Monday, March 25, 2019

Are You A “Human Goldfish” Yet? What Role Does Technology Play In Your Getting There?

by Catherine Frompovich, Activist Post:



from Silver Doctors:

John Adams and Martin North expose the Australian establishment propaganda about bank bail-ins of retail and institutional deposits…

by John Adams and Martin North from Adams Economics

John Adams and Martin North expose the Australian establishment propaganda about bank bail-ins of retail and institutional deposits which they have claimed can never occur in Australia. (A bank bail-in of retail deposits occurred in Cyprus in 2012).

US-led Genocidal War and Destruction of Socialism: 20 Years after the NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia

by Prof. John McMurtry and Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research:

The NATO war on Yugoslavia which culminated in the 78-days bombing of historic cities and infrastructures – as usual under atrocity propaganda and pretexts – is on its 20th anniversary.

The grim anniversary is admirably recognized by Science for Peace members to remember and to prevent who-knows-what NATO war crime next as “humanitarian intervention”.

From Yugoslavia to Iraq to Libya, where does it stop? Observe that Trump is now seeking a NATO alliance with Bolsonaro Brazil (see image below)  -to perhaps back the bombing of Venezuela, or any other society, including the Brazilian people, not bowing to US-led global corporate colonization. Socialist genocide is the unspeakable logic of the serial war crimes under international law.

Deplatforming “Anti-Vaxxers”

by Daniel Greenfield, Freedom OutPost:

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a surge of media stories claiming that “anti-vaxxers” pose a unique threat and that this threat is vectored through social media platforms, which have a moral obligation to take action.

We’ve seen this same deplatforming rollout before aimed at conservatives. It was interesting to witness it aimed at a group that is not conservative.

The State of Michigan Is Compiling a Pre-Genocidal “Enemies of the State” List-Are You On It?

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

I have a simple “Common Sense” question. If FEMA camps were to be used against American citizens for political beliefs and actions, do you think this would happen BEFORE or AFTER a hostile takeover from a tyrannical force? The obvious “Common Sense” answer is AFTER the takeover.

Any compilation of an enemies of the state list must be considered to be “pre-genocidal” given the repeated events in world history. And yet, that is exactly what is happening.

This article will make the case that a hostile takeover is underway and there are distinct plans to deal with all patriots, Christians and conservatives.

A Brutal Startup Is Forcing You to Watch Ads Using Eye-Tracking Technology

from From The Trenches World Report:

The founder of MoviePass is back, and this time he’s not messing around.

MoviePass co-founder Stacy Spikes has a new startup called PreShow, and it’s using a business model straight out of A Clockwork Orange: The company’s new app helps you score free movie tickets — as long as you sit through 15 to 20 minutes of advertisements that use eye-tracking technology to make sure you don’t look away. 

Unlike YouTube ads, which can be skipped after a few seconds or blocked with a third-party extension, PreShow demands your attention. To use the app, according to Engadget, you have to sign in with Apple’s FaceID.

And you can’t just walk away or let your attention wander — the app watches you to make sure you’re paying attention.

President Trump Bashes ‘Illegal Takedown That Failed,’ Hints That Republicans Will Investigate The Hoaxers

by Patrick Howley, Big League Politics:

President Donald Trump was magnanimous in victory as the Robert Mueller investigation formally cleared him of Russia collusion and obstruction of justice, according to attorney general William Barr. Trump hinted that investigators will now look into “the other side,” as Rep. Devin Nunes prepares to probe the Democrats who cooked up the media hoax in an effort to divert attention from their Uranium One dealings with the Russian government.

Filmmaker Was Documenting Abuses in CPS and Children Murdered Under State Custody Before He Died

from Humans Are Free:

In 2009, Bill Bowen released a trailer for a documentary film he was producing exposing the corruption within Child Protection Services across the United States.

The film is called Innocence Destroyed. Bill Bowen died unexpectedly the next year, in 2010, reportedly from a heart attack, before he was able to finish the film.

Here is some information about Bill Bowen, including some quotes directly attributed to him, that we were able to find on the Internet.

It Was All A Fraud: ‘No More Indictments’ Coming From Mueller Probe, Multiple Outlets Report

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Fox News, ABC News, CNN and others are reporting Department of Justice sources told them there will be “no more indictments” coming from Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

The lying media is not taking the news well:


from InfoWars:

Gun confiscation plan part of larger global government project

During a broadcast by a caller called in to inform Americans that New Zealand has been taken over by the United Nations and is ushering in the New World Order.

Since the shooting a week ago, the government has arrested three people that shared the killers Livestream and are facing up to 14 years in prison.