Saturday, December 14, 2019

Is Trump Walling America In?

by Gordon Duff, New Eastern Outlook:

Why is there a fight over a wall?  It can’t be the money.  America just bought two more aircraft carriers at $7-10 billion each, and if they are like the last one, they will arrive broken and unfixable.  It isn’t just that, $5 or $10 billion for a wall?  Reagan spent $2.5 trillion on a missile defense system and, lo and behold, were one to believe the popular narrative of 9/11, fat and slow airliners hijacked and flown by illiterates with box cutters only narrowly escaped killing up to 40,000 Americans while the Pentagon, with its trillion dollar plus plus plus missile system was helpless.

The Problem with a State-Cartel Economy: Prices Rise, Wages Don’t


by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:

The vise will tighten until something breaks. It could be the currency, it could be the political status quo, it could be the credit/debt system–or all three.

The problem with an economy dominated by state-enforced cartels and quasi-monopolies is that prices rise (since cartels can push higher costs onto the consumer) but wages don’t (since cartels can either dominate local labor markets or engage in global wage arbitrage: offshore jobs, move to lower-wage states, etc.)

Think about the major expenses of the typical household: Internet, telephony, cable and other digital services: cartels. Airlines: cartel. Healthcare insurance, providers and Big Pharma: cartels. Defense weaponry: cartel. Higher education and student loans: cartels. Mortgages: cartel. And so on.



by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

For years I’ve been arguing that there is a GMO geopolitics going on in the world, as European and American agribusiness cartels – think only of IG Farbensanto, my nickname for the whole GMO-food control project, recently made a reality by German giant Bayer buying out American Monsanto (in cash!) – try to gain control of the world’s food supply through patented seeds, and while other countries, Russia and India, have resisted. I’ve been arguing that Russia’s growing stance against GMOs would position it as the world’s biggest non-GMO food supplier. This article, shared by Mr. B., makes it abundantly clear that this is exactly what is in Mr. Putin’s mind:

Global Collapse Incoming? The Total Breakdown Of Relations With China Could Throw Our Planet Into Utter Turmoil

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

We just witnessed one of the most monumental events of the entire decade, and yet most Americans still don’t understand what has happened.  In recent months, the global economy and stock markets around the world have been buoyed by the hope that the U.S. and China would soon sign a new trade agreement.  Unfortunately, there is no way that is going to happen now.  On Tuesday, the Senate unanimously passed the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019”, and the House of Representatives passed the same bill by a 417 to 1 vote on Wednesday.  Needless to say, the Chinese are beyond angry that Congress has done this.  In part one of this article, I showed that China is warning the U.S. to “rein in the horse at the edge of the precipice” and that there will be “revenge” if this bill is allowed to become law.  And it looks like this bill will actually become law, because Bloomberg is reporting that President Trump is fully expected to sign it…

New Study Reveals Surprising Truths About Conspiracy Theories

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

The Facts:A new study from YouGov and Cambridge University reveals some telling facts about people who believe in conspiracy theories. For example, 44% of people believe only a small group of people control government regardless of who’s elected.

  • Reflect On:Are we waking up to the truths in our world, even though media, education and pop culture tells us we’re crazy to think differently? Are we seeing a grand awakening?

NBC Threatened to ‘Smear’ Journalist Who Was About to Break Harvey Weinstein Story: Report

by Carey Wedler, The Anti Media:

NBC News attempted to shut down journalist Ronan Farrow’s reporting on sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, according to sources cited in the Daily Beast and claims made by Farrow’s producer in the New York Times this week.

Citing “multiple sources familiar with the matter,” the Daily Beast reported that NBC News’ General Counsel Susan Weiner “made a series of phone calls to Farrow, threatening to smear him if he continued to report on Weinstein.”

Farrow ultimately ran his first bombshell story in the New Yorker last year, and though NBC News claims they pushed back on publishing the story because it wasn’t ready, Farrow has insisted it was.

Tucker Carlson Believes Gun Buyback Will Lead to Civil War

by Jose Nino, Big League Politics:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently criticizedDemocratic presidential candidates for pushing mandatory assault weapon buybacks, while also taking Walmart to task for its anti-gun measures.

Carlson believes Walmart is pandering to the “activist left” after the retail giant announced earlier this week that it would scale back ammo sales and no longer let customers openly carry firearms in its stores. This was spurred by recent mass shootings that have taken place in the last month.

Lifestyle Investing for Recession or Economic Collapse

by David Haggith, The Great Recession Blog:

How do you invest for recession or a time of financial collapse when it looks like anything and everything could come down? If you are investing for recession — such as to safeguard your retirement funds for truly tragic times — there is simply no way to know what major part of the current economy will fall first because it is fragile to the point of breaking in all of its parts … all over the world.

Two paths for recession or economic collapse and two plans for investing for recession or economic collapse

Here’s What Happened in the Service Sector in Q1

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

Finance & Insurance, Which Dominates the US Economy, Has Blistering Q1. Huge Services Sector Not Yet Hit by Slowdown in Goods.

Revenues in private-sector services in the US rose 5.6% in the first quarter of 2019, compared to a year ago, to $3.94 trillion, according to the Commerce Department’s Advance Quarterly Selected Services Report released this morning. Services dominate the US economy: These “selected services” amount to the equivalent of about 74% of GDP. And all major categories booked solid to hot growth in the quarter.