Mark Wahlberg: Hollywood Pedophiles Have ‘Nowhere Left To Hide’


by Baxter Dmitry, The Peoples Voice:

Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg told hundreds of people at a Sunday school meeting in Los Angeles that a small yet powerful group of Hollywood insiders has declared war on the “evil” entertainment industry elite who traffic in children, and “Hollywood pedophiles have nowhere left to hide.”

“We are hunting these evil sons of bitches down and taking them out, one blood drinking pedophile at a time,” Wahlberg said, before warning the congregation to expect some disturbing news on the front page of newspapers in the near future.


According to Wahlberg, Hollywood is a huge network of pedophilia, child prostitution, and human trafficking that is controlled by “sick freaks” and there is a “culture of silence” in the industry because everybody understands that speaking out about elite pedophilia is punishable by death.

For this reason, Wahlberg says Jim Caviezel and Mel Gibson are “American heroes” with “balls of steel” for daring to take on the Hollywood system and play their part in raising awareness about the scourge of elite pedophilia in the entertainment industry.

Wahlberg has been a regular at various churches in Los Angeles in recent years, often attending mass twice on Sundays, and on July 2 he shared the moment he “woke up” to the reality of the Hollywood system with hundreds of church goers.

Describing an industry Christmas party featuring Hollywood executives from some of the most powerful studios in the world, Wahlberg said studio bosses, executive producers, international brokers, and financial stakeholders, as well as “two A-list stars,” engaged in Satanic rituals, which culminated in torture and sexual abuse of children.

According to Wahlberg, four Hollywood executives dressed in Satanic outfits and masks, who were all “drinking blood, high on adrenochrome”, encouraged him to “stop being a prude and join the club” by sexually abusing “two very, very young children.”

“I’m a father,” Wahlberg said, “and all I could think about was that these two children should have been safe at home with their parents. But they were in a Hollywood club, being preyed on by sadists, pedos, and sexual perverts who engage in the worst form of evil.”

Wahlberg meets with Gibson to discuss elite pedophilia in Hollywood

Wahlberg made clear that the consequences in Hollywood could not be higher for those who threaten to expose the depraved activities of the elites.

“Why didn’t I kill these guys? I had to think about my children. They are my first priority in this world – and I don’t want them to grow up without a father.”

Wahlberg said he had heard rumors about this type of party in Hollywood, and he knew the consumption of adrenochrome was a popular pastime among studio executives, but he had never been openly confronted with it before.

“The whole corrupt Hollywood system, all of the brainwashing and perversion they are pumping out every year, it all begins to make sense when you understand that Hollywood needs young blood to continue operating.”

Adrenochrome is a compound that occurs in the body and which spikes during periods of fear and anxiety. According to Wahlberg, Hollywood elites torture children to cause spikes in the chemical compound, before harvesting the chemical from their blood, which they then drink or inject in order to get high, and stay healthy and young.

After taking some time to contemplate his future, Wahlberg says it is now time to “right some wrongs.”

“The only way I can honor the children is to dedicate my life to eradicating this evil from the face of the earth,” said Wahlberg, who explained that his own children have urged him to speak out about the real nature of Hollywood.

The “good guys,” according to Wahlberg, are “recruiting in numbers”, and a “civil war” is threatening to erupt in Hollywood, bringing the whole system to its knees.

This allegation from Mark Wahlberg adds to the wave of accusations made by celebrities and musicians about the real nature of the entertainment industry elite. Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood have both gone on record exposing the pedophilia at the heart of Hollywood.

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