Sunday, February 25, 2024

US Govt Targets Private Enterprise – Eminent Domain – Private Property and Patents at Risk

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

A recent measure from the Biden Administration touted as a solution to lower prescription drug costs has a more sinister motive. The Bayh–Dole Act or Patent and Trademark Law Amendments Act of 1980 permitted researchers to own the patents of their products developed through government funds. The legislation permitted “march-in” rights that enabled these agencies to grant a license on their patents to third parties. For the first time in four decades, the federal government wants to invoke this measure as they are losing both money and power amid this private wave.

The 7 Other Planets In Our Solar System Will Form A Line As The Path Of The Great American Eclipse Of 2024 Crosses America

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

The Great American Eclipse of 2024 is truly going to be a once in a lifetime event.  A few days ago, I wrote about how this eclipse will pass over 7 locations named “Ninevah” as it moves across our country.  Since I wrote that article, I have also learned that the eclipse will go over a location in Texas named “Jonah” too.  That is pretty incredible, but what I have to share with you today is even more amazing.  Last week, I shared something that Rachel Baxter has discovered with my core subscribers.  I wanted to get their feedback before I shared it with the general public.  Like me, many of them were absolutely blown away by this discovery.

The Gold-to-Silver Ratio Is Screaming at Investors

by Peter Reagan, Birch Gold Group:

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving precious metals and the overall economy. Stories include: The gold-to-silver ratio makes silver look incredibly attractive right now, China’s motives for underreporting its gold reserves and gold has become America’s most popular investment.

Guess Who’s Closing Stores in Chicago Now

by Stephen Green, PJ Media:

Chicago has a problem with retailers closing their doors, pulling up stakes, and getting the hell out of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

Without warning last week, a KFC franchisee “abruptly” shuttered three South Side locations. One outlet, located in Chatham, had been “undergoing renovations for months” when the franchise owner apparently just gave up and boarded up the windows instead. According to the same Fox 32 Chicago report, the Great KFC Vanishing came “less than one month after Cinema Chatham, a local movie theater, shut down.” That closure also came without warning.

Illuminati: Rituals, Geopolitics, the Vatican, Skull & Bones, Free Masonry w/ Leo Zagami

from Sarah Westall:


We are living through a SATANIC DEATH CULT TAKEOVER of Western civilization

from Health Ranger Report:






from SGT Report:

Researcher James Roguski returns to SGT Report with an update about the Bill Gates W.E.F. – W.H.O. treaty to enslave us to the whims of war criminal Tedros and unelected rats at the World Health Organization. Thanks for tuning in, now call your Congress critter and Senators and tell them HELL NO!

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The Collapse of the American Empire, Part I: Demographics

by Erik Striker, The Unz Review:

As much as neo-conservative/Zionist ideologues like Robert Kagan write about the exceptional inevitability of the American world order, there is a general sinking feeling among the people of the United States that this country does not have a future.

Is this impression justified? Students of imperial decline can examine historical observations and parallels to decide.

Admittedly, utilizing historicism to try and predict geopolitical developments in the short and medium term is an imperfect science, often taking the form of prejudiced soothsaying or intuitive assertions.

Manufacturing Consent: The Border Fiasco and the “Smart Wall”

by Whitney Webb, Unlimited Hangout:

The political response to the crisis at the southern border continues to advance the bipartisan “smart wall,” having been backed by Trump and Biden alike. This bipartisan consensus reaches far beyond the US, as much of the world is similarly speeding along in implementing “digital borders.”

Google To Start Running “Prebunk” Ads and Quizzing YouTube Viewers To Fight So-Called “Misinformation”

by Didi Rankovic, Reclaim The Net:

Little has changed when it comes to YouTube’s attempts to influence election-related content.

Prebunking – until relatively recently it was just one of the fringe concepts in the relentless “war on misinformation industrial complex.”

A short way to describe it is as a dystopian version of debunking false or incorrect information. But here the idea is to stop users (“help them identify”) unwanted content, before they can even see it.

EXCLUSIVE: New Form Of Blood Clots Found In 50% Of The Dead

from The Alex Jones Show:


BOMBSHELL: COVID-19 boosters found to impair your T cells, shutting down the body’s natural defense against infections and cancer

by Lance D Johnson, Natural News:

narrative review published in Clinical and Experimental Medicine concludes that COVID-19 “vaccination” actually increases one’s likelihood of suffering through a SARS-CoV-2 infection. To make matters worse, the COVID-19 booster shots were linked to higher levels of IgG4 antibodies, impairing the body’s ability to activate white blood cells. Due to the overproduction of IgG4 antibodies, the COVID-19 vaccines are destroying the body’s natural defense against all other infections and various cancers. Furthermore, the evidence shows that the booster shots actually impair the most critical facets of the immune system – the function of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells.

Covid Vaccines Linked to Large Increase in Heart, Blood and Neurological Disorders, Major Study Finds

by Will Jones, Daily Sceptic:

Covid vaccines have been linked to significant increases in heart, blood and neurological disorders, according to the largest global study of its kind to date. The Mail has more.

An international coalition of vaccine experts looked for 13 medical conditions among 99 million vaccine recipients across eight countries in order to identify higher rates of those conditions after receiving the shots.

They confirmed that the shots made by Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca are linked to significantly higher risk of five medical conditions – including a nerve-wasting condition that leaves people struggling to walk or think.


from The Salty Cracker: