Monday, April 15, 2024

Invisibility: Increasing OPSEC – Part 1

by St. Funogas, Survival Blog:

I recently read an article on advances which have been made using ear recognition as one more way to track us and violate our privacy. Since facial recognition systems are sometimes inadequate due to factors such as faces hidden by hair or covid masks, additional recognition technology using our ears is being developed. I don’t need to mention all the other ways modern technology is being used to violate our privacy or that our rights are being eroded by the day.

Do White Ethnicities Have a Future?

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

For many years the website has been the voice defending the white ethnicities who comprise the world of Western Civilization. In France the Le Pen family tries to defend French ethnics. In Britain, Enoch Powell and Nigel Farage spoke for British ethnics. The less visible European countries had defenders of their ethnicity, but despite the white ethnicities being large majorities, allegedly the rulers in a democracy, the white ethnicities are at times treated by “their” governments as  dangerous “white supremacists.” Those who speak for white ethnicities and in their defense are demonized and persecuted by white media and white governments.

MTG To Introduce Articles of Impeachment on Biden

from The Alex Jones Show:




from Computing Forever:


JUST IN – Black Lives Matter risks going bankrupt after an $8.5 million deficit last year, financial disclosures indicate — Newsweek

Bitcoin Will Save Democracy From The Oligarchy Says RFK Jr!

from The Jimmy Dore Show:


Good Samaritans are Now Chumps and Criminals

by Brian C. Joondeph, American Thinker:

A good Samaritan, according to the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary is, “a person who gives help and sympathy to people who need it”. This concept goes back to Biblical times, specifically the book of Luke, chapter 10, and the “Parable of the Good Samaritan.”

Jesus told the story of a man who was robbed, beaten, and left for dead. A priest and a Levite both saw the beaten man and walked past him, crossing to the other side of the street. But the Samaritan stopped to help the injured man, attending to his wounds, bringing him to an inn, paying the innkeeper to care for him until he was well.

Meet the Woman Who Defied Newsom’s TYRANNICAL Orders.. and WON

from Man in America:


Landmark Class Action Lawsuits Further Expose Startling Corruption In COVID Vaccine Rollout

from Great Game India:

Landmark class-action lawsuits filed, like the one by Brisbane lawyer Natalie Strijland and the one against AstraZeneca in the UK, further expose startling corruption in the COVID vaccine rollout.

In the video below, Joe Rogan interviews cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra about Big Pharma’s control over research. What many don’t realize is that researchers who do peer-review of drug company-sponsored trials do not get access to the raw data. All they get is the drug company’s analysis of that data, which leaves the door wide open for manipulation and obfuscation.

“Why Shouldn’t the Election Be Called Into Question?” Greg Gutfeld Breaks with Fox News Narrative Over 2020 Election Interference

by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

The Five’s co-host Greg Gutfeld unleashed a powerful diatribe in the aftermath of Monday’s Durham Report revelations detailing a full-fledged election interference operation carried out by the FBI and CIA in concert with the knowledge and approval of the Obama White House and driven in part by a Clinton Plan to ‘stir up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.”

Gutfeld defended Americans who continue to be skeptical about election integrity in the wake of the contested 2020 election that saw Joe Biden officially elected president over Donald Trump.

Black Cleopatra Is Total Fail

from Moonbattery:

Netflix tried to change history by making Cleopatra black. Instead, it made history with the biggest TV fail yet:

Forbes magazine reports the controversial production has not just garnered the lowest audience score in Netflix history on debut, it has essentially the lowest audience score possible on Rotten Tomatoes at one percent.

Liberal viewers have rallied to pull it up to 2%.

Is Sanity Returning?

by Sloan Oliver, American Thinker:

In case you’ve been in a cave this past month, sane people (i.e. non-Democrats) have finally said enough with the Marxist/Leftist insanity that Dems are trying to force onto us.  I’m referring to the firestorm rejection consumers are giving to Anheuser-Busch (AB), specifically to buying and drinking Bud Lite.  What happened?

Dutch Farmers’ Surprising HUGE Victory!

by Neenah Payne, Activist Post:

Why Was David Icke Banned From 26 European Nations? explains that legendary British author David Icke was to be the featured speaker at an event, a peace rally, called “Together for the Netherlands” on November 6, 2022. However, far-left activist groups demanded that the Dutch government bar from entering the country. His son Gareth said the government banned Icke for two years (not just for the rally) on the charge he is a “Level 3 terrorist”.

Mel K & Mike Lindell | The Plan to Secure Election 2024 in Motion

from The Mel K Show: