Sunday, June 23, 2024

Red state DAs need to arrest corrupt Democrats and prosecute them in front of Republican juries that already hate them

Actor Michael Rapaport Predicts Trump will Win Election After NY Guilty Verdict: ‘Bet Money on It’

by Jerome Hudson, Breitbart:

Actor Michael Rapaport wasted no time to weigh in on former President Donald Trump being found guilty on all 34 counts in the business records trial in Manhattan, New York, Thursday.

“I’m predicting that Trump will win the election 2024 & just bet money on it,” the Higher Learning and Atypical star said on X.

EXCLUSIVE: President Trump Slams Sham Trial (Ep. 2260)

from The Dan Bongino Show:


This is one to watch – today is the deadline for this FOIA re GBI Strategies, the Michigan Sec of State and the Muskegon County Clerk regarding voter registration forms…

Trump Trial Witness BARRED By Corrupt Judge Reveals What He Would Have Said

by William Upton, The National Pulse:

Former Federal Election Commission (FEC) Commissioner Bradley Smith has revealed what he would have told the jury in former President Donald J. Trump‘s hush money trial if Democrat-aligned Judge Juan Merchan had allowed him to testify.

Smith, a Harvard-educated campaign finance lawyer, was slated to address claims made by District Attorney Alvin Bragg‘s prosecutors that the former President had violated campaign finance law. However, before testifying, Judge Merchan severely limited the scope of Smith’s testimony — allowing him to essentially only address the history of the commission and a handful of legal definitions.


from SGT Report:

Empath, regeneration specialist and child trafficking survivor Renee Devereaux joins me to sound the alarm and warn the American people that what we’re seeing right now with the Biden border invasion is a rinse and repeat strategy the NWO uses to topple nations from within just as they did with the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. And if we don’t take our nation back from the traitors, soon the real life hunger games will begin. You can contact Renee at here site here:

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Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland “personally approved” the use of DEADLY FORCE against President Trump


from Ivory Hecker:


Get Ready for More Rigged Presidential “Debates”

by Jeff Crouere, The Liberty Daily:

Since 1976, every four years, the presidential nominees of the Republican and Democratic parties have met for televised debates. Usually, these debates are highly anticipated and attract impressive ratings. The largest viewing audience for a presidential debate was the first 2016 encounter between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It drew an incredible eighty-four million viewers.

Of course, the problem with most of these debates is that liberal “journalists” masqueraded as impartial moderators. Thus, previous presidential debate moderators have included Lester Holt of NBC News, Gwen Ifill of PBS, Martha Raddatz of ABC News, Anderson Cooper of CNN, and Kristen Welker of NBC News. None of these moderators can be considered fair, objective, or impartial.

WE CAN’T LOSE — Seth Holehouse

from SGT Report:

The Zen-like Seth Holehouse joins me to discuss treason and the war against America and humanity which is being waged by those who have sold out to the NWO and Lucifer. But Seth has very good news to share, the apocalypse is here and with God on our side we can’t lose. Stay in touch with Seth here:

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Episode 3616: Bloodbath In The Courtroom

from Bannons War Room:


Fake Trial Alert! Star Witness Cohen Lied About Everything

by M Dowling, Independent Sentinel:

Michael Cohen’s former lawyer, Robert Costello, continued his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, obliterating whatever was left of delusional Michael Cohen’s reputation. Cohen waived attorney-client privilege, which is why his former lawyer is talking. Cohen told Costello that he had nothing on Donald Trump.

The clip below is very interesting if you want to listen to it, but just to give you an idea of what he says in his testimony – he repeatedly describes Michael Cohen’s lies. Michael Cohen is a congenital liar.

Non-Citizens Are Illegally Registering to Vote Ahead of November Elections, Study Finds

by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

A new study has found that a shocking number of non-citizens have registered to vote in America’s elections ahead of the critical November presidential race.

The study, published by Just Facts, is based on the latest available data and an enhanced version of a stress-tested methodology from a scholarly journal.

Researchers found that about 10 percent to 27 percent of non-citizen adults living in the U.S. are now illegally registered to vote.

Exclusive – Trump Pollster: ‘Political Persecution of Donald Trump Is Backfiring’

by Hannah Knudsen, Breitbart:

The political persecution of former President Donald Trump is “backfiring,” Trump pollster John McLaughlin, CEO and partner of McLaughlin & Associates, said during an appearance on Breitbart News Daily.

McLaughlin discussed some of the changes that are being seen in the polls, as things certainly seem to be moving in former President Donald Trump’s direction.

Boom! White House confirms Trump trial is ‘related to 2024’ elections

from WND:

‘Did a little truth just slip out?’

Supporters of President Donald Trump long have considered the multiple lawfare cases brought by Democrats against him to be political.

It appears now that the White House has admitted that essentially is the case.