Monday, November 30, 2020

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from SGT Report:

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They Have Plunged Their Dagger Into the Heart of Our Republic

by Sean, SGT Report:

Friends, November 7, 2020 is the day the mainstream media, big tech and the [D] machine plunged their dagger into the heart of our Republic. They believe their soft coup is nearly complete. They think they have cornered the President.

The President has responded to this soft coup, and the mainstream media has ignored it.  Please pray for our Republic and for our President.


from SGT Report:

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Trump, Trump, Trump, Covid, Covid, Covid, Gold, Gold, Gold with John Rubino (He’s Back!)

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

John Rubino is back… Lockdown and apoclyptic fires in the Pacific Northwest. Downtown Seattle is a wasteland. The only people on the street are homeless. The last thing you want is a sick president in the tail end of the election season. Would have been nice to see it play out “normally.” Supreme Court nominee in flux? Even if Trump loses he’ll still be a highly consequential president, with three conservative appointees. If Biden wins and democrats get the senate will they pack the court? Will they dump the filibuster? October surprise yet to come or has it come and gone? Trump appears to have lost weight. Supposedly he’ll be discharged shortly. Fund managers start going into gold. Right now it’s a trickle but it could turn into a flood of money chasing a relatively small market and then it’s Katie bar the doors. Congressional Stimulus coming soon. Politically good to give out money to people, but not so much to Blue cities and states.

Trump, Pence Were at CPAC Conference with New Coronavirus Victim; White House Says Trump’s Physician and Secret Service Investigate Exposure

from True Pundit:

The White House is downplaying the fact that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were “in close proximity” to a person who attended a Conservative Political Action Committee conference and has tested positive for the new coronavirus. But details remain sketchy:

Ukraine, Trump, Biden — The Real Story Behind ‘Ukrainegate’

by Eric Zuesse, Strategic Culture:

Since this news-report is going to be especially harsh regarding today’s Democratic Party in the United States, readers should be aware that until that Party nominated Hillary Clinton in 2016, this writer was, and consistently voted as, a Democrat, and that I have never been, and never could be, a Republican. In no way does this article reflect a Republican viewpoint. It is not partisan — not favoring one person’s viewpoint over any other’s. (Though it does favor trustworthy evidence over untrustworthy hearsay and witnesses, etc.) This article is written by a consistent progressive, which means a person whose top value is truth, nothing else than 100% honesty and reflecting only personally verified sources, real facts. Intense care has therefore been taken in checking and cross-checking and validating information before accepting here anything as constituting information instead of as being disinformation (which is sadly rampant). The following article is written only because it reports what my own independent researches have found to be the actual case regarding what is now commonly called “Ukrainegate” (the focus of the impeachment-proceedings against US President Donald Trump).

Trump, Clinton Show Russia How to Really Interfere


by Finian Cunningham, Strategic Culture:

Never mind obscure troll farms and byzantine cyber-hacking (we’re being ironic here), Russia needs to really raise its game for “interfering” in other nations’ politics. Like, how about President Vladimir Putin going on a national radio show in Britain and telling voters how to vote in the forthcoming election? Now that’s what you call real, in-your-face influence!

Three days after Boris Johnson’s Conservative government announced on October 28 that a snap parliamentary elections would be held on December 12, lo and behold American President Donald Trump gives a “world exclusive” interview to Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on October 31.


from InfoWars:

Here’s how you deal with the Deep State, President Trump

President Trump needs to watch this video to get guidance on how to deal with the permanent bureaucracy from Deep State expert – and former State Dept. official – Dr. Steve Pieczenik. So please share this to ensure that happens!

Trump, Afghanistan & the Messy Endings to U.S. Wars

by Gareth Porter, Consortium News:

Any deal with the Taliban will resemble the other retreats from the anti-colonial and counterinsurgency conflicts the U.S. has fought since  1945, writes Danny Sjursen.

Could President Donald Trump end the Afghan war someday? I don’t know if such a possibility has been on your mind, but it’s certainly been on the mind of this retired U.S. Army major who fought in that land so long ago. And here’s the context in which I’ve been thinking about that very possibility.

Is ‘Epstein’s madam’ cooperating with FBI? Victim’s lawyer says Ghislaine Maxwell – who arranged meetings with Prince Andrew, Trump, Clinton and Sergey Brin – could turn on the billionaire

by Bridie Pearson-jones, Daily Mail:

  • David Boies, the lawyer of one of Epstein’s most vocal accusers, has said that Ghislaine Maxwell may turn on the disgraced billionaire financier after his arrest 
  • He said she was ‘particularly vulnerable’ and ‘have interest in cooperating’  
  • Ghislaine was not named in yesterday’s FBI deposition against Epstein but has previously been heavily implicated in his activities 
  • Socialite has been connected to Prince Andrew, Sergey Brin, Leslie Wexner, and Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton