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Is gold too expensive to buy right now?

by Claudio Grass, Claudio Grass:

This question has been at the center of a great many conversations I’ve been recently having with clients and friends. The way I like to answer it is with another question: Expensive compared to what?

Despite its recent surge to record highs, there are compelling reasons why purchasing gold right now is a prudent decision, with strong indications that its value is poised to climb even higher. Making investment decisions solely based on the current price of any asset without considering its underlying value or future potential can be prove to be a very costly mistake.

The Deeply Disturbing Post About Programmable Currency

by M Dowling, Independent Sentinel:

If you wanted to control a massive population, what better way than to control the currency through a central bank? The ECB is ready and they are rolling it out under the guise of making life easier.

As University Professor David Thunder says in the post below, the ECB is selling a programmable centralized currency that could turn everyone into economic slaves.


from SGT Report:

President of Miles Franklin and friend of SGT Report returns to discuss the collapse of fiat currencies around the globe, and the rise of silver, gold and Bitcoin.

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Gold Is Rallying Again, But Silver Could Get REALLY Interesting

by Mike Gleason, Silver Seek:

Another week, another record high for gold.

On Wednesday, the monetary metal surged above $2,300 per ounce. It took a bit of a breather Thursday ahead of today’s key employment report but it rallied again on Friday. 

Turning to silver, it made a significant breakout of its own this week. The white metal shot up above the $27 level to a fresh 2-year high and rallied to over $27.50 on Friday

As gold prices continue to reach new heights, bulls are eying even higher highs.  Detractors, meanwhile, are pushing the narrative that gold has gotten too expensive.

20 Solid Reasons For Gold Breakout

by Jim Willie, Gold Seek:

The time has come to cite the many reasons why Gold has risen, and why Gold will continue to launch to much higher levels. The USGovt debt and USTreasury Bond default, in my opinion, deserve the lead factors along with powerful price inflation. These factors are not featured in the press. The Jackass has stated for the last five years, to impatient clients and frustrated colleagues, that the Gold price will not break above the $2000 mark with moment in a sustained manner until the USGovt debt is widely perceived to be on a crash course toward default. WE ARE THERE, as even the prestigious St Louis Fed has publicly gone on record to call the USGovt debt as unsustainable. The picture of default is being painted.

JUST IN – U.S. inflation rises to 3.5%, hotter than expected.

What is happening? Dollar Tree is now $7 Tree and now this.

China Gold-Buying Frenzy Sparks Chaos In ETFs

from ZeroHedge:

For the second time in a week, trading in an ETF that owns gold companies was halted in China overnight.

The ETF’s price had gained over 40% in the past four sessions before falling 10% after trading resumed Monday.

“The lack of alternatives, and the fact that it’s become a lot more difficult than it was a few years ago to get your money out of China and invest elsewhere – I think that’s definitely helping gold,” said Nikos Kavalis, managing director at consultancy Metals Focus Ltd.

“Demand is pretty decent, considering where the price is.”

Very rare photos of the US army seizing the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

Golds Breakout: Cause for Cheer or Concern?

from Peak Prosperity:



from SGT Report:

Dr. Lee Vliet and super attorney Todd Callender are back with the TRUTH about the Zionist cancer that plagues our nation and the world as we cover other current REAL news.

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