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Podcast — Alex Rosen — An Eye-Opening Look Inside The Life Of A Professional Pedophile Hunter

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

In this engrossing episode of the Free Thought Project Podcast, hosts Jason and Matt engage in a hard-hitting conversation with Alex Rosen, the intrepid founder of Predator Poachers, an organization dedicated to unmasking and bringing child predators to justice. As the frontline soldier in this horrifying battlefield, Rosen shares his chilling experiences of exposing dozens of predators within just a few short years.

Delving into the inherent dangers of such an endeavor, we discuss potential threats of violence faced by those daring to challenge this insidious underbelly of society. In this no-holds-barred conversation, they further highlight the concerning sluggishness of law enforcement responses to caught predators, fueling a debate about the potential reasons behind this apparent apathy. Join us as we explore the increasing prevalence of pedophilia in America, the unsettling attempts by some in the establishment to normalize it, and the proactive measures we can take to curtail this harrowing epidemic. Tune in to not just be informed, but to be part of the change.


from EarthNewspaper:


Don’t let them rewrite history: Ventilators KILLED people…and it was no accident

by Kit Knightly, Off Guardian:

New studies claim many “Covid patients” were killed by invasive mechanical ventilation, but we knew this at the time and now people are re-writing history.

A new study from Northwestern University has concluded that the majority of “Covid19” patients put on ventilators were actually killed by bacterial pneumonia, not the alleged virus.

NATO to Draw Up ‘Russia War Plans’ for First Time Since Cold War

from 21st Century Wire:

NATO is drawing up plans on how to fight a war with Russia for the first time since the Cold War.

According to Reuters, at the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius this July, alliance leaders will approve thousands of pages of secret military plans that will detail how to respond to a Russian attack.

The plans will be vastly different than anything drawn up during the Cold War as NATO has expanded from 16 members to 31 since the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. The documents will also outline how NATO members should upgrade their forces and logistics.

Historical context for Pilot Incapacitations


by William Makis, MD, Covid Intel:

Pilots have been suffering from COVID-19 mRNA vaccine injuries. Pilot incapacitations and cardiac arrests are on the rise – the question is, how does the data look historically? This excellent substack article takes a deep dive. –

Pilot Incapacitation Events seem to have been receiving extra attention. We at US Freedom Flyers have been collaborating with Dr Makis on Pilot Incapacitation Event data (Covid Intel). Each event is news and noteworthy, but is the number of Pilot Incapacitation Events in 2023 actually on track to exceed historical averages? While we certainly hope this is not the case, the current data should be examined against the available statistics. To provide this context, we can turn to some prior studies conducted by the FAA.

Biden’s Running Out of Ukraine Money? Good.

by Ron Paul, Ron Paul Institute:

When the smoke finally clears, President Biden’s Ukraine debacle will go down – along with Afghanistan and Iraq – as one of the greatest foreign policy disasters in US history. Hundreds of thousands have been killed on both sides in the service of the US neocons’ long standing desire to “regime change” Russia.

And let’s not forget that $100 billion authorized by Congress to finance the neocons’ “Project Ukraine.”

With Russian control established in the strategic city of Bakhmut over the weekend, the neocon Ukraine project – like all neocon foreign policy projects before it – looks to be progressing rapidly toward failure. But that won’t stop the Biden Administration from attempting to extort more money from an America already teetering on the brink of economic collapse. And let’s not forget the battle over the “debt limit” raging in DC.

Most Americans still waiting for that white knight to swoop in and save us from our insane government

by Leo Hohmann, Leo Hohmann:

History teaches us that both major parties are good at one thing — advancing the interests of the globalist administrative state and its perpetual lust for war

The date of November 5, 2024, is less than 18 months away and I dread it.


Because Americans waste a lot of energy every four years focusing on presidential elections, and many still hold the dream of there being one man out there who will swoop in and magically return us to that shining city on a hill. Mr. Fix It is waiting in the wings. This has become a four-year cycle of distraction. An exercise in theater. I have no time for it.

Behind the Deep State | FBI Exposed as Deep State Tentacle: Will There be Justice?

from The New American:


The Federal Reserve’s Anti-inflation Policy Makes No Sense

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Dear readers and fellow economists, the Federal Reserve is treating a rise in prices from supply shocks and disruptions from the Covid lockdowns and sanctions against Russia, Iran, and other countries as if it were a monetary inflation. It is true that too much money is chasing too few goods and services, but the cause is supply shortages and not excess consumer demand.

This fact is obvious, but it is not acknowledged. We know that the lockdowns and sanctions stopped production, caused transportation problems, caused energy shortages, caused business failures, and disrupted supply chains.

Second IRS Whistleblower Probing Hunter Biden Comes Forward, Claims Retaliation

by Katelynn Richardson, The Daily Caller:

A second Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblower came forward Monday to express concern about the investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged tax fraud and financial crimes after the entire team working on it was removed from the case, according to the New York Post.

The whistleblower has worked on the case since it opened in 2018 and believes he was removed for doing the “right thing” and raising concerns about how the Department of Justice (DOJ) was handling the issue, according to documents sent to Congress and obtained by the New York Post. In April, his IRS supervisor, who has worked on the case since 2020, told Congress the investigations faced “clear conflicts of interest,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

WarRoom Battleground EP 298: FBI Refuses To Look Into Election Fraud

from Bannons War Room:


Red Alert!

by Jim Rickards, Daily Reckoning:

Hurricanes are a threat if you live in certain areas. Yet, hurricanes are reliably confined to a hurricane season that runs from June to November in the Northern Hemisphere.

Likewise, wildfires are a threat, but they’re usually confined to periods when dry conditions and high winds combine to make forests predictably combustible.

Put differently, the exact timing of some catastrophes may be unpredictable but they’re usually associated with certain seasons and conditions.

Right now, we’re in the heart of banking crisis season. Even worse, we could be on the brink of a financial crisis worse than 2008.

EcoHealth documents show the development of the covid virus/vaccine bioweapon and the plan to infect populations

by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

The debate as to what caused the covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing and is likely to be ongoing for some time.  Karen Kingston argues that the cause of the pandemic was a biological attack using so-called “bat vaccines” which are spike protein nanoparticles developed in a laboratory by EcoHealth Alliance.  The gene sequences for these “bat vaccines” were subsequently used in the FDA-approved Pfizer covid “vaccines” for humans.

“Residents of Wuhan and other cities of China, Italy and the United States, were victims of a coordinated nanoparticle bioweapon attack, a bioweapon attack using the same nanoparticles that are in all covid-19 mRNA vaccines. Most victims became infected with the nanoparticles via a direct aerosol attack, surface transmission, or food and beverage contamination,” Karen Kingston said.

Bill Gates BLACKMAILED By Epstein, Dr. Rashid Buttar Killed by CIA?

from Stew Peters Network:


REASSESSING BITCOIN as protection against collapsing fiat banks

from Health Ranger Report: