Monday, June 17, 2024

Another “safe and effective” Product People Have Been Deceived into Accepting for the Last Century

by John C. A. Manley, Activist Post: recently published an article reporting how TV shows are being digitally remastered to cater to woke millennials. Many people didn’t realize it was satire.

I can understand why.

Already, classic novels are being scrubbed and edited to cater to far-left ideologies (if they haven’t been outright banned altogether). Re-woking TV shows to make them more “inclusive” doesn’t sound all that far-fetched.




Genetically Modified Ingredients in Most US Cheeses

by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola:

  • Traditionally, cheese was made with just four ingredients: milk, salt, starter culture and animal rennet
  • Rennet is used as a clotting agent to curdle the milk into cheese, separating the liquid parts of milk from the solids. It’s an essential part of the cheese making process

Maui ‘Ground Zero’ for Release of Billions of Biopesticide Lab-Altered Mosquitoes

by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D., Childrens Health Defense:

Up to 775,992,000 bacteria-infected mosquitoes could be released in Maui every week for the next 20 years, according to Hawaii Unites, a nonprofit that last month lost its bid to require the state to conduct an environmental impact statement before pressing go on the controversial project.

Up to 775,992,000 bacteria-infected mosquitoes could be released in Maui every week for the next 20 years, according to Hawaii Unites, an environmental advocacy group that last month lost its bid to require the state to conduct an environmental impact statement before allowing the controversial project to proceed.


from Dr. Jane Ruby:


HOW TO AVOID MRNA MEAT! – The Fight Against Farmers Continues!

from World Alternative Media:


Fake meat is a market failure


from WND:

Investors, consumers show growing distaste for faux products

A growing list of potentially intractable problems confronts the alternative meat industry, which includes both plant-based substitutes and cultured “cell-grown” meats. Consumers have not managed to swallow the fake taste (beet juice may be a sad substitute for beef blood), the Beverly Hills pricing, or the growing awareness that the counterfeits are highly processed and largely dependent on monocultured plant crops such as corn, soybeans, and wheat that present their own environmental challenges. Much as they have in the EV and solar panel markets, buyers are waking up to a triple-shill: Fake meat “alternatives” seem to be overpriced, unpalatable, and pollute the planet despite claims of climate rescue.

Unlabeled And Unregulated: Got (GMO Synthetic) Milk?

by Fed Up Texas Chick, The Tenpenny Report:

No antibiotics, no hormones. Just dairy. A new completely lactose-free dairy. Dairy without the cows? 

Um, how does that work?   

The fake milk, sold by Bored Cow, uses a wannabe whey protein  –   “microflora” called “ProFerm” made by their partner Perfect Day, “a consumer biology company on a mission to create a kinder, greener tomorrow by developing new ways to make the foods you love today — starting in the dairy aisle.”

Beyond the Genetic Horizon: Understanding the Risks of Modified Crops

by Dallas L, Vigilant News:

In a world where technological advancements touch every aspect of our lives, our food system has not been left behind. The emergence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and other forms of modified crops is reshaping agriculture. While an article I recently came across celebrates a modified crop designed to relieve overburdened farmlands, it’s crucial to delve deeper and understand the broader implications of these modifications.

Bill Gates’ Lab-Grown Meat Exposed: ‘Really Gruesome’

by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

An international investigation has exposed the gruesome reality being the globalist push to flood the food supply with biotech products such as Bill Gates’ lab-grown “meats.”

Dutch investigative journalist Elze van Hamelen has published a new report to raise the alarm about the “tsunami of fake foods” being rolled out by the biotech industry.

Despite claims from the green agenda elite, fake meats are not about your health or the environment.

Are You Drinking GMO Yeast Milk?


by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola:

  • Synthetic dairy products, including milk made from genetically engineered yeast, are being touted as environmentally friendly health foods that should replace real milk from cows and other animals
  • Along with missing important micronutrients that are abundant in real milk, fake milk contains compounds that have never before existed in the human diet


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

In our last scheduled blog of 2023 before the Christmas holiday, I wanted to leave you with a warning to make sure that Christmas goose, turkey, or ham you’re preparing for your family this year really is a goose, turkey, or ham, and not an agglutination of the stem cells thereof: here’s why (article courtesy of V.T.):

FDA Approved, Controversial Lab-Grown Meat Becomes a Reality

Some time ago, and in an entirely different context, I told readers of this website to “watch Italy,” because that country was then on the forefront of issuing quiet challenges to the growing globaloney narratives and to the extent possible, resisting them, from sanctions against Russia which its agricultural minister and Italian agri-businesses were anxious to “work around”, to sending business representatives to Moscow to confer with Mr. Putin’s ministers, to increasingly public denunciations of the European (dis)Union’s open border policies, and so on.

Pharma Food — Biotech on Your Plate

by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola:

  • Dutch investigative journalist Elze van Hamelen reports on the “tsunami of fake foods” being rolled out by the biotech industry
  • Fake meats are not about your health or the environment’s; they’re a tool to phase out farmers and ranchers and replace them with an ultraprocessed food product that can be controlled by patents
  • Creating lab-grown meat is “insanely expensive” and plagued by bacterial and viral contamination

Impossible Fools at Impossible Burger

by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola:

  • In its 2019 Impact Report, Impossible Foods — maker of the Impossible Burger, a meat substitute using GMO soy — takes aim directly at regenerative ranching, claiming grass fed cattle ranching generates higher amounts of greenhouse gas emissions than cows raised in CAFOs


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

A regular reader and contributor here, T.M., spotted this one, and I thought it somehow was very fitting that it should be the blog for today, All Saints’ Day, 2023, for Italy has struck another blow against Globalooneyism by striking a blow against one of its premier nutcases, Baal Gates, and his “synthetic meat” agenda. Now, that information is not in and of itself all that new. Various countries have been taking aim at Gates and some of his nuttier ideas. India, you might recall, a few years back had some difficulties with his medical schemes (see Why Are Indians So Angry at Bill Gates?)