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TRUMP Town HALL, “The STORM” begins? BIDEN fam just the start, MSM Revolt, PRAY!


from And We Know:


Narratives Lost at CNN, Lie Spies, Blinken, Immigration & Debt

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

CNN had a huge night with the President Donald Trump Town Hall event.  Trump beat down the Lying Legacy Media propaganda reporter at every turn.  It was so bad that CNN cut the ratings- getting event short by 20 minutes.  This is like running the movie “Forrest Gump” or the “Wizard of Oz” and cutting off the last 20 minutes.  It’s not about ratings.  It’s about narratives, and the Deep State lost big-time with the CNN event.

More narratives lost this week with the Biden family hiding $10 million in foreign payments for who knows what, according to the GOP.  On top of that, the Hunter Biden Laptop we were all told was Russian disinformation, but it was not.  It was true, and everybody lied about it.  Former CIA Chief John Brennan admitted in Congress it was all political.  Other former CIA officials and other spies lied to get Biden elected and not thrown in jail for treason.  We also find Secretary of State Tony Blinken was at the center of the laptop lies while he was at the CIA.  He said he was not, but emails prove he was the key player in rounding up the liars to cheat the American public about crooked Joe and bagman Hunter.

Danger Within: The Government Is Turning America Into a Constitution-Free Zone

by John W. Whitehead, Rutherford Institute:

“There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”—James Madison

How far would you really go to secure the nation’s borders in the so-called name of national security?

Would you give the government limitless amounts of money? Surround the entire country with concrete walls and barbed wire? Erect a high-tech, virtual wall of AI-powered surveillance cameras and drones that does a better job of imprisoning those within its boundaries than keeping intruders out? Empower border police to trample on the rights of anyone who crosses their path, including legal citizens?

Biden & WHO Secret Plan for Later This Month


from Ivory Hecker:


Ted Cruz excoriates reporter for asking what Republicans have done to ease the southern border crisis.

By fomenting border chaos and lawlessness, globalists have set trap that will deceive humanity into accepting biometric digital ID that will tag and track all people everywhere


by Leo Hohmann, LeoHohmann:

There’s an old saying: Be careful what you wish for. It could come back to bite you.

There are many examples of this in history that should give us pause whenever we are faced with a crisis causing fear and confusion, times not unlike our own when the masses are demanding relief from those who populate the hallowed halls of government. Many of our most oppressive laws get enacted this way. Can you think of a few? I can. What about the USA Patriot Act and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security after 9/11? People were begging for, demanding a measure of safety and they were eager to hand over their most basic rights and freedoms to the government in exchange for that promise of safety.

Canada To Reinstate Vaxx Mandate: MP’s Office Caught On Tape Backing Continuation Of Covid Tyranny


from Stew Peters Network:


Senator Ron Johnson: ‘We Have Evidence Hunter Biden Paid Sex Trafficked Prostitutes And The Media Isn’t Even Looking Into It’

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

During a Tuesday interview, Senator Ron Johnson asserted that Congressional Republicans have unequivocal proof that Hunter Biden paid tens of thousands of dollars to an international sex trafficking ring for prostitutes with money given to him by his father.

“Senator Grassley and I, in our September 2020 report, laid out as much evidence as anybody would need to lay out that the Biden family is corrupt,” Johnson told Fox News, adding that it was well known “that President Biden would be highly compromised, but the corrupt media ignored it and censored it.”

FBI Reveals Itself as a Criminal Organization

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

The FBI, in an act of defiance of a House of Representatives committee subpoena for a known FBI unclassified document that implicates President Biden in a bribery scheme, has refused to comply with a legal subpoena.   FBI Director Christopher Wray–a Trump appointee–is willing to defy Congress in order to protect Biden.  This means no one can ever again trust any FBI investigation, FBI charge, or a word officially uttered by the FBI.

This is from the Epoch Times report:

Why Ending Title 42 is Key to Soros’s Master Plan to Destroy America


from Man in America:


Educator Peggy Hall blasts plan to release BILLIONS of lab-bred mosquitoes in Hawaii

by Kevin Hughes, Natural News:

Educator and freedom movement leader Peggy Hall has denounced the plan to release billions of lab-bred mosquitoes in Hawaii.

A collection of agencies and organizations working under the Birds, Not Mosquitoes partnership, plan to introduce a mosquito birth control into bird habitats to try and stop avian malaria from killing the last remaining populations of four bird species.

Likely New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino is a WEF Executive Chair That Suggested Elon Musk Limit His Tweets

by Tom Parker, Reclaim The Net:

Twitter’s likely new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, a World Economic Forum Executive Chair and NBCUniversal advertising executive, recently tried to get Twitter owner Elon Musk to commit to self-censorship and urged him to allow advertisers to feel that they can “influence” Twitter.

During an April 2023 interview with Musk, Yaccarino told Musk that advertisers “need to feel there’s an opportunity for them to influence what you’re building.”

WarRoom Battleground EP 291: The Regimes Failure On Border Security


from Bannons War Room:


Iranian study finds neurological adverse effects occur after all types of covid vaccinations


by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

A study of adverse reactions to covid injections reported in international databases found that adverse neurological effects were reported after all types of covid injections, more adverse reactions were reported after the second dose compared to the first and women have the highest incidence of neurological complications post-vaccination.

Plastic Is Everywhere Now, Including Your Brain

by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola:

  • Discarded plastics make up 18.5% of landfills and 90% of all trash entering the world’s oceans. Estimates suggest that by 2050, our oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight. In some ocean waters, plastic already exceeded plankton by a factor of 6-to-1 in 2006
  • Recent animal research found plastic particles in mice’s brains just two hours after the animals ingested drinking water containing microplastics