Thursday, August 22, 2019

Kyle Bass on where the global economy is headed: ‘This is insane’

by Shawn Langolis, Market Watch:

This is insane. The Japanese are going to keep going. The Chinese print money like it’s a national pastime today. Europe is going to restart QE.’

That’s Hayman Capital Management fund manager Kyle Bass talking on CNBCTuesday about how monetary easing is catching fire around the world and will eventually bring U.S. interest rates all the way down to zero.

“We’re the only country that has an integer in front of our bond yields,” he said. “We have 90% of the world’s investment-grade debt. We actually have rule of law and we have a decent economy. All the money is going to come here.”

Brexit – or Not? Fearmongering. Masters of Manipulating Public Opinion

by Peter Koenig, Global Research:

BREXIT deadline is 31 October 2019. On 23 June 2016, the British people voted 52% against 48% to leave the European Union. In England alone, the margin was somewhat higher, 53.4% for leaving the EU, against 46.6% for staying. In the meantime we know, that this result was influenced by Cambridge Analytica, the same as the Trump Presidency was apparently helped by CA – and according to CA’s own account, more than 200 elections or referenda worldwide during the last 5 years or so were decided by CA.

Nixon’s Nightmares Coming True as Russia and China Seek Further Rapprochement

by Jean Perier, New Eastern Outlook:

Over the past few years, the United States has been going beyond itself in a bid to somehow demonstrate its military prowess to the rest of the world, thus forcing a number of international players into surrendering their national interests and submitting to the American will through its never-ending saber-rattling. Washington’s demonstration of its readiness to deploy even more American troops to Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and a great many other countries of the world to promote its policies and support its satellite-states has not just led to a massive pushback, but also sparked the desire to create a counterbalance to the existing US hegemony, shared by a great many of sovereign states across the globe.

OBAMA WAS IN ON IT! Andrew McCarthy: Counter Intelligence Investigations Are Done for the President — Obama KNEW About Spying on Trump (VIDEO)

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

President Trump fired off a warning shot at Barack Obama and the deep state in June.

The president tweeted out Tucker Carlson’s comments and then added a warning…

President Trump: “Someone should call Obama up. The Obama Administration spied on a rival presidential campaign using Federal Agencies. I mean, that seems like a headline to me?” @TuckerCarlson It will all start coming out, and the Witch Hunt will end. Presidential Harassment!

Exposing The “Keys” to Disney’s Operations and Agenda

by Corey Lynn, Corey’s Digs:

“If the world only had the eyes to see the fibers which lay under the surface of Walt Disney’s image, they’d tar and feather him, and drag him through the streets. If only they knew what Disney’s primary goal is.”

Walt Disney was born in Chicago, in 1901 and moved with his family to Kansas City in 1910. Walt’s obsession with escapism, imagination, magic, and animals were forged on their Kansas City farm under the repressive, abusive, cruel and loveless tyranny of his father who would allegedly march them to the woodshed and dispense his brutal punishments daily.

Medieval Diseases Are Spreading In Los Angeles

by Alicia Luke, Freedom OutPost:

Medieval diseases are spreading in Los Angeles proving Democrat priorities endanger public health.

Typhus, tuberculosis, and other horrid illnesses are spreading quickly through Los Angeles camps and shelters. Medieval diseases are in LA because living conditions there are comparable or even worse than conditions in Medieval Europe. It’s incredible that a civilized society tolerates such conditions.

Yikes! Here’s what a Democratic socialist utopia looks like!

The Outlook For COMEX Silver Improves – Craig Hemke (20/08/2019)

by Craig Hemke, Sprott Money:

While we’ve been on the record since January in predicting that 2019 would see the best annualized gains for the precious metals since 2010, we’ve also been concerned that COMEX gold might pull away from COMEX silver in the short term. Now? Maybe not so much.

Two posts from earlier this year that you should review before continuing:

• This from January:…

• This from May:…

Over the past few weeks, I’ve often stated in public interviews that an expansion of the Gold:Silver Ratio to 100 would not surprise me—meaning that COMEX gold could go to $1700 while COMEX silver remains near $17—before a “substitution effect” finally forces The Banks to retreat and silver moves higher. While this may still be the case, a couple of changes over the past few weeks have led me to consider a different, short-term outlook for COMEX Digital Silver.

“Don’t Save For Retirement” – A Discussion with Dan Ameduri

by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

Our old pal Dan Ameduri has released his first book today and it comes with the provocative title, “Don’t Save For Retirement”. What does Dan mean by that title and what message does he hope to spread by writing this new book? Today we ask him for the answers.

This is certainly not just a precious metals discussion. In fact, it’s far from it! Instead and as Dan explains, the “rules” of retirement planning that the mainstream media and financial industry routinely shove down your throat are just plain wrong. In Dan’s words, don’t simply save for growth. Look for long-term income producing investments, as well. Don’t just collect paper assets. Buy and hold and tangible things, instead.

Click HERE to listen

Mom Thrown in Jail, Her Child Stolen, for Successfully Treating Her Cancer with CBD Oil

from Humans Are Free:

In the land of the free, parents whose children voluntarily wish to abstain from chemotherapy and have their parent’s consent, can and will be kidnapped and their parent jailed. This is exactly what is happening to Christina Dixon and her daughter Kylee — in spite of the fact that stopping chemo and using alternative treatment has worked.

“The only reason I’m in this position is because I stood up for my daughter’s life when she was on her last breath,” said Christina. “I’m literally getting punished for saving my daughter’s life.”