Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Under The Radar: Hundreds Of U.S. Banks At Risk Of Failing – The Liberal Mainstream Media Is Hiding Multiple ‘Bidenomics’ News Stories That Could Negatively Affect Every American

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

With so much happening, nationally and internationally, sometimes things slip through the cracks. The MSM with billion dollar budgets, and hundreds if not thousands of employees, making it possible for them extensively cover everything under the sun (climate change hoax pun, intended), deliberately chooses to focus on stories that push their liberal agenda, rather than news that could negatively affect every American.

In many cases the MSM will mention a story, then immediately move on while downplaying it, and in others they will address a topic in a manner which allows them to spin the news in a manner that benefits Democrats. In some cases, news that affects the ordinary American can take lot of work, and multiple key words, to even find, after being buried by MSM activism stories, ad nauseam.

United Airlines Boeing 737 Makes Emergency Return To Japanese Airport After Wing Flap “Irregularity”

from ZeroHedge:



Good morning, readers. There has been another Boeing incident overnight. This news is particularly alarming for anyone flying domestically or internationally on a Boeing jet, especially given the two Boeing mishaps earlier this week.

Uh-Oh – Biden Demonizes Companies, Seeks Ban on “Shrinkflation”

by Mike Gleason, Gold Seek:

As central bankers waver on rate cuts, precious metals markets continue to pull back.

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve opted to leave interest rates unchanged. Given the spate of recent hotter-than-expected readings on inflation, policymakers had little choice but to postpone any plans for monetary easing.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell conveyed confusion over the outlook for inflation and the prospects for rate cuts going forward.

Jerome Powell:

What Will CBDCs Mean for Gold?

by Peter Schiff, Schiff Gold:

With the eventual introduction of central bank digital currency (CBDCs) now seemingly inevitable, there are a lot of directions central banks could take with their digital currency projects that would have dramatic implications for the price of gold.

Touted for their “convenience” and “efficiency,” the endgame of digital currencies is not only achieving greater power over the currency but also a means of surveilling and micromanaging the personal finances of each individual. Owe taxes or a parking ticket? It could be automatically deducted. Does the Fed think it needs to cool inflation? Deduct money straight from people’s accounts, or impose a daily spending limit. The possibilities for control and profit are endless, and too tempting for control freak bureaucracies and amoral tech companies to ignore.

Israel/Gaza: The Masks Come Off in American Society

by Philip Giraldi, The Unz Review:

I think the striking events we have witnessed in American society over the last few months—and especially the last few days—are best understood if we consider a shrewd observation widely misattributed to Voltaire:

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who are not allowed to criticize.

From the years of my childhood I’d always been aware that political activism and protests were a regular feature of college life, with the 1960s movement against our Vietnam War representing one of its peaks, an effort widely lauded in our later textbooks and media accounts for its heroic idealism. During the 1980s I remember seeing a long line of crudely constructed shanties protesting South African Apartheid that spent weeks occupying the edges of the Harvard Yard or perhaps it was the Stanford Quad, and I think around the same time other shanties and protesters at UCLA maintained a long vigil in support of the Jewish Refusedniks of the USSR. Political protests seemed as much a normal aspect of college years as final exams and had largely replaced the hazing rituals and wild pranks of traditional fraternities, which were increasingly vilified as politically incorrect by hostile social censors among the students and faculty.


from Arcadia Economics:

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Own Gold with Reason into Bank Failure Season

by Mark Mead Baillie, Gold Seek:

Not to overly dwell — let alone predict — by subject title, however if we search our recollect (thank you Ken Starr), was it not by this time a year ago that we’d witnessed a few banks go? Whilst not first, First Republic failed. And now a year hence, Republic First has failed. How palindromic its that? Or from the “What’s in a Numerological Name Dept.” ought we now be concerned about Old Second National, or dare we say, Fifth Third? (Not to panic as both those two institutions appear quite solvent, whereas New York’s Fourth National went defunct 110 years ago, but we digress…)


from SGT Report:

The silver rigging big banks are getting awfully close to the end game. Analyst and metals mining expert David Jensen returns to SGT Report to ask the question are global bullion bankers ramping silver trading volume in Shanghai to acquire liquid and exportable silver bar stocks to cover their short positions in London and NY as claims come due?

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David’s Substack:

“Safe Haven” Yen Trending Towards Zero Against Gold

by Peter Schiff, Schiff Gold:

The yen was once known as a safe-haven currency for investors to protect themselves when broader markets are shaky or other currencies are dropping, but those days are numbered. A stable government and consistent (and low) interest rates have been some of the driving factors, but it’s the unwinding of that ultra-low interest rate policy that will be the yen’s “safe haven” undoing as gold retains its protective characteristics and rockets upward.

Another Bank Bites the Dust

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche Organization:

In 2023, the U.S. economy experienced the 2nd, 3rd and 4th largest bank failures in U.S. history.  The FDIC shelled out $1 billion last week to allow the takeover of the failing Republic First Bank of Philadelphia, while other, larger banks are threatened with collapse by asset devaluations in the $23 trillion commercial real estate market.  In response, the crooks in the Military-Industrial-Financial establishment are demanding hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to pay for their wars, to weaken nations — such as Russia and China — which refuse to submit to the demands of the Unipolar World Order.  I will be discussing this today with Helga Zepp-LaRouche in our weekly dialogue.  You can participate by sending questions/comments to questions@schillerinstitute.org

Unification Of CBDCs? Global Banks Are Telling Us The End Of The Dollar System Is Near

by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:

World reserve status allows for amazing latitude in terms of monetary policy. The Federal Reserve understands that there is constant demand for dollars overseas as a means to more easily import and export goods. The dollar’s petro-status also makes it essential for trading oil globally. This means that the central bank of the US has been able to create fiat currency from thin air to a far higher degree than any other central bank on the planet while avoiding the immediate effects of hyperinflation.


from reallygraceful:

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