Thursday, February 29, 2024

Netanyahu Tells Gaza Residents To Clear Out, Says IDF “Will Use All Its Strength” To “Destroy” Hamas

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

Update (1835ET): Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned residents of Gaza to “leave now, because we will operate forcefully everywhere.”

Hamas wants to murder us all. This is an enemy that murders children and mothers in their homes, in their beds, an enemy that abducts the elderly, children and young women, that slaughters and massacres our citizens, including children, who simply went out to enjoy the holiday.

Lockdowns Had Zero Impact on Covid, Major Study Finds

by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

Stripping people of their freedoms and forcing the public into lockdowns during the pandemic had zero impact in controlling Covid, a major new study has found.

A new Oxford University-backed study determined that Covid lockdowns made no difference to the outcome of the pandemic.

The researchers found that the results would have been the same if governments allowed people to make their own decisions about protecting themselves and their family members from the virus.

WEF Backs Facebook’s Plan to Enslave Humanity

by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

For the past few years, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been pumping billions of dollars into his plan to enslave humanity in the “Metaverse” –  a digital “reality” that he’s created and controls.

Zuckerberg is absolutely dedicated to his vision of the public “living” their lives in the Metaverse.

So much so, in fact, that Facebook’s parent company Meta, which also owns Instagram, WhatsApp, and now the Metaverse, has pumped so much resources into the project that the Big Tech giant is now hemorrhaging money.

What Will Happen If Trump Wins? (Ep. 2167)

from The Dan Bongino Show:


Leftist Outlets Stoke Fear of Second Trump Administration

by Nick Gilbertson, Breitbart:

Leftist media outlets — the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Atlantic — are stoking fear about a second Trump administration as former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in key polling. 

On Friday, Washington Post Editor-at-Large Robert Kagan wrote an op-ed titled “A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending.” That was followed by a Monday excerpt labeled “The Fear of a Looming Trump Dictatorship” by columnist Ishaan Tharoor in the Post’s Today’s WorldView Newsletter.

YouTube Accused Of Throttling CPU Performance For Users With AdBlock Installed

from ZeroHedge:

As if the noticeably longer ads on YouTube weren’t unbearable enough, the streaming video platform is now also in the spotlight due to slowing down PCs for users that have AdBlock installed.

That was the topic of a new article, which noted that “AdBlock users have been reporting widespread performance issues with the extension enabled on YouTube”.

A thread in the YouTube subreddit detailed that AdBlock enabling would cause slow load times and increased CPU usage when on YouTube.

Woke Wikipedia Exposed by Co-Founder Larry Sanger

by Alex Newman, The New American:

Wikipedia has become a bastion of establishment propaganda that no longer even pretends to be neutral on the controversies of the day, and this is very dangerous to society, explained Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman. This undermining of neutrality, partly by banning many non-establishment sources, is affecting and angering both the right and left. About 15 years ago, a scan of IP addresses involved in editing Wikipedia found that an unusually high number came from Langley, Virginia, where the CIA is headquartered. “I’m sure it’s not just the CIA,” he said, noting that humanity was facing “information warfare.” “It isn’t just spy agencies.” Sanger also offers insights into how humanity can free itself from this narrative control. These include Internet decentralization and new services he is working on such as the Knowledge Standards Foundation and the Encyclosphere, a universal network of encyclopedias.

Elites Panic As Anti-War Populist Wins in NATO-Member Slovakia. PLUS: Canada Targets Podcast Platforms w/ Despotic New Censorship Law

from Glenn Greenwald:


How America’s Media Always Accept Their Lying Government

by Eric Zuesse, The Duran:

Whereas some American media are controlled by Republicans (conservatives), some are controlled by Democrats (liberals). Republican media hide facts that they don’t want their audience to know, and Democratic media hide facts that they don’t want their audience to know; but there are many important facts that all billionaires (the people who control the Government) in both Parties want the public not to know, and so those facts are not in any of the mainstream media, because the U.S. Government lies profusely and is controlled by its billionaires who have funded the careers of virtually all successful politicians in America so as to have control over its Government.

WATCH: Israeli Troops ‘Filmed Using Blindfolded Prisoner as Human Shield’ in West Bank


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Video shared Friday morning on social media shows Israeli Defense Forces soldiers allegedly using a handcuffed, blindfolded Palestinian prisoner as a human shield during an operation in the occupied West Bank.

The prisoner was identified by Al Jazeera as Alaa Abu Hashhash.

“Hashhash was seen in the video being handcuffed, blindfolded and kneeling on a street, as an Israeli soldier took cover behind him, while aiming his rifle towards an unseen enemy,” Al Jazeera reported.

Mel K & Tom Luongo | Collapsing Narratives & Manufactured Chaos Do Not Change Reality

from The Mel K Show:


Satanic Temple Places ‘Christmas Display’ Altar To Baphomet In Iowa Capitol Rotunda As Calls For Governor Kim Reynolds To Remove It Go Unanswered

by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

A satanic ‘Christmas display’ placed in the Iowa Capitol is unconstitutional, says an eastern Iowa lawmaker who is calling on Gov. Kim Reynolds to order its removal.

When you think of Iowa, what comes to mind? I’ve been there, it’s beautiful, it’s a place most people think of as the heartland of America. God, country and family. The baseball classic movie ‘Field of Dreams’. Apple pie cooling in a farmhouse window. The start of our election cycle. Iowa. Well, now you can add to that an altar of Baphomet placed in the Iowa State Capitol Rotunda by the Satanic Temple as a ‘Christmas display’.

Uncensored: Dr. Lee Vliet – Marburg is Possible with 5G, EMF, & COVID Injection Contents

from Stew Peters Network:


Blacklisting and Censorship Violates Freedom of Thought, Speech and Conscience

by Barbara Loe Fisher, The Tenpenny Report:

This excerpt is from a special report Barbara researched and wrote to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. Her commentary regards the systematic abuse of parents with vaccine injured children. It also covers the silencing of Barbara’s own voice and information published by the charitable organization, the National Vaccine Information Center. Her report highlights the alarming erosion of freedom of thought, speech, and conscience, particularly in the context of informed consent and advocacy.  

The Great Taking: The Diabolical Plan to Steal Everything You Own w/Dr. Kirk Elliot

from Man in America: