Monday, June 17, 2019

Now WhatsApp wants to SUE users over alleged “misbehavior” on OTHER platforms

by JD Heyes, Natural News:

Truly, the big tech giants are making a move to control the world or, at least, as much of it as possible, now that they’ve collectively cornered the social media market and have bought and paid for enough bureaucrats and politicians in Washington, D.C.

As reported by Russia Today, of all news outlets, Facebook-owned WhatsApp believes the company has the right to threaten users with lawsuits who violate their community rules — even if the behavior allegedly occurs on someone else’s social media platform.


by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

We accept that our laptops and smart televisions are recording the choices we make and sending them we know not where. If you’re already freaked out by the privacy implications of smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo,” says Gizmodo, “we have some bad news.” A headline in ScienceAlert is even more direct: “Newly Released Amazon Patent Shows Just How Much Creepier Alexa Can Get.” You get the idea.

Amazon’s patent application for an always-on feature for Alexa, its popular voice-activated personal assistant, has raised a lot of concern.

KeyBank Bans Gold Bullion from “Safe” Deposit Boxes

from Silver Doctors:

For any stacker who still trusts a bank to store their phyzz, a KeyBank “safe” deposit box is no longer one…

This is hard to read but gold fans will want to blow this up and read it if you have gold in a safe deposit box. Keybank says that it is not allowed as of August 9th:


from Waking Times:

“You had to live—did live, from habit that became instinct—in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.”—George Orwell, 1984

Tread cautiously: the fiction of George Orwell has become an operation manual for the omnipresent, modern-day surveillance state.

It’s been 70 years since Orwell—dying, beset by fever and bloody coughing fits, and driven to warn against the rise of a society in which rampant abuse of power and mass manipulation are the norm—depicted the ominous rise of ubiquitous technology, fascism and totalitarianism in 1984.


from InfoWars:

The New York Times went all out on Sunday to reveal a YouTube censorship plan on behalf of YouTube and the Democrats

Kevin Roose, a technology writer for the New York Times, made a front-page splash on Sunday with “The Making of a YouTube Radical – How the Site’s Algorithms Played Into the Hands of the Far Right.” A caption underneath a photo of the story’s subject: “Caleb Cain likens the far right on YouTube to a “decentralized cult.”

DHS Doxxing: US Wants Social Media Details of Foreign Visitors

from 21st Century Wire:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers screen international passengers arriving at the Dulles International Airport in Dulles, Va., November 29, 2016. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Photo by Glenn Fawcett (Source: WikiCommons)

INDUS SPECIAL host Meshal Malik discusses the new US Visa rules which require visitors to the US to provide their social media account details, and possibly email addresses, phone numbers. This is raising concerns from an international law and human rights perspective regarding a person’s right to privacy and freedom of expression. Will this trigger a wider chilling effect on global political speech, particularly those foreign nationals wanting to travel to the US? Will other countries copy this same program, and what are the ramifications of that? Panel of analysts, including Klaus Jurgens, Raphael Camisao, Patrick Henningsen, Ieva Miluna, Dr. David Lowe, and Adam KhazeWatch: 

Canada now ARRESTING Christian pastors and prosecuting them for teaching the Bible

by Ethan Huff, via DC Clothesline:

If you think the Leftist assault on freedom of speech and the First Amendment here in the United States is bad, consider the much worse situation transpiring in Canada, where a Christian pastor was recently arrested and charged with “disturbing the peace” simply for preaching the Word of God on a street corner.

According to reports, a group of violent protesters had approached and started to harass Pastor David Lynn when police arrived on the scene and proceeded to handcuff him, rather than the protesters, before taking him away in a squad car.

Facebook bans Natural News; Health Ranger responds with message for humanity

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

In response to a coordinated, heavily-funded smear campaign against Natural News and myself, the Health Ranger, Facebook has now permanently banned Natural News from posting content. The channel name that has been banned is, which was our primary channel reaching over 2.5 million people.

This is on top of the permanent bans of Natural News content from Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google News, Apple and other techno-fascists that now represent the greatest threat to human freedom the world has ever seen.

“Europe Will Not Be Europe”

by Guy Milliere, The Gatestone Institute:

In the United Kingdom, the Brexit Party victory at 31.6% of the vote was a remarkable achievement that showed the persistent willingness of millions of Britons to leave the European Union. The “populist” positions — the defense of national sovereignty and European civilization, refusal of uncontrolled immigration and diktats of Brussels technocrats — have gained ground.

YouTube Is Basically Killing Everyone

by Anatoly Karlin, The Unz Review:

(1) So yes, basically everyone Alt Right OR Alt Lite is now getting their channels deleted, demonetized, or at least having some of their videos deleted.

I don’t closely follow the vlogosphere, but here is a Twitter thread that seems to be pretty comprehensive.

It’s worth pointing out that demonetization is nearly as bad as an outright ban, as it demoralizes creators, and in some cases, cuts off their main source of income. Relying on Patreon or Subscribestars (a recent and less PC Russian alternative) is a bandaid – while we greatly appreciate the exceptions, anonymous readers are rarely very generous, and you need to be really big to make even a decent living off public donations. And they can always shut you down as well. Patreon is more than happy to kick controversial people off by itself, while Subscribestars had to cease operations for a period of time after PayPal cut them off.

DEFINITIVE PROOF that FACEBOOK Is Allowing Vile Leftist Pages To Dominate Platform While Silencing Conservatives

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

In 2016 100% Fed Up was one of the top conservative websites in America due to their massive presence on Facebook.

100% Fed Up was also pro-Trump.

That all changed after the surprise win by Donald Trump.

Since January 2017 100% Fed Up, like The Gateway Pundit and several others, saw their traffic from Facebook wiped out.