Tuesday, November 29, 2022


by Jim Quinn, The Burning Platform:

I wrote this short article while in Cape May two years ago, a few weeks after Biden was selected president by the election riggers. It surprisingly went viral, as the masking bullshit struck a nerve.

Yesterday we took advantage of another beautiful Fall day in Cape May. We decided to check out the Cape May Lighthouse State Park. It is at the very end of Cape May. It is an example of what the government can do right – Preserve a natural habitat without glitz or commercialization. It is just miles of wetlands and walking trails. The lighthouse, built in 1859 by the U.S. Army is still functioning today. Two previous lighthouses succumbed to the sea. It is a majestic structure, reaching 157 feet into the sky.

Police robots may get license to kill in San Francisco

from RT:

Cops will be permitted to use their unmanned vehicles against human targets if a local proposal is successful

The San Francisco Police Department is seeking permission to deploy lethal robots against human suspects, according to a policy proposal sent to city officials. While the SFPD’s robots are primarily designed for bomb disposal and surveillance, police say they can be used as a last-resort “deadly force option.”

San Francisco police consider letting robots use ‘deadly force’

by Emma Roth, The Verge:

The San Francisco Police Department is proposing a new policy that would give robots the license to kill, as reported earlier by Mission Local (via Engadget). The draft policy, which outlines how the SFPD can use military-style weapons, states robots can be “used as a deadly force option when risk of loss of life to members of the public or officers is imminent and outweighs any other force option.”

Sell out: Elon Musk says independent media will stay banned on Twitter; only “trusted” media outlets allowed

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

As many expected he would do, Elon Musk has changed his mind and decided to keep Twitter as is with independent media outlets prohibited from posting content.

In a November 18 announcement, Musk announced that Twitter’s new policy under his leadership “is freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach.” What he means by this is that only “trusted” content will be seen by others using the platform while independent content remains shadow-banned and hidden from view.

How Money From Gates and FTX Bought Scientific Silence

from The Epoch Times:

Looking back, it’s utterly bizarre how the world of science could have gone so silent even as the world locked down and lives were shattered by the billions by governments the world over. The silence was deafening. We went from a March 2, 2020, letter signed by 800 public health experts associated with Yale University—which warned against quarantines and closures—to a strange disappearance of nearly all clear voices a few weeks later. And so things stood for the better part of two years.


from The Corbett Report:

TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/

Tax preparers ‘quietly transmitting sensitive financial info to Facebook’

from WND:

Including income, filing status, refund amounts

Tax records contain some of the most personal details that a person has. Alimony? Income? Spending on medicine? Many of those items and more are there.

So what is creating concern is a report from The Verge that tax preparers, including TaxAct, TaxSlayer, H&R Block and more, “have been quietly transmitting sensitive financial information to Facebook.”

Aaron Carter: The Suspicious Death of a Blatant Industry Slave

from Vigilant Citizen:

Aaron Carter accused family members of abusing him and claimed that the industry wanted to kill him. Then, he was found dead in a bathtub. Here’s a look at the troubled life and the suspicious death of Aaron Carter.

The death of Aaron Carter at the young age of 34 took everyone by surprise. But it also didn’t. That’s because the last years of his life were characterized by drug use, rehab stints, meltdowns, erratic behavior, and significant problems with his entire family. So, when TMZ reported that Carter was found unresponsive in his bathtub, the word “overdose” was immediately thrown around – as is always the case in these bizarre celebrity deaths.

Video: Biden COVID Minion Tells Americans “God Gave Us Two Arms” For Multiple Vaccines

by Steve Watson, Summit News:

“Get one in each arm if you want”

Joe Biden’s COVID ‘czar’ declared Tuesday during a White House press briefing that “God gave you two arms” so we can all be injected with different vaccines.

Dr. Ashish Jha made the statement while simultaneously pushing COVID booster shots and flu shots as if they are the same thing.

“Get one in each arm if you want,” Jha proclaimed.



Arizona’s smoking gun? How did the Republican candidate for Arizona state’s mining inspector get 1,688,581 votes? That’s at least 400,000 more votes than Kari Lake or Blake Masters received. See it for yourself on the official Arizona election results page, here: https://results.arizona.vote/#/state/33/0

Swiss Doctor Locked Away in Mental Asylum for Speaking Against COVID Laws

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Dr. Thomas Binder is a Swiss cardiologist with over 34 years of experience in treating respiratory infections. He received a doctorate in immunology and virology, specializing in internal medicine and cardiology, from the University of Zurich. Binder is an intelligent man who was deemed insane by the Swiss government for speaking out against COVID regulations.

Dr. Binder has been an outspoken critic of COVID restrictions since the beginning of the pandemic. On April 9, 2020, the cardiologist criticized the government’s response to COVID and provided his own analysis of the virus. He posted his thoughts on his private website, and the post received over 20,000 views.

THE BIGGEST LIE — David Weiss & Justin Harvey


Mockingbird staple NBC Nightly “News” with Lester Holt is back with TWO 2-minute propaganda pieces about the biggest lie ever told. David Weiss & Justin Harvey help me break it all down in real time in this detailed MUST SEE broadcast. Thanks for tuning in.

YouTube Punishes Journalist for Factual Video Showing Democrats AND Republicans Make Election Fraud Claims

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

In September, video journalist Matt Orfalea made two videos for TK News that highlighted election denial in the past two presidential elections.

The first video, Memory Holed: “The Election Was Hacked,” was a montage of Democrat politicians and commentators saying that the 2016 election was illegitimate, hacked, or rigged.

The second video, Memory Holed, Part II: The “Rigged” Election, compares the statements made by Republicans after Donald Trump lost and those made by Democrats after he won in 2016.

Arizona AG Launches Investigation Into Maricopa County ‘Election Irregularities’

from 21st Century Wire:

IMAGE: Republican governor candidate Kari Lake has produced mountains of evidence of election rigging which has now triggered a state investigation. 

Zero Hedge reports…

The Arizona attorney general’s office has launched an investigation into irregularities in Maricopa County’s handling of the midterm elections.

AG Mark Brnovich’s election integrity unit has demanded a full report of well-publicized irregularities, and what he claims is evidence of “statutory violations.”