Monday, April 15, 2024

Mistakes Were Made

by CJ Hopkins, Consent Factory:

Manufacturing consent for private and public sector clients for over 250 years

Make fun of the Germans all you want, and I’ve certainly done that a bit during these past few years, but, if there’s one thing they’re exceptionally good at, it’s taking responsibility for their mistakes. Seriously, when it comes to acknowledging one’s mistakes, and not rationalizing, or minimizing, or attempting to deny them, and any discomfort they may have allegedly caused, no one does it quite like the Germans.

World Suffers: President Deceived by Trusted COVID Advisor

by Dr. Peter McCullough, America Outloud:

Among likely Republican voters, Donald J. Trump appears as a runaway winner for a repeat Republican nomination. However, when paired against the Democratic machine, it is not polling as a landslide.

In many ways, how both Biden and Trump handle Dr. Anthony Fauci and the consequence of his role in the pandemic response will shape a considerable amount of election politics. How will Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump come to reckon with the reality he was lied to on the origins of SARS-CoV-2, misled on contagion, and badly deceived on the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines?

Bill Gates: You Don’t Have a Choice

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

“But you don’t have a choice. People act like you have a choice, you don’t have a choice,” Bill Gates proclaimed three years ago in regards to the mRNA vaccine. Gates, with no medical training, has not abandoned his lofty goal of altering the population through medical tyranny. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation websites discusses the Immunization Agenda 2030, a key piece to the overall agenda.

WarRoom Battleground EP 437: Migrants Flood The Balkans; The Next Frontier In Election integrity

from Bannons War Room:


CONFIRMED: Iran just reclaimed an oil tanker in Gulf of Oman that U.S. stole last year

by Ethan Huff , Natural News:

Acting under a court order, Iranian naval forces have seized a Marshall Islands-flagged oil tanker called “St. Nikolas,” which reports claim is a “U.S. oil tanker,” but that Iran previously owned before the United States basically stole it from Iran last year.

The incident occurred at 3:30am GMT on January 11 in the Gulf of Oman between Sohar and Muscat in Oman. According to reports, the vessel was boarded by four to five “armed unauthorized persons” who were “wearing military-style black uniforms.”

CDC Finds Steep Increase In Allergies To Red Meat

by Populisty, Activist Post:

The CDC reported today that as many as 450,000 people in the United States might have been affected by a red-meat allergy called alpha-gal syndrome associated with tick bites. It has some Internet sleuths wondering if it is part of a secret agenda to to fight climate change.

According to two recent reports, between 2010 and 2022, there were more than 110,000 suspected cases of alpha-gal syndrome identified. The cases has increased every year. However, the CDC suspects the majority of cases go unreported and untested and estimate the number to be much higher.

Democrats Love Racists Because They Are Racists

by Derek Hunter, Townhall:

Ever been to a club where the bouncer checking IDs at the door is also working a clicker to keep a headcount so the place doesn’t violate the fire code capacity (by too much). Each person in is a click, each person out is a click. It makes sense and avoids any serious issues. Democrats are like that bouncer, only their clicker has an endless supply of buttons with each one representing some random configuration of human beings – skin color, gender, sexual orientation, pronouns, whatever weird mental health issue they’re pretending is not something for which people are desperate for help, but instead perfectly normal as it further rips that person apart. You know, the stuff progressives do – divide to conquer.


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The Spooky Blackout of Border News

from The Epoch Times:

There was an amazing moment last week when the governor of Texas proclaimed that the chief executive of the United States was facilitating an invasion of the United States and stopping the state of Texas from working to prevent it. The governor called President Joe Biden a “lawless president who does nothing to stop external threats like cartels smuggling millions of illegal immigrants across the border.”

WEF Insider Admits Canadian Wildfires Being Used to Poison Americans

from The People’s Voice:


Virginia Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Intended to Keep Donald Trump from Virginia Ballot December

from The Conservative Treehouse:

The leftist LAWFARE effort to use the federal and state court system to keep President Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot continues. However, in the most recent example, a Democrat appointed federal judge in Virginia has dispatched the effort.

(New York Post) – A federal judge in Virginia on Friday dismissed a lawsuit aimed at removing former President Donald Trump from the state’s 2024 primary ballot citing the insurrection clause of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment.

WWIII Explained: The World According to Martin Armstrong

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

Kerry and Martin Armstrong discussed various topics related to global politics, economics, and technology. They talked about the inefficiency of communism and the trend of militarizing and weaponizing worldwide. They also analyzed the cyclical nature of the economy, the strength of the dollar, and the potential for China to become the financial capital of the world. Martin and Kerry warned about the dangers of government overreach, particularly in the realm of social media and information control, and emphasized the need for term limits in government and the protection of individual freedoms. Finally, they discussed the impact of AI and Elon Musk on society and the economy, including the potential for job displacement and the importance of curiosity in discovering new things.

Israel Massacres Civilians in Gaza ‘Safe Zone’ While Advertising Their Own Victimhood During Super Bowl

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Israel massacred civilians in the previously declared “safe zone” of Rafah in southern Gaza on Sunday night while they were running ads during the Super Bowl playing up their own victimhood.