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from Geopolitics & Empire:

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Getting Jacked and Connected To Survive and Prosper During The Apocalypse

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Cantillon Overdrive…and the Bitcoin Breakout

by Mark E. Jeftovic, Bombthrower:

What we now call “The Cantillon Effect” was known far back as circa-1730, by at least one economist.  It hasn’t been taken very seriously in modern times, especially here in the fiat age.

Named after its author, Richard Cantillon, in his “Essay on Economic Theory” (“Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en Général”) — it is his only surviving work and was published posthumously in 1755, more than 20 years after he was murdered by a former cook whom he had dismissed from his household. The disgruntled ex-employee, returned by night, robbed his home, then set it ablaze, with Cantillon — and the rest of his manuscripts, within.

CBDC – The Real Target

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

A lot of people somehow think that the move to Digital Currency is a completely new monetary system, It is targeted to eliminate cash transactions so everything is taxable and nothing can be hidden from our overlords. If we look at commerce in the United States during 2022, 82% of all transactions were digital – Debit cards (20 percent), credit cards (30 percent), and digital wallets 32 percent. That was e-commerce.

Brazil’s CBDC Allows Government To Freeze Funds, Developer Discovers

by Christina Maas, Reclaim The Net:

In a disquieting discovery, the Brazilian Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is reportedly designed with a feature enabling the government to freeze user funds and adjust balances. The revelation emerged after Pedro Magalhaes, a prominent blockchain developer and founder of Iora Labs, managed to decode the underlying technical details of the CBDC.

Bitcoin Explodes Higher On “Heavily Institutional” Buying


from ZeroHedge:

Bitcoin prices have exploded higher overnight, nearing $38,000, with the renewed bullish tone attributed to a combination of factors, including resurgent institutional interest, growing adoption, and a favorable macroeconomic climate.

Bitcoin prices have exploded higher overnight, nearing $38,000, with the renewed bullish tone attributed to a combination of factors, including resurgent institutional interest, growing adoption, and a favorable macroeconomic climate.


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

This article comes from one of our regular article-sifters-and-sharers, and it’s more grist for the mill as you consider what is behind the moves of so many states to pass various currency laws.  Last week, for example, I offered a cautionary caveat on Texas’s recent bills regarding the “backing” of digital “currencies” with gold or silver, and their apparent “convertibility.” My caveat remains what it was: if you’re going to have truly convertible digital currency with silver and gold backing, then certificates of deposit that one can carry in one’s wallet – we know them as gold and silver certificates – must be issued and useable as currency.  Otherwise, I smell a plot simply to hook people on digital and cashlessness via the hook of “bullion backed.” Colour me a curmudgeon, because I’m not buying.


from SGT Report:

Crrow is back with a warning for humanity about central bank digital currency, the last stop in the conspiracy to enslave humanity in Rothschild central bankster tyranny. We must resist and destroy this plot like our very lives depend on it because they do.

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Bitcoin surges beyond $60,000 mark

from RT:

The leading cryptocurrency has reached a two-year high after several consecutive days of gains

The price of Bitcoin, the world’s highest-valued cryptocurrency, surged past the $60,000 mark on Wednesday, according to CoinDesk.

The token rose above $60,600 at 14:55 GMT, its highest level since November 2021, marking a gain of over 6% over the past 24 hours.

If you don’t think the Fed is pursuing a CBDC, think again.


NEW – UK’s central bank “Britcoin” digital currency “could be used to check ages and nationalities.”

Gold-backed cryptos: The Next Level Of Protection From Capital Controls

from Dollar Collapse:

One of the things I frequently point at in the incessantly tiresome debate between the precious metals and cryptocurrency communities is that while each asset offers its own advantages, cryptos afford a level of optionality for capital mobility that simply doesn’t exist for precious metals.

At least until fairly recently.

JUST IN: Edward Snowden predicts “A national government will be revealed this year to have been buying #Bitcoin without having disclosed that fact publicly.”


from SGT Report:

Bitcoin may well prove to be the only black hole perfectly suited to mop up the tens of trillions of fiat currency sloshing around the world. And not just fiat Dollars. Yen, Rupees, Lira, Yuan and every other rapidly debasing currency around the world is ready to flee into Bitcoin. Peter Schiff has been wrong about Bitcoin for 14 years, but he continues to be unrelenting in his hatred for the asset. I discuss the supply demand metrics and why I think Schiff will continue to be wrong with the President of My Digital Money Guy Goslak. https://www.mydigitalmoney.com/

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