Forces Discuss Overthrowing Zelensky – Source

from Sputnik News:

Following the recent reshuffle in Ukraine’s military leadership, discontent is brewing among elite units, with discussions of ousting President Volodymyr Zelensky and reinstating Valery Zaluzhny, the former commander-in-chief, a source has revealed to Sputnik.
Commanders and soldiers in elite units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are dissatisfied with the reshuffle in the country’s military leadership and are seriously discussing the ousting of Volodymyr Zelensky, a representative of the Russian security services has told Sputnik.

Bombshell Docs Reveal Google Funded COVID-19 Bioweapon Development

by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, The Peoples Voice:

Bombshell new documents reveal that Google helped fund COVID-19 bioweapon research so that the virus could to be used as a weapon against humanity.

According to newly unearthed research published in the journal PLoS One, scientists from Yale University, Metabiota Inc., EcoHealth Alliance, the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the University of Washington Center for One Health Research (one of whom is Peter Daszak himself) wrote about another study out of China involving what gain-of-function research.


from Jason Liosatos:


New York Governor Admits State Legal Targeting Was Only at Donald Trump

from The Conservative Treehouse:

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has admitted the lawfare deployed against the Trump organization and President Donald Trump himself was a specific plan for his targeting and any other business interests or people within New York should not be concerned.

It’s a rather brazen admission all things considered; however, if it changes the public outlook as the various New York lawfare cases against President Trump continue, is yet to be determined.

Potentially Important, but the Deep State Interests Are Massive – Judge Rules Contents of Seth Rich Laptop Must Be Released…

from The Conservative Treehouse:

If you know the background context, the latest developments in the Seth Rich laptop legal battle could be extremely interesting. However, despite a very favorable court ruling, I caution against too much optimism – the stakes in this ancillary story to the targeting of President Donald Trump are extremely high.

Part of Oregon Wishes to Join Idaho

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The “Greater Idaho” movement is gaining traction, with 12 counties now voting to secede Oregon to Idaho. This is precisely on target as the US is set to separate into individual states with their own governing bodies. State rights are how the nation was intended, but the politicians do not always represent the views of the people. Oregon has become increasingly liberal in recent years, legalizing drug use (including methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine), implementing light-on-crime policies, and far-left ideologies in schools and society in general. Oregon is the ninth most expensive state in the US and ranks 33rd in tax burdens despite not having a sales tax. Idaho, in comparison, has the 8th smallest tax burden and leans conservative.