Thursday, February 29, 2024


from Chembuster:


UK Intelligence Spun 2013 Syria Chemical Attack, Leaked Docs Show

by Kit Klarenberg, Global Research:

US officials suppressed internal assessments that Al Qaeda’s Syrian wing had an “advanced” sarin production cell even as the US publicly blamed the Assad government for a 2013 chemical weapons attack, a report reveals.

Leaked documents obtained by The Grayzone show a shadowy British intelligence contractor helped sell the story that Assad was responsible – and nearly triggered Western intervention.

On September 13, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published a US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) appraisal detailing the chemical weapons arsenal possessed by the Al Qaeda-aligned Syrian armed opposition group known as Jabhat al-Nusra.

The Oct. 7 False Flag and Biden’s March to WWIII

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Nick Koutsobinas — On October 6th, it was a Friday, and I was in Tampa. I hadn’t thought about the war in Ukraine in nearly a day, mostly because I had just been robbed. But on October 7th, all that changed.

A premonition struck me at that moment — a gut feeling — the same gut feeling I had writing about Ukraine and the COVID vaccines, about the social media censorship during lockdowns; I remember thinking — reflecting on the week prior how all the momentum of leaving Ukraine and finally rebuilding toward American prosperity, and putting our interests as a nation above all others had just vanished, poof.





Planet Earth Just One ‘False Flag’ Or ‘Accident’ Away From A Nightmare – With America’s Foreign Policy Driven By Globalist Psychopaths, All Of These Signs Hint Of World War 3 Dead Ahead

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

Taking a look at 3 new stories over at Zero Hedge, one might think we’re closing in on WW3. With the most recent one reporting Russia’s Navy Port At Sevastopol Is On Fire After Massive Ukraine Missile Attack, after a major overnight and early morning attack on one of Russia’s key Black Sea naval ports, with multiple social media videos showing massive blazes at the Sevastopol shipyard, leaving numerous people dead and at least 24 people injured, the two other’s were titled “NATO Baltic War Games Simulate Article 5 Collective Defense War With Russia” and “NATO Prepares For Biggest Military Exercise Since Cold War, And Close To Russia,” leaving the world one accident away from a nightmare.

FANNING FLAMES: Canadian Police ARE BLOCKING Food & Vital Supplies & Local Firefighters FORBIDDEN

from Tim Truth:


Does not get more False Flag than this. Complete with the leftwing drums.


Undercover Cop Caught Cutting Fences on Jan 6? New Evidence Intensifies Suspicions Surrounding Key Fedsurrection Player

from Revolver News:

We at Revolver News are proud to have oriented the national discussion of January 6 to include a critical focus on the likely role of provocateurs and government actors in what is now appropriately termed the “Fedsurrection.” The smoking guns of this Fedsurrection remain the curious case of Ray Epps and the clear cover-up job and hoax associated with the so-called January 6 Pipe Bombs.

Is Ukraine Planning a False Flag Attack on Their Own Nuclear Plant?

by JD Rucker, Discern Report:

With precedent set after the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines and the Nova Kakhovka dam, nothing seems off the table for those who want this war to spread into WWIII.

“False Flag” was trending on Twitter Tuesday night and for good reason. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky declared Russia is about to destroy the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station. Russia responded by saying Ukraine is going to blow it up to try to frame Russia.

Who’s lying?

“Leave the World Behind” movie foreshadows massive cyber attack false flag event to come

from Health Ranger Report:


BREAKING: FALSE FLAG ON BANKS TOMORROW? – Massive Cyber Attack As Group Threatens European Banks

from World Alternative Media:


False Flag Red Alert! They’re Playing For All The Marbles In 2024 As Globalists In Govt Prepare Barbaric Acts Of Terror Upon Americans – CBS News Talking Head Warns Of ‘Black Swan Event’

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

In the latest bit of alarming evidence that the globalists who’ve been working to destroy America are preparing for something huge as we arrive in just days at 2024, during their year-end CBS News correspondents roundtable, analyst Catherine Herridge predicted a major national security crisis for the United States in the new year.

With Herridge, who is CBS’s senior investigative correspondent, making that ominous prediction for 2024 as heard in the video directly below, warning of a potential ‘Black Swan event’ dead ahead, as we’ve long warned here on ANP, we must remember the history of the United States government planning and carrying out acts of terrorism upon the American people if it helps them to meet their political goals as documented in this description of the ‘Operation Northwoods’ events of 1962, planned false flag acts of terror that were going to be carried out by the CIA and US military upon the American people, acts of terror that would be blamed on those other than the US government terrorists who carried them out.

David Stockman on Tucker Carlson’s Firing And Corporate Suicide Run Amok

by David Stockman, International Man:

We are not sure what the Murdochs were smoking last Monday morning when they shot the immensely profitable Fox News Channel in the kneecaps, but we do know that Tucker Carlson was one of a kind among commentators in the vast journalistic wasteland otherwise known as television news.

Indeed, on issue after issue in recent years Tucker treaded forthrightly where his MSM competitors in both print and broadcast media feared to go. Perhaps that was because he was deeply informed, historically read and literate and possessed of an incisive, open, inquisitive mind that was not about to play passive stenographer to either the Deep State or the lobbies and corporate interests that suffuse the Washington beltway.

FALSE FLAG IN IRAN! – US & Israel Want Nuclear War! – 103 Dead As WW3 Becomes INEVITABLE!

from World Alternative Media: