Saturday, August 17, 2019

Of Epsteins, Lolitas and Hoaxes

by Donald Jeffries, Keeping It Unreal:

The alleged suicide of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, the owner of “Lolita Island,” a place swarming with underage girls and rich and powerful visitors, triggered even many complacent voices into sounding like “conspiracy theorists.” When the likes of The New York Times and trusty veteran Sen. Chuck Schumer are questioning an official narrative, you know that something is up. Attorney General William Barr is demanding answers. And Donald Trump, in typical fashion, retweeted a mention of the Clinton Body Count, and how Epstein may have been the latest addition to it.

Facebook Paid Contractors Like Amazon And Apple To Listen To Your Conversations — Code Named PRISM

by Aaron Kesel, Activist Post:

In another Facebook scandal of the year, the company has been accused of paying hundreds of outside contractors to transcribe clips of audio from users of its services, Yahoo News reported.

The work has rattled the contract employees, who are not told where the audio was recorded or how it was obtained — only to transcribe it, said the people, who requested anonymity for fear of losing their jobs. They’re hearing Facebook users’ conversations, sometimes with vulgar content, but do not know why Facebook needs them transcribed, the people said.

The revelation comes from the Irish Data Protection Commission in Europe, which said it will be examining the activity for possible violations of the EU’s strict privacy rules. Yahoo further reports that at least one contracting company known as TaskUs Inc. had employees tasked with transcribing audio and they were forbidden from saying who the company was, calling them by code name “PRISM.”

Hong Kong in US’ crosshairs? No matter where there’s revolution, we’re there, Ron Paul says

from RT:

The United States has a habit of involving itself in political unrest all over the world, Ron Paul said, noting that Washington lacks the moral authority to lecture China about the unrest in Hong Kong.

The former Texas congressman and presidential candidate said that he wasn’t surprised by reports of US involvement in demonstrations that have rocked Kong Hong since March.

“No matter where there’s a revolution starting or stirring, we’re there, because we have a lot at stake,” he told Politicking host Larry King.

The Bull vs. Bear Case for Gold – David Brady (15/08/2019)

by David Brady, Sprott Money:



Gold continues to set higher and higher lows on a daily and weekly basis. The trend is clearly up, and until some kind of support is broken, the trend must be respected.

The first such support on a daily basis is at 1488. Then it’s 1400, and 1300 below there.

On a weekly basis, we need to go all the way back to critical support at 1267 for a potential change in the overall trend.

Resistance is at the recent high of 1546 and 1588, the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of 1923 to 1045, the peak in 2011 and trough in 2015, respectively.

Former FBI Official: ‘Trump Supporters Are Like Terrorists’


by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

“If you call Trump followers racist en masse, they simply coalesce around each other”

Former FBI official turned MSNBC analyst Frank Figliuzzi, who sees Hitler in everything Trump does, stated on a live broadcast this week that Trump supporters are a lot like terrorists rallying around a figurehead.

The former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI, was discussing racism (shocker) with MSNBC host Chris Jansing, when the pair suggested that it would be a good idea for Democrats to keep accusing Trump supporters of being racist.

Ghislaine Maxwell Pictured At in-N-Out Burger Reading Book On ‘The Secret Lives And Deaths of CIA Operatives’

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madam/handler Ghislaine Maxwell was pictured at an In-N-Out Burder in Los Angeles, the NY Post reported on Thursday.

From The New York Post:

Maxwell, 57, the alleged madam to the multimillionaire pedophile, was scarfing down a burger, fries and shake al fresco at an In-N-Out Burger on Monday while reading “The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives,” a nonfiction best seller by journalist Ted Gup.

What Are The Hong Kong Protests All About?

by Richard Enos, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:Protests in Hong Kong against an ‘Extradition Bill’ that threatens the freedom of residents have ramped up, to the point where the Hong Kong Airport had to be shut down and the Chinese army is closer to intervening upon this semi-autonomous nation.
  • Reflect On:Is Hong Kong now the central theatre playing out the struggle between Eastern and Western sociopolitical ideologies?

I decided to take on this article, first to inform myself better about the motivations behind the Hong Kong protests, which have been ratcheting up in recent days, and then to pass on a basic understanding to you, the reader, so that together we can follow the events going on in this allegedly ‘autonomous’ Chinese territory with some degree of context.

Former NYPD Commissioner REVEALS Cameras Show Who & When Someone Enters Jeffrey Epstein Prison Cell

by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

Where’s the footage?

Sean Hannity recently spoke with a former NYPD Commissioner and the mystery continues to grow.

Here’s Gary from Next News Network:

HERE IT IS: Complete List of Inconsistencies in Prison Policy Surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

On Saturday the most notorious prisoner in the US prison system committed “suicide.”

Jeffrey Epstein was 66 at the time of his death.

Epstein was the highest profile prisoner in the US prison system.
On Tuesday the autopsy revealed Epstein suffered broken bones in his neck common in homicide by strangulation.