Friday, December 1, 2023

There’s Only So Much Propaganda Spin You Can Put On The Murder Of Thousands Of Children


by Caitlin Johnstone, Caitlin Johnstone:

The fact that the US and its allies are helping Israel murder children by the thousands is a giant glitch in the narrative matrix.

The thing is there’s only so much propaganda spin you can put on the murder of thousands of children.

With other imperial military actions the propagandists had an easier time spinning things. Oh no those evil communists are taking over South Vietnam, we need to stop them! Oh no Saddam’s got WMDs, we need to get him! Oh no Gaddafi’s gonna rape and kill all those Libyans, we have a responsibility to protect them!

“I want to attack Iran! — General Milley, cited by Trump.

WHO’s close links to Gates and Big Pharma make the Pandemic Treaty a fundamental threat to our national sovereignty and personal liberty

by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

Intended to form part of international law, preparations for the creation of a World Health Organisation (“WHO”) Pandemic Treaty or Pandemic Accord began in 2001.

Far from strengthening the prevention of, preparedness for and response to future pandemics as the latest draft of the text claims, its implementation could severely undermine democracy by limiting the ability of national parliaments to make crucial healthcare decisions in the best interests of their citizens.

Aided by proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations of 2005, the Treaty threatens to transform the WHO into a global health dictatorship.

Dr. Mike Yeadon: My “Road to Damascus” Moment

by Truth For Health Team, America Outloud:

In a powerful and moving personal testimony, Dr. Mike Yeadon shares his “Road to Damascus” moment when he was confronted with the evil of the globalists’ worldwide attack on humanity, on Western civilization, and in particular, assault on Christianity.

As a top global scientist with Pfizer, he had fallen away from faith in God, and his personal experiences in the last three years show how God can call any of us into His service for His plan.

MORE – BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink said, “you have to force behaviors” in companies regarding “diversity and inclusion.”

Informant for Disgraced US Atty. Rod Rosenstein Outed by Sharyl Attkisson — One Week Later He Died


by JD Rucker, Discern Report:

Corruption in our government knows no boundaries. They do what they want and when they get caught they do whatever it takes to cover it up. They silence people who can harm them by any means necessary, and it’s not just the Clinton Crime Family doing the deeds.

Independent journalist Sharyl Attkisson has been on a quest to expose the massive illegal spy operations against U.S. citizens, including her. She had a breakthrough in her case when she exposed an informant for U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, an agent who admitted spying on her computer. A week after releasing the information, that informant was dead.

Neil Oliver Outlines the Globalist Targeting, De-banking and De-personing of Nigel Farage

from The Conservative Treehouse:

Neil Oliver’s monologues each week are even more critical in the intellectual pushback as the thoughts and monologues of Tucker Carlson.  Neil articulates the issues and reaches an audience thirsting to understand just how corrupt the systems are that flow from the globalist and corporatist constructs.

Behind all the disparate institutional machinations, the larger objective of globalism and nationalism continue to present the most direct reference point of the conflict.  Just as Donald Trump represents this dynamic clearly in the United States, within Europe UK political figure Nigel Farage has been the tip of the spear confronting globalism and representing the face of British nationalism.

Pope Francis Parties with Transgender Prostitutes in the Vatican to Commemorate ‘World Day of the Poor’


by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics:

Pope Francis partied with transgender prostitutes in the Vatican this weekend as he commemorated the World Day for the Poor.

An Associated Press article noted that these tranny hookers are regular attendees of the Vatican as the heretic Marxist Pope works to mainstream their corrosive degenerate lifestyle among the public:

Doctors Counterpunch Medical Boards in Pandemic Aftermath

by Dr. Peter McCullough, America Outloud:

I was sitting in the front of a large ballroom at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons when a booming voice from the back of the room said the medical boards could be sued pro se (by an individual) for violation of our civil liberties.

It was an emergency physician and former State Senator, Dr. David Hartsuch (R-IA). So, I took the liberty of inviting him on my show to learn more about what he was saying. As you will learn from this interview, Dr. Hartsuch is a man of action. His treatment of acute COVID-19 was bold and innovative, with advances in salt-water balance and attention to the most severe cases, so they did not end up in the hospital.


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

This certainly has been a fascinating and, in some respects, entertaining week. For example, and in case you missed it, former Faux TV anchorman Tucker Carlson hosted a debate in Iowa featuring several of the bottom-of-the-card Republican presidential candidates who proved themselves to a man (and a woman) worthy of my epithet of Republithug… and he decimated them by asking them – horror of horrors – real questions which none of them were obviously prepared for, except maybe Mike Pence, who arrogantly puckered his face up into a point and dutifully read his lines from the script, and informed the entire country that the entire country was…well…. not his concern:

Leave Home

by Jeff Thomas, International Man:

As an increasing number of people realize that their home country is becoming a liability to them, the most common question I hear from them is, “What do I have to do to remain where I am and still be assured that I’ll be able to retain both my wealth and my freedom?”

The simple (and tragic) answer to this question is that there is no such solution. The two objectives are mutually exclusive.


from Victor-Hugo+Nostradamus_2020:



by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

A couple of weeks ago I commented both in my News and Views and in some subsequent written blogs on the recent op-ed piece in the Russia Today (RT) website by Professor Kaganarov, who basically argued that Russia must consider nuclear escalation and the “twenty-four steps” leading up to it, in its ongoing war with the West over the Ukraine. In arguing that Russia must consider everything including the nuclear option as being “on the table” , Kaganarov was really saying – as interpreted him – that everything else must also be components of Russia’s escalation strategy, including “horizontal” escalations, i.e., “responses in kind” against western provocations or involvement in asymmetrical  strikes on Russian targets. What does this mean?

Insouciant Americans Have Doomed America to Tyranny

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Bombshell Video: The “COVID Pandemic” Was the Result of Extensive Media Propaganda: “Nobody Is Safe, BE AFRAID!”

Time and time and time again, insouciant Americans allow the presstitutes to brainwash, indoctrinate, and deceive them.  Afterwards they, or some of them, eventually catch on.  But despite lesson learned, another  precedent  that erodes truth and liberty has been established.  And despite lesson learned they will sit in front of their TV screens for their next brainwashing and indoctrination by the presstitutes who serve the ruling oligarchy by deceiving Americans.  My voice is that of one; theirs are many.