Thursday, February 29, 2024

Almost 600 Wildfires In Canada Are “Out Of Control”

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Canada has been having its worst year of wildfires in history. Of he over 900 wildfires raging in Canada, 599 have been “out of control” as it has already recorded its worst year ever.

British Columbia is the worst-affected province, accounting for a third of active fires, according to CIFFC statistics. The blazes have devastated 10.7 million hectares (26 million acres) nationwide during this fire season, with over 4,200 outbreaks reported this year, according to a report by RT.  The area already burned just this year is the largest since the monitor started compiling statistics in the 1980s. The previous record was set in 1995 when over 7 million hectares (17 million acres) burned out in Canada.

Joe Biden’s Parole Pipeline Frees More than Half a Million Migrants into U.S.

by John Binder, Breitbart:

President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released more than half a million migrants into the United States through its parole pipeline — a foreign population larger than the population of Sacramento, California.

A few months into taking office in 2021, Biden began implementing an expansive Catch and Release network that has transformed the United States-Mexico border into a European-style checkpoint where border crossers are often stopped, briefly detained, and then released into the nation’s interior.




The U.S. And Our NATO Allies Are Running Dangerously Low On Ammo

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

This is not a time to be running low on ammo.  A major conflict could erupt in the Middle East at any time, and thanks to the recklessness of the Biden administration the U.S. could soon find itself fighting wars with both Russia and China simultaneously.  So you would think that our military brass would be absolutely determined to make sure that we have plenty of ammunition stockpiled.  But we don’t.  In fact, as a result of sending so much ammo to Ukraine our own stockpiles have gotten dangerously low.  This is something that General James Hecker commented on during a recent panel discussion

Even More Evidence China is Preparing to Attack the United States

from The New American:


The Asinine Insanity of the ‘Climate Change’/C02 Hoax: Kill the Cows To Save the Earth!


by Gary D. Barnett, Lew Rockwell:


Experts Agree: Not only is the sky falling but we’re all going to die from global warming. SUVs are a major culprit, and have been contributing to rising sea levels according to climate expert, Chicken Little. Colleague, Algore, speaking during a blizzard, agreed with Little.”

The Daily Alarmist

I must preface my comments here with sane logic, so as to ward off the absurd idiots who have bought hook, line, and sinker, the madness of the mainstream media, the political class, the non-science ‘scientists,’ the fake environmental whackos, the evil UN, the illegitimate IPCC, and the staged marketing of the ever-pathetic rantings of the once teenage bimbo ignoramus, Greta Thunberg, about man’s normal activity destroying the ‘planet.’ It is just not so!

Assembling a Stealth Prepper Group – Part 1


by PrepperDoc, Survival Blog:

On the wonderful pages of SurvivalBlog, I have read article after article about hardy souls setting up individual homesteads and gaining hard-won knowledge at significant cost. But also, of course, of people bemoaning the out-sized risks of “loners” in a truly desperate time, and the need to find some way to establish a like-minded group. That adventure is fraught with risks, as leadership, membership, and governance are sticky but important issues.

NHS Nurse Whistleblower Reveals Unspeakable Evils: Patients Thrown To End Of Life & Overdosed

from Tim Truth:


Climate Disruption: It’s Not Due to CO2


by Prof. Claudia von Werlhof and Silvia Terribili, Global Research:

Professor Claudia von Werlhof wrote to Greta Thunberg.

In her letter Von Werlhof says that the disruption of the global climate is not due to CO2. 

Following the publication of her letter, Silvia Terribili, of Onda Italia interviewed Professor von Werlhof  on her radio show: Onda Italiana on, April 9th.

The following text is the transcript of the radio interview

The link below will redirect you to the radio interview.

Embarrassing: Secret Service Reportedly DESTROYS White House Bag Of Cocaine, Ending Investigation


by Bo Banks, Big League Politics:

Who brought the mystery bag of cocaine into the White House?

The internet has its well-warranted suspicions, but unfortunately, we will never “know” because the Secret Service has reportedly destroyed the evidence.

Per Newsmax:

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., told Newsmax on Monday the Secret Service “destroyed” the bag containing cocaine at the White House and does not have enough DNA evidence to identify who may have left it there.

CHINA IS THE NEW EMPIRE! – Western World BOWS To BRICS As IMF Allows Payments In Yuan!

from World Alternative Media:


Black, Hispanic New Yorkers Get $1.8B Settlement From NYC for Failing Teaching Aptitude Test

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

The aptitude test was deemed racially “biased” because too many white people passed.

From New York Post, “Black, Hispanic NYers who failed teacher’s test strike $1.8B in NYC settlement”:

Failing the New York State teachers’ exam really paid off — especially for a Queens man who learned this month he’s getting a $2 million windfall over it.

Roughly 5,200 black and Hispanic ex-Big Apple teachers and once-aspiring educators are expected to collect more than $1.8 billion in judgments after the city stopped fighting a nearly three-decade federal discrimination lawsuit that found a certification exam was biased.

Wuhan Lab Leak “So Friggin’ Likely” – New Slack Messages Reveal Massive Media Deception By Fauci & ‘Scientists’

from ZeroHedge:

Even credentialed scientists began to be disciplined by sites like Facebook, which took direction from government health authorities and prohibited statements about the virus being “man-made or manufactured.”

There was also an impact on the press, especially after the popular site Zero Hedge was removed from Twitter after an article suggesting a scientist in Wuhan was behind the outbreak.

It later turned out that Farrar referenced the Zero Hedge article in a letter to Fauci not long after the site was suspended.

Florida Residents Bombarded With Neurotoxic Pesticide Spraying: Toxic To Bees/ Wildlife/ Humans

from Tim Truth: